Finding the Most Suitable ATV Goggles

Protecting your eyes from the elements such as wind, dust, dirt, and UV rays is essential if you often enjoy spending time riding your ATV. However, experiencing any one of these issues without any goggles protecting your eyes, can quickly transform this from an enjoyable experience to one that becomes rather annoying and irritable.

Best ATV Goggles

Selecting the best ATV goggles is crucial to ensure that you get both quality, comfort, and protection from your purchase. We have done the hard work for you browsing the market for our five picks. We have also included a handy buyer guide with our tips for selecting the optimal pair.

If you are in a hurry and don't have the time to continue reading, we have selected our suggested picks for you below. 

Top 5 ATV Goggles on the Market


ZDATT Motorcycle Goggles - Glasses Dirt Bike ATV Motocross Anti-UV Adjustable Riding Offroad Protective Combat Tactical Military Goggles for Men Women Youth Adult


Uniquely designed with enhanced PC lenses and an ABS frame, these impact-resistant goggles by Zdatt will protect your eyes against any adverse or strong weather conditions that you are likely to encounter during the completion of outdoor sports. This may include wind, dust, dirt, rain, or strong UV rays. 

Made with soft padded breathable foam, you can wear these goggles comfortably for prolonged periods and the inclusion of vents along the top account for effective heat dissipation along with anti-fog qualities too. 

With an extra-long strap, you can effectively alter the size of the goggles to adhere to a secure fit, efficiently catering to different head shapes and sizes. Impressively, these goggles have been designed with quality and durability in mind. Your eyes are provided with 360-degree protection from strong winds, UV rays, and dust that you may encounter throughout your journey. The frame and eye area itself is made from aeronautical PC material so if it is dropped or hit it will remain intact and your view will remain clear and undisrupted. 


  • As Well as ATV's, these goggles are very versatile and suitable for cycling, climbing, and riding, etc. 

  • Available in a range of colors, you can choose the color that suits your individual preferences.

  • The soft padded foam accounts for excellent comfort with the reduced likeliness of discomfort and irritations.

  • Designed with an extra-long strap you can secure the goggles in a comfortable position and this is also ideal for catering to different head sizes and shapes. 

  • Retailing at an affordable price, these are an ideal choice for individuals who are on a budget. 


  • Despite their sturdy construction, unfortunately, these goggles are prone to scratching easily. 


Motorcycle Motocross Dirt Bike ATV Goggles Mx OTG Goggle Glasses for Men Women Youth Kids (C83)


If you're looking for a versatile pair of ATV goggle glasses, the JAMIEWIN goggles could be an excellent choice for you. Made using high-quality PVC material, you can adjust the goggles to a comfortable fit and the nonslip elasticated strap ensures that they remain securely in place for the duration of time that you are wearing them. 

Featuring vents along the top and bottom sides, this encourages the effective circulation of the exhausted heat inside the lens, ensuring that they remain fog-free with a clear field of view. 

Conforming to an aerodynamic design you will not be affected by the presence of fog, strong UV rays, and the disruptions caused by wind and sand are eliminated. 

Weighing only 3.52 OZ, these are lightweight goggles that can be worn with ease without feeling as though you have something weighted on your eyes for the duration of your ride. 

Conveniently, you can store these goggles inside a bag in between uses which keeps them safe and damage-free, while also providing an easy way of carrying them around with you. 


  • When you purchase these you also receive a pouch and cleaning cloth so they can maintain excellent quality. 
  • They are lightweight goggles that can be conveniently carried between locations with a nice feel when they are worn.
  • The adjustable strap allows you to alter the sizing to different head shapes, making these an ideal choice for adults and kids alike.
  • With 12 different color choices available, you can choose the pair that cater to your individual preferences.
  • Sturdily designed, these are versatile goggles that are suitable for many different uses. 


  • The lens of the goggles appears foggy on occasions which may create a disrupted view. 


Ski Goggles, Snowboard Goggles, UV Protective Windproof Adjustable


Equipped with UV400 protection coating, these goggles are effective in preventing the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. While remaining strong and durable, they are also highly transparent preventing any impact from wind or sand depending on the terrain that you are traveling on. 

Uniquely, these goggles have been designed with a soft TPU frame which provides enhanced comfort with effective breathability for comfort and they sit tightly but softly on your face.

With an arc-shaped and effectively ventilated design, these goggles fit comfortably close to your face while allowing for enhanced airflow and circulation working to prevent the build-up of unwanted fog which is likely to hinder your view.

Impressively, these goggles are extremely versatile. Not only are they made using strong, impact-resistant plastic, but they are very flexible and bendable too with a reduced likeliness of breaking or becoming damaged if they should happen to be dropped. 


  • The elasticated band found on the rear of the strap allows you to adjust the size with ease to cater to your head shape and comfort preferences.
  • A very versatile choice that is ideal for multiple uses whether this is skiing, ATV riding, motorcycling, climbing, etc.
  • Available in a range of different colors, you can choose the most suitable option for your taste.
  • Effectively ventilated with a breathable design, the build-up of unwanted fog is prevented.
  • The double lens protects your eyes from strong and possibly harmful UV rays.


  • Unfortunately, these glasses are prone to scratching following a few wears.


DPLUS Motorcycle Goggles - Glasses Set of 5 - Dirt Bike ATV Goggles Anti-UV 400 Adjustable Riding Offroad Protective Combat Tactical Military Goggles for Men Women Kids Youth Adult X400


Do you find yourself regularly needing some ATV goggles? Then what can be better than investing in this pack of 5 by DPLUS. With 5 different color options available, these effectively cater to different tastes and ensure that you have enough to cater to more than one individual if needed. 

Uniquely designed the DPLUS option features enhanced PVC lenses along with an ABS frame. They are a durable and strong option that is ideal for a range of outdoor sporting activities. 

With a yellow tint to the lense, this enhances the contrast and brightens the view allowing you to see clearly even when faced with adverse weather conditions. The option of transparent lenses provides excellent durability and prevents the harmful effects caused by strong UV rays. 

Made with multiple layers of high-quality foam, these goggles fit securely on your face for comfortable wearing without the occurrence of discomfort or irritations. Featuring strong impact-resistant lenses along with a durable frame, you can be assured of the strength of your goggles and the reduced chance of them breaking if they should be accidentally dropped or hit with force.


  • Coming in a packet of 5, you have spares available should you need them.
  • These retail at an affordable price making them excellent value for money.
  • The strap allows you to adjust the goggles to a suitable fit for improved comfort. 
  • Impressively, these goggles are suitable for adults and kids alike.
  • When wearing these goggles your eyes will be protected from the strong and bright glare caused by UV rays.


  • The size of the headband restricts the free movement of the goggles making them difficult to wear over a helmet. 


Dmeixs Motorcycle Goggles Dirt Bike Goggles Grip For Helmet Anti UV Windproof Dustproof Anti Fog Glasses for ATV Off Road Racing with Cool Look Headwear Silver Lens 2 in 1


Constructed using a high-quality resistant resin material, these goggles by DMeixs are super tough providing exceptional resilience with scratch-resistant, windproof, dustproof, and shatterproof qualities. Impressively, they also provide 100% UV protection which is crucial when it comes to goggles for ATVs due to some of the unknown conditions that you may endure when using your ATV.  

Featuring a wide, non slip strap, these goggles will remain securely in place and you can alter the size to suit any head shape or helmet style. The inclusion of soft foam padding surrounding the frame makes them much more comfortable to wear, which is particularly useful if you are likely to be wearing these goggles for prolonged periods. The positioning of the ventilation also allows the air to circulate freely accounting for heat and thermal dissipation providing a comfortable and fog-free environment for your eyes. 


  • There are three lens options available so you can choose the one to cater to your needs. Choose between a clear lens, a colorful lens, or a silver lens.
  • Durably designed, these goggles are bendable too with a strong material construction that prevents them from becoming damaged easily.
  • Courtesy of the elasticated wide strap you can select the most comfortable size for your head shape and helmet.
  • Effectively, these goggles are scratch-resistant which ensures that they aren't going to get damaged easily.
  • Retailing at an affordable price, they are great value for money.


  • The nose guard makes these goggles a little difficult to fit onto a helmet, however, this is removable if needed. 

What Makes a Good Pair

There are several factors that we would recommend you considering to ensure that you select the best ATV goggles for your purchase. It is important to remember that your goggles need to fit comfortably while providing effective protection against UV rays and other elements that you are likely to be faced with throughout your journey. 

We have listed some criteria that we would recommend you considering below to ensure that you select the premium option for your money. 

UV protection

Goggles with effective UV protection are crucial when it comes to ATV riding, when riding particularly in warm weather it is crucial to select a pair that is going to protect you from the strong UV lighting and the harmful effects that can occur as a result. This is also influenced by the quality of lenses that your goggles are designed with. Better quality lenses are much more likely to protect your eyes while providing you with a clear field of view and excellent visibility. 

The Durability

Most goggles are designed with either a TPU frame or an ABS frame along with shatterproof lenses that ensure that your goggles will remain intact if they are accidentally dropped or hit with force. In the long term, a strong pair of durable goggles are likely to last for considerably longer than a poorly designed pair. 

The Ventilation

Effectively ventilated goggles are going to ensure that you can ride your ATV without the disruption of fog clogging up your lenses and ultimately affecting your view. Fog can occur when unwanted air remains inside the frame of your goggles. They will be designed with ventilation systems which account for the efficient circulation of airflow helping to minimize the likeliness of fog build-up which can affect your vision. 

The Size

Most goggles will be designed with a strap that enables you to adjust the size and this allows you to alter them to a comfortable fit that can be worn for a prolonged period without causing any possible discomfort or irritations. Most feature soft foam surrounding the rims and this allows the goggles to fit comfortably but securely along the front of your face. The adjustable strap is also ideal in allowing you to alter the fit if needed to fit over larger helmets. Impressively most goggles will be suitable for adults and children alike as you can adjust the size to your chosen fit. 

The cost

For some, the cost is an important decider in the pair that you select. Some individuals may opt for a particular pair that retail within a lower budget. If this is the case there are some great options available that cater to lower budgets. However, it is important to ensure that you do not sacrifice the quality for the price and you select a pair that are going to see you through many wears without sacrificing the quality or protection to your eyes as a result.

The Quality

When investing in a pair of goggles for ATV, regardless of the price you would expect them to be made to an excellent standard of quality that is going to see you through many wears without any deterioration. Lenses are often prone to scratching easily which of course poses the possibility of a hindered view. It is important to select a pair of goggles that are durable and constructed with quality as a priority.

The color

Although this may not be a significant factor for many individuals that are going to influence their purchase, for others the look and appeal of their goggles may resemble some sort of importance with the importance of suiting a particular aesthetic. Almost all goggles are available in a range of colors with different patterns and designs allowing you to choose the one that suits your individual preferences and tastes. 


If you are likely to be wearing yours for prolonged periods then comfort is paramount and all pairs should possess qualities that make them comfortable to wear throughout your journey. This is more than likely to be in the form of soft foam that is placed surrounding the eyes which prevent the plastic from making direct contact with the area that surrounds your eyes. The adjustable strap is also ideal in enabling you to adjust the goggles opting for the most comfortable position that suits your preferences. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prevent them from misting up?

Many goggles will be designed with effective ventilation qualities. Most will have effective air circulation which prevents the build-up of any unwanted air that often results in fog. However, if you are looking to take additional steps to prevent the build-up of fog, you can use a fog cleaner or anti-fog spray on your goggles before you begin to ride. Carrying one of these cleaners on your journey also allows you to repeat this process midway through your ride if needed. 

Are they durable?

The majority of ATV goggles are durably designed to withstand bumps that are likely to occur when riding an ATV. This may be the possibility of a fall resulting in a harsh hit to your goggles. A good pair of goggles should protect your eyes whilst providing you with a clear view ahead. They should also be resistant to fog and ideally, they shouldn't scratch easily as this is an issue that users commonly stumble across with their goggles. A durable pair of goggles should have a sturdy frame that remains securely placed on your head and around your eyes whilst remaining comfortable. They should also be bendable and flexible should they accidentally get dropped as this flexibility is likely to stop them from becoming easily damaged. 

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