What is the Top ATV Gunrack Reviews for 2021

Hunting is all about you, your target, and the challenge and adversity that brings you together.  It’s about being in the moment, finding that perfect shot, and allowing yourself to revel in the absolute clarity that follows in its wake. That split-second moment that follows that perfect shot, the knowledge that you made, and attained, said shot through dedication, perseverance, and a combination of skill and will is a feeling unlike any other. In that instant, it’s like being at total peace, and in communion, with the universe.

However, with the frantic pace of the modern world and the gradual expansion of suburbia, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find ranges and forestry that possess all of the things that you’ll need to find that sort of perfection. You have to travel further and further into the great outdoors, and the further you have to travel, the further you have to carry your weapons. And as you almost certainly know, carrying firearms over any sort of distance on foot, can be problematic at best and at worst, disastrous. This is why more and more hunters are turning to ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) to get them to where they need, and want, to go when the wilderness calls.

Once you’ve found your ATV, you’re still going to be left with the problem of getting your firearms to where they, and you, need to go. Which might seem rather innocuous, but if you can’t haul your rifle(s) safely, you can’t shoot and if you can’t shoot, you can’t hunt. It is, however, a problem, with a relatively simple solution. To get you, and your weapons, where you need to go, you’ll need a gun rack for your ATV.

But with so many different types available, how do you know which is the best ATV gunrack for you, your rifle(s), and your ATV? That’s where we come in. We’ve searched high and low to find the premium gun racks for your ATV, the ones that will safely get you and your weapons to wherever it is you need and want, to go.  We’ve taken the pain out of the hunting equation, so all you have to do is choose your gunrack, load up your ATV and hit the trail. 

Our ATV Gunrack Recommendations


Kolpin Rhino Grip - Double - 21505


If you want the #1 choice, you go straight to the people who have spent the last eight decades making life easier for hunters and outdoorsmen. Kolpin Outdoors made their reputation and name by coming up with solutions to protect and transport your firearms safely, no matter what your vehicle of choice. 

But your vehicle of choice is an ATV, so Kolpin being Kolpin came up with an ingenious, cost-effective, and highly affordable way for you to transport your rifles. The Rhino Grip uses an off-set carry system which means that you can mount it virtually anywhere on your ATV without having to worry about it taking up valuable rack or luggage space.

Made to carry up to 15 pounds, the Rhino Grip can be fitted just about anywhere on your ATV and will hold your rifles in place while you get to where you’re going secure in the knowledge that your weapons are as safe as you are. Shock resistant and absorbent thanks to its durable rubber grips, the Rhino is designed to give your peace of mind and keep your firearms safe. 


  • The Rhino Grip is an offset rack that allows you to mount it and maximize carrying space on your ATV. When you’re heading out into the wilderness, space is everything and Kolpin knows this so they made the Rhino as hunter friendly as possible. And it turns out that it was possible to be very, very hunter friendly. 
  • Sold as pair for under fifty dollars, the Rhino is a budget-friendly gun rack that’ll allow you to carry a number of different rifles without having to mortgage your pocketbook. Kolpin knows how important it is to do things costs effectively and properly which is why they developed the Rhino.
  • With a little know-how, you can mount the Rhino just about anywhere on your ATV. It comes complete with everything that you’ll need to fix it in place and be ready to go in less time than it’ll take you to pack for your trip.
  • The Rhino won’t just hold your rifles, it’ll keep a firm grip on them and keep them out of harm’s way until its final moments. The Rhino was made to keep your rifles safe so that you can get on with the important business of hunting and target shooting without having to worry about your hardware letting you down.


  • That said, some outdoors people have complained that the Rhino isn’t quite as durable at Kolpin make it out to be and have stated that it isn’t it as easy to fit as Kolpin claims it is.  But for every dissatisfied customer, there’s another ten who love the Rhino, so you might just have to roll the dice and take a chance that you’re one of the ten and not the one in eleven if the Rhino has made your pulse race.


Kolpin Stronghold Gun Boot L and Auto Latch Mount System Combo Kit - 20743


Our second choice is another Kolpin product, because when it comes to outdoor life, Kolpin not only knows what they’re talking about, they’re right up there with the leaders of the pack.  This latest version of the classic Kolpin gun boot (that’s a gun suitcase to all you hunting newbies) is made from tougher than an alpha male mountain lion, weather-resistant hard plastic, and a padded interior casing that’s designed, and made, for the more serious hunter and outdoor enthusiast.

Supplied with an easy to fit external case that the gun boot slides straight into and which can be bolted and fixed to any flat surface of your ATV, the Stronghold has been serving serious hunters for generations and if this latest iteration is anything to go by, it’ll continue to do so for generations to come.

The Stronghold also comes in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, so whatever your weapon of choice, from a classic scoped .22, to a pump-action shotgun, right through to a more modern, and now almost traditional 9mm pistol, Kolpin and the Stronghold have you covered.

Sure, it’ll only carry the one weapon, but as the most experienced of hunters will happily attest to, you’ll only ever need one firearm. Anything else is just overkill. Whatever your weapon of choice and whatever ATV you’re riding, there’s a Stronghold designed and made to keep your firearm safe and secure, come what may.


  • If you want to keep your firearms safe, whatever the weather and external conditions, then the Strongarm will do exactly that. It earned its name and reputation the hard way and won’t fail you or let you down when you need it the most.
  • It comes with everything, bar the tools (but you already knew that didn’t you?) that you’ll need, to fit it to your ATV.  As long as you have a free, flat surface you’ll be able to fit the Mount System and slide the Stronghold straight into it in less time than it takes to strip, clean, and refit your firing pin. 
  • It’s a serious tool for a serious job that a lot of more serious hunters swear by. If you’re more than just a weekend warrior and are looking to plug a serious hole in your outdoor life, then you should seriously consider the Stronghold. It’ll fill that hole right up and you’ll never look back.


  • We get it, sometimes you need a little variety when you’re hunting and you want the security of being able to carry more than a single rifle, pistol or shotgun. If that’s what you need and want from your hunting trip, then the Stronghold isn’t for you. 
  • While, for the most part, the Stronghold is a beloved by hunters and outdoors folks everywhere, there have been a few complaints about Kolpin not being as diligent about quality control as they could be. Mounting systems have arrived without all the parts that are needed to fit them, some Strongholds have arrived in the wrong size and occasionally, the overall finish isn’t quite what it should be. It’s a risk you’ll have to take, and we think that it’s one that’s worth taking. But if you’re the more cautious type, maybe you should step back for a minute and think twice about the Stronghold.


All Rite Products Pack Rack Plus - Gun & Bow Rack for ATVs and Bikes - Model PRP1


It’s time to go all-purpose and take a look at one of the most ingenious ATV gun rack solutions that we’ve ever stumbled across. This rack from All Rite Products is a universal system that’ll easily fit to the handlebars or any other bar that isn’t already being used on your ATV. Truth be told, you don’t even need an ATV to use this gun rack as it’ll fit just as easily to the handlebars of your mountain bike or just about any other two or four-wheeled transport you can imagine. That said, it was primarily made for ATV’s, so that’s what it should really be used for and that’s why its made our list. 

It might look a little strange, but it’s highly durable rubber mounts that’ll carry and keep your firearm safe, have a series of alternately sized “teeth” that’ll keep your weapon secure no matter what kind of terrain you encounter. The aluminum brackets that attach to the bars of your ATV have a steel core, so as well as being weather-resistant, they’re also a lot stronger than they look. This gun rack might be small, a little odd-looking, and about as far from being a conventional gun rack as it’s possible to be, but it’s built to last and survive more hunting seasons than most of its more classically oriented competition ever will.

Compact, durable and interchangeable, the All-Rite Pack Rack is the only option that most people will ever need. It’ll keep your weapon close to hand, let you alternate between a rifle and a bow, and will even carry a fishing pole for those moments when you just want to float down a river and forget about hunting. When they say it’s universal, that isn’t just some advertising gimmick, All Rite really mean it.


  • It’s a universal gun rack that can be fitted to any, and all ATV’s. And when you want to change your ATV, you won’t have to change your gun rack. You can just take it off one ATV and fit it to another. 
  • The Pack Rack has full, three hundred and sixty-degree rotation, so you can twist it and turn it this way and that to ensure that whatever forearm you want it to carry on your ATV, in whatever way, it can and will carry it.
  • And we’re back to those aluminum brackets. Why? Because they will not rust and they will not seize, they’ll just keep on doing what they were made to do long after your ATV has taken its last ride into the woods.
  • Then there’s the price. For something that’s designed to last forever and a day, thirty-five dollars is the sort of bargain that no-one is going to want to shoot holes in.  


  • If something seems too good to be true, then nine times of out of ten, it usually is and while that’s not exactly the case with the Pack Rack, the fact that it doesn’t hold on to your rifle, fishing pole or bow as securely as some other gun racks do, means it’s hovering somewhere between nine and ten. While it does exactly what it says it will, it doesn’t do it quite as well as some other racks do.


ATV TEK FFG2 FlexGrip Pro Double Rider Gun/Bow/Tool Rack


While the Tek Flexgrip comes in both single and double versions, we thought why have one when you can carry two, which is why we’re focussing on the Double Rider Rack. Made by ATV Tek, a company founded by industry veterans Jeff Hancock and Chris Schenck to manufacture innovative, high-quality products and accessories for the ATV market, the Flexgrip was made to make life easier for you.

Once you’ve fitted the single telescope bar that the mounts attach to, it’s all plain sailing and easy riding. The larger sized mounts that’ll carry your firearms (or bows or whatever else you can fit in them) are deliberately over-sized to provide extra shock absorption and ensure that your firearms are protected at all times. 

Made to be easy to fit and use, once the mounts are in place, everything is finger adjustable which throws the need for carrying other tools for tightening your gun rack out of the window. Well, you could do that if ATV’s had windows, but as they don’t, it’s probably easier to just leave the tools at home, which will leave more space on your ATV for carrying extra ammunition, which is always a blessing for the discerning hunter.

Then there’s the ATV Tek warranty which covers all of their products, and which they’re happy to proclaim not only lasts a lifetime but is also one of the most popular available in the ATV market. All of that functionality, value, and ease of use and a warranty too? It sounds to us like ATV Tek are looking to take over the ATV gun rack market, and if the Flexgrip is the way they intend to do it, then we wouldn’t be at all surprised if they succeeded.


  • Functionality is something that we look for in everything, and given that the Flexgrip comes as both single and double racks and its inherent ease of usage, we’re forced, and happily so, to award it a ten on the functionality gun rack-o-meter. If you’re looking for a functional, easy to use and fit gun rack for your ATV, you won’t go far wrong with the Flexgrip.
  • That warranty. It’s a solid, unbreakable deal and one that ATV Tek takes seriously.  They don’t just talk a good warranty game, they actually back it up. That sort of unshakeable faith in a product is hard to find, and if ATV Tek believes that strongly in their gun racks, then maybe you should too.


  • That said, there have been rumblings about quality control from some corners of the hunting set. Racks have arrived without everything needed to fit them, which thanks to the warranty isn’t the end of the world, but can be annoying when all you want to do is want to fix your gun rack on to your ATV and get out into the great outdoors.
  • Even though the Flexgrip fits tight and true to all ATVs, some reviews have flagged an issue with the rack rattling, which is no doubt due to its over-sized mounts that offer all kinds of extra security and protection. Security or a little noise? The choice is yours.


Kolpin Ratcheting Rhino Grip - 21540 (Pair), Black


The last entry on our list is another Kolpin gun rack. We’ve said it before, and we’ll almost certainly it again when it comes to ATV gun racks and hunting, the only name that really matters is Kolpin. They’ve forged a near eighty-year blemish-free reputation by being among the market leaders at what they do and all of the knowledge and expertise they’ve accumulated during that time is implanted in everything they make.

Designed to be simple to use and install, this single gun rack system fits on the front of your ATV and can carry up to fifteen pounds, so even if you were thinking of taking an elephant gun or a Marine Corps issue sniping rifle on your latest expedition, the Ratcheting Rhino Grip can handle both with ease.

Made from heavy-duty rubber and nylon, the Rhino Grip has an easy release button which makes securing and releasing your firearm easier than it’s ever been. Slot it into the grip, and when you need it, you just push the button and you’re ready to go. It may only be able to hold one firearm, but it’ll be the only one you’ll need. Just like the Ratcheting Rhino Grip is the only one that you’ll ever need. 


  • The Ratcheting Rhino Grip is small and it’s discrete and when it’s not holding a firearm, no-one will even know that it’s there. Not that you’ll care about that, but it might matter to someone, so why attract undue attention? 
  • That easy release button is purposeful engineering at its finest. Kolpin wanted to make the outdoor life as easy as possible and by including a one-touch release button on this gun rack, they made it uncomplicated, effortless, and simple.
  • The rubber and nylon not only give the Rhino a contemporary make-over, but they also make it durable and long-lasting It’ll beat the elements and keep on doing exactly what it’s supposed to long beyond the lifetime of your ATV.


  • It’s the old “it’ll only hold one rifle” story, so if it’s important to you to carry more, then this isn’t the Rhino Grip that you’re looking for.

Factors that can Influence your ATV Gunrack Choice

While we’ve given you a guided tour of what we think are the best ATV Gun Racks that your hard-earned dollars can buy and have pointed you in the right direction, there are a number of points to consider before you make your mind up and dive headlong into buying one. 

One Gun or Two?

Even though some of the gun racks on our list come in dual models and are designed to carry either one or two firearms, it’s important to consider all of the possibilities that might mean you’ll need to carry a brace of rifles.  

While most hunters are responsible for their own firearms, if you’re likely to be carrying a 

weapon for another member of your family, it’s always safer and easier to opt for a double rack than a single. After all, just because you CAN carry two firearms it doesn’t mean that you HAVE to carry two.  You can always just carry one. But it’s always nice to have the option to carry more. 

Where are you going to fit your gun rack on your ATV?

This is a pivotal question that you need to ask yourself. While all of the gun racks on our list can be mounted on the front of your ATV, some of them can also be fitted at other points on your vehicle. Maybe you don’t like the idea of fitting your gun rack on the front of your ATV. Maybe you want to fit it elsewhere. Maybe you don’t even want to fit it horizontally and have the room to fit your gun rack vertically. 

It’s a question of what makes riding your ATV and carrying your firearms as comfortable as possible for you. While we can point you toward the most suitable gun racks, we can’t tell you where to fit them. That’s a question that you’re going to think long and hard about and, ultimately, answer for yourself.

Whatever the weather, Whatever the terrain

You’re going to encounter some brutal terrain and, potentially, some rather unpleasant weather while you’re out on your ATV. As such you’re going to want to make sure that your gun rack can not only face the worst that Mother Nature can throw at it, you’re also going to need to make sure that it can absorb all the shocks, bumps and bangs that the great outdoors hurls at it, and you, and can do so while keeping your firearms secure and safe from harm.  If it can’t take the kind of pounding that it’s inevitably going to get, then it isn’t the sort of gun rack that you can put your faith in or want. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which ATV Gun Rack Is The Right One For Me?

We’ve given you all of the information that you need, and shown you the highlights, in our humble opinion, ATV gun racks available, so the rest is up to you. Consider all the points that you need to, think about when you’re likely to be out hunting, what kind of terrain you’ll encounter, and how many firearms you’ll potentially have to carry.

If you’re only going to need the one, then we’d always recommend the Kolpin Strongarm. It’s an all-weather, all-terrain gun rack that will never let you down. But if you’re going to be carrying more than one rifle, then the Kolpin Rhino Grip would always be our gun rack of choice. That said, at the end of the day, the choice is yours. Happy hunting!

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