Matt P

What Is Rock Crawling?

All types of off-road travel, not just rock crawling, are about far more than just running your fancy vehicle over obstacles. For adventure lovers and thrill-seekers, off-roading is a popular concept and a world-renowned sport for fearless adrenaline junkies. From it comes rock crawling, which, no, is not the act of crawling on rocks with …

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Fun Dirt Bike Tricks

Fun dirt bike tricks are things that most people only see on the sea. A fewer crowd gets to see them live, and even fewer individuals get to be the ones actually performing the tricks. The thing is, they make it look super easy. Nevertheless, any sane person knows that that’s not the truth and …

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What Is a UTV?

You’ve undoubtedly heard of them; tough, four-wheeled and look like they’re ready to take on anything. UTVs, a.k.a utility terrain vehicles, fit just that description. You’ve probably seen them hauling feed and supplies on a farm, or maybe you’re an avid hunter and were told to get a UTV when you mentioned that you wanted …

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