Canyou Ride a Dirtbike on the Sidewalk?

There are many set laws and regulations in several states regarding the riding of dirt bikes on the road and streets. Many dirt bike owners have kept on asking ‘can you ride a dirtbike on the sidewalk?’. 

You can’t drive your dirt bike on the road unless it’s converted legally by attaining the set requirements and regulations. All dirt bike owners hate the fact that riding your bike on the sidewalk or highway cannot be fun anymore. 

Customizing your bike to fit all the required legal road requirements takes away all the fun since your bike might even become heavier.  

Places where you can Ride your Dirt Bike Legally 

a. On private property   

With a private piece of land, you can create a space in your backyard or create a racing dirt bike track whereby you can enjoy driving your motor. However, you’ll require enough space to make sure your bike’s noise doesn’t cause a disturbance. 

Riding in your own space helps one stay away from noise pollution reports and traffic rules too. Therefore, you’re advised to stay away from motocross tracks to avoid the risks of causing accidents due to the presence of extreme obstacles.  

b. Motocross tracks  

One can also attend private motocross series and competitions held at motocross riding tracks in your local area. These tracks are however meant for experts and professionals who can explore the diverse terrains comfortably.   

c. Off-road riding parks  

Off-Road riding parks allow riding dirt bikes but you have to pay a specific amount of entry fee to be allowed to drive around. However, some  riding parks have rules and regulations that claim a certain qualification status before your bike gets on track.  

 Penalty for Riding your Dirt Bike on Public Roads  

Can you ride a dirtbike on public roads? Riding a typical dirt bike on the public road and sidewalk can put you in trouble especially if you encounter traffic police. Your bike must meet the set requirements first to become street legal. Breaking this rule can lead to cumbersome fines and even a jail term if you commit a crime on the road.  

Situations When you can Ride Dirt Bike on the Sidewalk  

Sometimes, someone might be under an extreme situation whereby they’ll have to leniently defy the set laws and  get to drive their dirtbike on the sidewalk. Let’s check them out:  

  • During an emergency  

The government is lenient during emergencies especially if you have to save yourself or someone else. Hereby, the laws and regulations tend to be given a blind eye since the rider has no choice but to ride their dirt bike on the sidewalk for safety or reaction to an emergency. However, if the situation is too critical or getting out of hand, you should contact the police for assistance as soon as possible.   

  • During a special event  

With  special permits from the local government or authorities, dirt bikers can hold events or celebrations and get to have some fun on the sidewalk. Hereby, the local state authority issues consent to certain dirt bike riders to perform specific activities on the tracks. This rarely happens since sidewalk dirt biking authorization has led to several casualties in the past.   

  • Riding on private property  

One can ride their dirt bike on a private race track as long as they’re authorized or permitted to do so. Private riding tracks are not accessible to the public or any outsiders. If you have a reasonable space in your home, you can construct your own track where you can have all the fun. Remember to keep the safety measures during rides to avoid any possible injuries.   

  • Engine Off  

Can you ride a dirtbike on the sidewalk? You cannot ride on the sidewalk unless your engine is off. In various states, walking beside your dirtbike or pushing it across the sidewalk is allowed as long as the engine is not running. 

Make sure you don’t sit on the bike even if the engine is off. This will help you avoid possible conflicts with the authorities. This might happen if someone is facing engine failure trying to push their dirt bike to somewhere safe temporarily. 

Making your Dirtbike Street-legal  

Can you ride a dirtbike on the sidewalk? Of course, you can do this as long as your motor contains certain features that make it street legal. To move freely and ride your bike in and across the public roads, you’ll have to attain the following requirements first:  

  • Ensure your bike has proper and authorized steering, brakes, permitted wheels, and tires as well as a functional exhaust system. Your dirt bike’s exhaust system should have a sparkling arrestor to minimize noise and possible fire cases.   
  •  Your dirt bike must have a License number plate just like other vehicles on the road. The government recommends license plates to increase the level of responsibility in case of any traffic violations.  
  •  If you want to start driving on public roads and streets, you’’ have to install proper front and rear lights on your motorbike. You can buy a headlamp to use as your front light to minimize accidents especially if you’re driving at night. Rear brake lights are a perfect recommendation as well since they maintain your road safety by a big percentage. Don’t forget to have indicators on your dirt bike to make turning easy since vehicles on the rear will be aware of that.   
  • You’re advised to install rearview side mirrors on your dirt bike to help you see what’s happening behind you. Rear-view mirrors are a key road safety factor and therefore not having one will put you in hot soup.   

Disadvantages of Street-legal Dirt Bikes  

  • Street legal dirt bikes undergo a lot of modification whereby certain features are attached to the bike. This makes the bike heavier than before thus reducing its mobility.   
  • Modifying your dirt bike changes its structure thus making it less attractive especially to the owner. 

Can you Ride a Dirtbike on the Sidewalk? – Conclusion

All you need to do is adhere to your state’s dirt bike riding rules and laws to avoid conflict with the local traffic authorities. Make sure all the required features and parts are installed on your dirt bike to convert it into a street-legal motorbike.