The Must-Have ATV Accessories for 2023

06/11/2024 11:10 pm GMT

ATVs, celebrated for their thrilling appeal in off-road adventures, deliver experiences that surpass what most might expect. Given the chance, these vehicles captivate, silently assuring adventures across uncharted paths and into the wilderness. Yet, the allure of ATVs and the distinct culture that has emerged around them is more profound than it first seems. They represent the core of a unique subculture centered around the act of riding and immersing oneself in the escapades they facilitate.

ATVs inspire an almost dogmatic mania in their ever-increasing fanbase which devotes the majority of its free time and energy to the pursuit of their four-wheeled hobby. A hobby that, for them at least, is so much more than just a pastime. It’s a way of life.

That’s why an industry, one that caters to all of the needs and whims, has risen up around ATV’s. It’s a global business that is committed to maximining the ATV experience for everyone who enters that world and has wholeheartedly sworn to make it as much fun and easy to enjoy as possible. After all, we’re only human, and part of being human means being able to luxuriate in all of the comforts that ATV life has to offer while transforming your ATV into a reflection of your own individuality.

Once you’re part of that world, you’re going to want to make your ATV as singular as you are. That industry that we were talking about? The one that has set out to make your life easier? It’s devoted itself to producing all of the accessories that you’ll ever need to make your ATV journey everything that it could, and should, be.

But where do you start? How do you know what to look for to make the most out of the time that you’ll spend with your ATV? Admittedly, that’s a difficult mountain to climb, but as every ascension begins with a first step, you’re going to need to start your quest to find the best accessories for ATV somewhere. Which is why we decided to give you a hand up, to help you with your search and have found five of the most desirable and sought after, ATV accessories that the off-road faithful swear by. It’s a list that will ease your passage into the ATV world by making it as familiar and inviting as possible. All you have to do is come along for the ride.

Best ATV Accessories -Top Model Compared

ImageProductTechnical SpecPrice
Badass Moto Ultimate ATV Cover

Badass Moto Ultimate ATV Cover
  • Color: Badass Black
  • Material: Polyester
  • Brand: Badass Moto
  • Fit Type: Vehicle Specific Fit
  • Water Resistance Level: Waterproof
  • Vehicle Type: Utility, Dirt bike, All-terrain-vehicles
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Coleman Rear Padded-Bottom Bag

Coleman Rear Padded-Bottom Bag
  • Color: Black
    Brand: Coleman
    Model number ‏: ‎ CRPB-2
    Weight: 1 Pounds
    Dimensions: ‎ 20 x 15 x 15 inches
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Battery Tender Junior Charger and Maintainer

Battery Tender Junior Charger and Maintainer
  • Manufacturer: ‎Deltran
    Brand: ‎Battery Tender
    Weight: ‎1.8 pounds
    Dimensions: ‎8 x 4 x 9 inches
    Amperage: ‎0.75 Amps
    Voltage: ‎12 Volts
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BOSS Audio Systems ATV Sound System Package

BOSS Audio Systems ATV Sound System Package
  • Manufacturer: BOSS AUDIO
  • Weight: 18.21 pounds
  • Dimensions: 28.5 x 11.6 x 7.9 In
  • Model number: ATV30BRGBK
  • Features: Bluetooth, Weatherproof, RGB lights, Amplified
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Ram X-Grip Phone Mount

Ram X-Grip Phone Mount
  • Mounting Type: Handlebar
  • Brand: RAM MOUNTS
  • Model Name: RAM-B-149Z-UN10U
  • Weight: 12 ounces
  • Dimensions: 12 x 9 x 0.01 inches
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Best ATV Accessories

Top Pick
Badass Moto Ultimate ATV Cover

When you start hitting the mountain paths, backwoods trails, and off-road courses, you’re going to run into the one thing that no-one can control.

The quirks and inconsistencies of the weather. While you can ensure that you’re protected from the elements by sheltering in any of the many possibilities that are available on the campsites favored by off-roaders, it’s also essential to keep your transport as safe and secure as you are.

If you don’t protect your vehicle, you’ll be stranded That’s why an ATV cover should be high on your list of ATV accessories.

  • Wherever you’re planning to take your ATV, you’re going to need to keep it covered and safe. And the Badass Moto provides the sort of protection that’ll guard it against everything the weather will bombard it with and any critters who might see it as inviting place to set up home in.
  • They may seem a little odd, but those high visibility strips that make sure you can see, and keep an eye on, your ATV when night falls are like manna from ATV heaven. You won’t have to fumble around in the dark to find your vehicle, and you won’t bump into it when you’re camping and nature calls. For those reasons alone, plus a hundred others that you can probably reel off, this cover is worth its price tag.
  • Talking about the price tag, while the Badass Moto isn’t the cheapest ATV cover that you can spend your hard-earned dollars on, it does have a big advantage over it’s less costly and more expensive competition. It comes with a no quibble three-year warranty that’ll give you the peace of mind to clothe
  • While it’s designed to protect your ATV while you’re towing it without having to constantly look back, some reviews have highlighted the fact that the Moto has a tendency to tear and work it’s way loose at higher speeds.  So it might be prudent to ease up on the gas pedal when transporting your covered ATV to your next destination.
  • And while we’re on the subject of reviews, some of them have mentioned that the Moto doesn’t come with the most detailed instructions. This probably has something to do with the fact that using it is one of those things that are intuitive and can be easily figured out by just about anyone.
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Even if you don’t want to live the sort of ATV life that’ll lead to you coming face-to-face with Mother Nature at the most unexpected moments, you’re going to need a cover to protect your ATV. If it’s just parked in your yard, you’re going to want to protect it from the worst of the weather, which means covering it up and keeping it out of harm’s way. And the Badass Moto is all the protection your ATV will ever need.

Made from heavy-duty waterproof fabric, the Moto is easily held in place on your ATV thanks to its elasticated hems and the straps and buckles that will keep it firmly locked down. And those straps and buckles? They’ll also make sure that the cover remains in place while you’re towing your ATV to wherever it is your next trip takes you.

With a series of zipped flaps that’ll give you easy access to the handlebars, gas-tank and front of your ATV and a pair of high visibility luminous strips that’ll do away with the need for night vision goggles to find your vehicle after darkness descends, the Badass Moto is the high-class weather proof outfit that’ll make your ATV feel like royalty whenever it slips it on. From all the items we’ve looked at, this is clearly one of the best accessories for ATVs you’ll find on the market today.

Editor's Choice
Coleman Rear Padded-Bottom Bag

Thing is if you’re going to get a cover for your ATV, you’re going to need a way to carry it to wherever you’re going. As most ATV’s aren’t blessed with storage space, you’re going to need to invest in some additional storage for your ATV. This brings us to the Coleman Rear Padded-Bottom Bag, which not only gives you all of the additional luggage space your ATV is going to need, when fitted it also provides an extra seat. The days of your solo adventures are over thanks to this ingenious, ATV two bird’s with one set of panniers problem slayer.

  • Given that you’re getting an extra seat and three bags for the price you’ll pay for it, the Coleman isn’t expensive and won’t trouble your pocketbook. Retailing at just under seventy dollars it’s the sort of accessory that we’d be happy to spend our money on.
  • The Coleman makes the go it alone days of ATV road trips a thing of the past. Sure, you might not be able to get as radical as you used, or want, to with a passenger on board, but the company will produce its own rewards.
  • Weatherproof, the Coleman will keep your stuff dry, clean, and safe. Which is exactly what you’ll want it to do.
  • Some reviews have complained about quality and manufacturing issues and have pointed out that if you over-pack the Coleman and then hit the trails, it can rip and tear. While we can’t vouch for the veracity of these claims or the long-term durability of the Coleman, we would like to point out that the number of positive reviews far outweighs the negative. And we’d also like to highlight the fact that the Coleman not only gives you all the storage space you’ll need, it also doubles the number of seats on your ATV.
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One of the ATV world’s best-selling storage solutions, the Rear Padded-Bottom Bag consists of three larger than average compartments that are fully padded to insulate and protect everything that you take with you. Fitted with two water bottle holders, this spacious extra seat is also padded so it’ll keep your passenger safe and comfortable and hydrated thanks to the previously mentioned bottle holders.

The Coleman is also water-proof and while it’ll keep your possessions high and dry, it won’t be able to protect your passenger from the rain and puddles. Unless you pack your passenger in its bags. Which you could probably do with a little planning and effort as the bags are pretty big and can hold just about anything you fancy taking with you. Including your passenger.

Best Value
Ram X-Grip Phone Mount

There’s no escaping the trappings of the modern world, and no matter where you go, you’re going to want, and need, to take your phone with you.

It’s your connection to the outside world, and if anything should happen to you while you’re out in the wilderness, your phone might just save your life. 

And given the number of GPS and GPS Speedometer apps available for smartphones, your cell-phone can double up as both satellite navigation and speedometer for your ATV.

Technically, that means it’ll triple it’s duties, as it’s also a phone, but you get the point that we’re trying to make.

You’ll need, and if you’re anything like us will want, to take your phone with you on all of your ATV shenanigans.

  • The X-Grip is made from stainless steel, so no matter how wet it gets out there in ATV land, it won’t rust. It’ll outlast every phone you’ll ever have and should also live longer than your ATV will.
  • No matter how you like to ride or what position you prefer in the saddle, you can adjust the X-Grip so that you’ll always have easy access to your smartphone.
  • The X-Grip does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It holds on to your phone and it’ll do so on even the most arduous of roads and bumpy trails.
  • While it can secure a relatively large number of smartphones, it isn’t compatible with every brand and model, so make sure your phone is one of the ones that it’s on first name terms with before you lay your money down.
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The problem is, you’re going to need to use both hands to control your ATV, as they’re a concentration heavy vehicle that demands one hundred percent of your attention at all times. And as it’s also illegal in just about every state to use a cell-phone while operating a motor vehicle, you’re going to need a hands free, phone holder for your ATV.

That said, there are few phone holders that can put up with, survive and hold on to your phone while enduring the kinds of bumps and shocks that your ATV will be dealing out to them while you’re riding it. The Ram X-Grip is one of the few that can take all the punishment that you’ll hand out to it and continue to do its job without complaint or hesitation.

Its uni-bolt fastening system allows the Ram X-Grip to be fixed securely to the handlebars of your ATV while it’s fully adjustable, and lockable, holder means you can position, and place, your phone exactly where you want. The padded rubber and stainless steel X-Grip that holds your phone can safely absorb more shocks, tremors, and bumps than the average Tokyo skyscraper and will clutch your phone tightly regardless of how rocky the path you’re riding down is.

Runner Up
Battery Tender Junior Charger and Maintainer

This model will safely charge any flooded, lead-acid, or sealed batteries before switching into something that it’s manufacturer calls “trickle” mode which is designed to keep your battery fully charged while it’s connected to the tender.

It may not be the fastest charger on the market, but like the tortoise, it’ll get there in the end and ensure that you don’t have to worry about your battery letting you down.

  • It’s easy to use thanks to its alligator grips which let you hook the Tender up and disconnect it just as quickly.  Simple to use and easy to connect, what more could you want from a battery charger?
  • And it’s not just for ATV’s.  You can hook the Tender up to your motorcycle, truck, or car and it’ll charge all of their batteries. It’s a one-stop, universal charger that’ll take care of all of your vehicles.
  • Best of all though, it comes with a solid, five-year warranty which builds a new wing on that whole other level of ATV peace of mind that we were talking about earlier.
  • If it seems like it’s a bargain, it’s because it is. At less than thirty dollars, it’d be rude not to buy one.
  • The only problem that we can find with this Tender is that it isn’t, as we’ve already mentioned, the speediest of battery chargers. But it does get there in the end and it does what it’s supposed to and it does it at an incredibly affordable price.
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It’s time to get practical for a minute. Now that you’ve got the storage for your ATV sorted, it’d be wise and more than a little sensible to devote a small portion of that space to carry a battery charger. We can’t even begin to tell you the number of ATV enthusiasts who have vouched for the veracity of a battery charger and in some cases, have even claimed one has saved their lives.

Its dual LED light system lets you know when your battery is at capacity and when it needs to be charged, which provides a next-level sense of security and peace of mind. And for less than thirty dollars, that’s á bargain level of calm that’ll stop those late-night ATV panic attacks dead in their tracks.

Runner Up
BOSS Audio Systems ATV Sound System Package

Wherever we go, we want to take our music with us, and just because you’re riding an ATV it doesn’t mean that you have to leave your tunes at home.

You don’t, and Boss Audio has designed a speaker system that’ll let you pump your songs out while you’re off-roading and getting crazy in the great outdoors.

You can put your own ATV soundtrack together and blast it out whether you’re camping for the night or laying down serious rubber.

  • The Boss comes with everything that you need to set your speakers up, hit play, and go. You don’t need to be an auto-electrician to mount this bad mama-jama to your ride, you just need to know how to fasten a couple of straps.
  • Bluetooth connectivity means that you’re in full control, so whether you’re down with the Beastie Boys, jam Pennywise, get pumped up by Daft Punk, or blasted by Metallica, you’ll be able to melt your brain on the trail with whatever tunes float your boat.
  • And it comes with a three-year warranty, so if it stops going up to eleven, send it back to Boss and they’ll send you a new one that will fry your mind with volume and power.
  • Despite looking high and low, the only negative territory review that we could find about this speak system centered around speed and volume. Apparently the faster you go, the lower the volume gets. So we’re not sure if it’s a secret safety feature, or the engine noise drowned the music out, but, either way, it sounds to us like its Boss doing their best to make sure that you stay safe on your ATV.
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Drawing its power from the cigarette lighter / 12V outlet on your ATV, this Bluetooth enabled speaker system is fully controllable from your smartphone so you can ride along to your favorite tunes at the touch of a button. Do you like it loud? So do Boss, which is why they installed a 450-watt amplifier in this speaker system so that you crank the volume on your ATV whenever the mood takes you.

Fully water and weather proof and shock resistant, the Boss system comes with four mounting straps and two zip fastening straps that make installation easier than firing up your ATV.  Silence is overrated, so take your music into the great outdoors with this remarkably powerful and compact ATV speaker system.

The Most Popular Accessories Available Today for your ATV

Accessories Available Today for your ATV

While we focused on the more fun and enjoyable side of ATV life, it’d be remiss of us if we didn’t mention some of the accessories that are absolutely essential for ATV’s and should be purchased before you even begin to think about going off-road on your ATV.


It sounds like common sense we know, and while they’re not legally required in every state before you even think about getting on an ATV, you’re going to need a helmet. You’re going to, at some point, come off your ATV, it’s an inevitable part of ATV life, and when you do, you’ll be glad you were wearing a helmet. It might just save your life. Your helmet should, if possible, be properly fitted which will minimize any risk to you and maximize the level of protection that it provides.


If your helmet doesn’t have a visor, you’re going to need a pair of goggles. When the mud, dust, and all of the other nasty stuff that litters off-road trails and dirt tracks gets churned up and starts flying at your face, you’ll thank whatever maker you put your faith in that you’re protected.

If something hits you in the eye while you’re going full tilt down a trail, there’s a possibility that it’ll blind you. And if you’re blinded, even temporarily, you won’t be able to see where you’re going and you will crash. Which will, to coin a phrase, be all that she wrote for you and your ATV. So make sure that you have a good pair of google to hand every time you fire up your ride.


It isn’t just your face that’s going to take a pounding while you’re hurtling around a dirt track, your hands are going to get thrashed too.  That’s why you’re going to need a good, strong, comfortable pair of gloves that won’t reduce the feeling in your hands and will keep them protected from whatever the road kicks up. A good tip that we’ve taken to heart and adhere to is to always buy Motocross gloves. They’ll do everything that you need gloves to do. And it doesn’t hurt that they also look cool.


LIke your hands and your face, your feet and lower legs are going to take a beating while you’re kicking your around the backwoods on your ATV. So, our best advice is this – while you’re picking up your gloves, get fitted for a pair of Motocross boots at the same time. You might not thank us now, but you’ll thank us later. You really will.

First Aid Kit

We figure that you’ve almost certainly fixated on the Coleman Padded-Rear Bag, because that’s what we focused on too, and if you have, you might want to throw a First Aid Kit in there. And you might also want to do a basic first aid course and learn how to use it as you never know what might happen out there on the trail and it’s always, in our experience, prudent to prepare for the worst and expect the best.

Tool Kit

Talking about preparing for the worst and expecting the best, it wouldn’t hurt to have a basic tool kit. The list of mechanical disasters that could befall you while you’re out and about on your ATV is endless, and most of them can be fixed with a couple of spanners and some rudimentary know-how. Pack a tool kit and make sure you know how to use it. A little knowledge can go a long way.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, which accessories do I want?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but we can’t tell you which ATV accessories you’re going to need to make your life better, but we can point you in the direction of the accessories that we think are pretty much essential.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done with this list.  After all, who doesn’t need a cover for their ATV? And who doesn’t enjoy music while they’re getting wild in the wild? So take another look, because we guarantee that there’s at least one ATV accessory on it that’ll make every second you spend with your ATV a little bit more enjoyable. And that’s what it’s all about, right? Having a good time, all the time.

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score

Badass Moto Ultimate ATV Cover

  •  protects from Rain.
  • protect from UV.
  • Keeps your ATV clean.
  • Lightweight and Durable.

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