What are the Top ATV Tires Options for Trail and Mud

Nothing beats going off road in your ATV!  Letting go, racing through trails, getting muddy, that’s what it’s all about!

But have you ever tried it with the wrong gear?  What a let down!  And having high quality tires for your ride can make all the difference.

It’s pretty easy to find ATV tires that are good for trails mud.  But ideally you’d want to find the best tires that can handle both types of terrain with ease.

So, we’ve been on the case checking out some of the highest selling, and what we consider to be the best ATV tires that are out on the market today.  We’ve managed to pick out our favorites, and we’ve got reviews on these coming up very shortly.

And to help you out even further, we’ve also got a handy buying guide for you after the reviews, which covers everything you might want to think about before you decide what trail and mud tires are best to buy.

Following that we also have a little section where we answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

Leading ATV Tires for Trail and Mud


Set of 4 SunF Power.I ATV UTV all-terrain Tires 25x8-12 Front & 25x10-12 Rear, 6 PR, Tubeless A033

These from SunF are a number 1 bestseller in ATV trail tires, and we can confirm that they’re also great in very muddy conditions as well.

With it’s directional angled tread, you get fantastic performance on trails, and on a variety of other terrain to boot.

It’s made with premium rubber, in a heavy 6 ply construction, and with this in place it can tackle any kind of trail surface with ease, and you won’t have to worry about any punctures or scratches.

The pattern on the tread, together with its big lug depth, means that you get enhanced skid and traction control, which is what makes it so good for taking through mud.

This pattern, whilst being symmetrical, is also non directional, which means you can get yourself a longer total lifespan out of them by simply rotating them when they start to wear on one side.  

The tread also has great shoulder protection, where there’s aggressive shoulder knobs in place which give your ATV really good side bite and traction.  And if that wasn’t enough, they also help to protect the wheel trim and sidewall to boot.

Customer feedback has been very positive on these tires.  On the Amazon page for example, after well over 600 individual customer ratings, the average Amazon customer rating comes in at a very nice four and a half stars out of a possible five.


  • Top seller in ATV trail tires
  • Heavy 6 ply construction
  • Non directional tread pattern
  • Aggressive shoulder knobs
  • Great customer feedback


  • Rims not included
  • If you don’t see the size you need on the Amazon page, please keep looking as this brand does make these tires in different sizes.


Set of 4 SunF A027 XC 21x7-10 Front & 20x11-9 Rear ATV UTV Knobby Sport Tires, 6 PR, Tubeless


We knew this brand was good, but when we saw just how well these tires were going down with customers, we knew it was certainly worth looking into.

On the Amazon page, after well over 200 individual customer ratings, the average Amazon customer rating comes in at an amazing 5 stars out of five!

And their popularity is not solely down to their super affordable price.

The tires use premium rubber in a heavy 6 ply construction, designed to resist not only scratches and abrasions, but also, and more importantly, resists punctures too.

There’s plenty of lug depth in the tread, and the pattern is both symmetrical and unidirectional, which is (usually) always a good thing.  X angled knobby tread design is great for racing around trails and customers have reported that it’s great in mud too.

Like with our Number 1 pick, there are aggressive shoulder knobs on the tire’s outer edge to give your ATV really good side bite and traction, and they even help to protect the wheel trim and sidewall at the same time.


  • Amazing customer feedback
  • Super affordable price
  • X angled knobby tread design
  • Resists punctures and abrasions
  • Plenty of lug depth in the tread
  • Really good side bite and traction


  • Rims not included
  • Although customers have said they’re great in the mud, this isn’t actually made clear in the manufacturer’s product description


GBC Grim Reaper Radial ATV Tire - 26x9R14


Elsewhere on the net, people are raving about these tires.  And their trail and mud performance is also reflected in the customer ratings and reviews.  On the Amazon page for example, these tires have earned a 4 and a half stars out of a possible 5 stars.

The stand out feature of GBC tires is that they’re lightweight, which is great for racing around trails, you don’t want heavy wheels dragging you down.

And moreover, this beauty has not a 6 ply rated construction, but 8 ply, meaning it can handle heavy loads, all without risking puncture.

It has an aggressive symmetrical and unidirectional tread pattern.  And it's deep tread blocks give it excellent grip and digging power when it comes to plowing through the mud.

We also love it’s wrap around shoulder lugs - they give you amazing rubber to ground contact at all angles, which is perfect for dealing with mud and other obstacles.


  • Tires everyone’s talking about
  • 8 ply rated radial construction
  • They’re quite lightweight
  • Wrap around shoulder lugs
  • Great customer feedback


  • The price is per tire not per set of 4 tires, ouch
  • Unfortunately these tires are vehicle specific, they’re for the ARCTIC CAT1000H2-MP 10, the 1000H2TRV 09-10, or the 1000MP 10-11.


Weize All Terrain ATV Tires, Front 25x8-12 / 25x8x12 & 25x10-12 / 25x10x12 Rear, Full Set of 4, 6PR UTV Tire Suitable For Mud, Gravel, Sand, Rocky


Here’s another great set that have had fantastic customer feedback.  

For example on the Amazon page, even after over 60 individual customer reviews the average customer review still comes in at a staggering full 5 stars out of 5.

They can handle a variety of different terrain, including but not limited to, rocky trails and muddy terrain.

What we love about these tires is that rather than have a directional pattern which will have a shorter treadlife, these babies can be rotated over without having to dismount and remount them.

Made with a durable 6 ply rated construction, you can be sure that they will resist punctures and abrasions.  They’re also surprisingly lightweight.  And their smooth rolling design means you get faster acceleration and braking.

It’s deep aggressive tread pattern performs really well in extreme terrain, and the tread pattern wraps onto the tire’s side so as to increase traction even in deep-rutted muddy conditions.

We also love that the tires come complete with a full year’s warranty, so there’s plenty of time to get your money’s worth out of them before the warranty runs out.


  • Fantastic customer ratings
  • No directional arrow
  • Surprisingly lightweight
  • Faster acceleration & braking
  • Comes with 1 year’s warranty


  • Rims not included
  • Only available in one size


Set of 4 New AT MASTER ATV/UTV Tires 22x7-11 Front & 22x10-9 Rear /6PR P341 - 10250/10251 …


This is yet another set of tires that has seen fantastic customer feedback.

For example, on Amazon customers have rated it at an overall average of 5 stars out of 5, even after about 300 or so individual customer ratings.

What we love about these tires is that they have a 36% deeper tread than some of the major competitors out there with similar tread patterns.  And that’s what wins them such great performance.

It makes them more aggressive and the wide gaps between the tread blocks helps to channel mud (or snow) away from the tire.  These gaps allow the tread blocks to flex and form to the ground below, making for maximum traction and maneuverability.

It also gives them greater resistance to wear.  And to that end there’s also the heavy 6 ply rated construction.  Not only do you get resistance to punctures, but you get resistance to abrasions and scratches too.  You can get a really good lifespan out of these babies.

We also like the shoulder lugs.  They really help to protect the wheel trim and the sidewall.


  • 36% deeper tread
  • Longer tire lifespan
  • Available in different sizes


  • The shoulder knobs aren’t too aggressive
  • Some ATV riders prefer tires that aren’t directional (see previous review)

Important Things to Consider when Buying

If you’ve studied the product reviews we’ve just shown, you should already have a good idea on what you should be looking for in your ATV tires.  But just to make things super clear we’ll run through it all for you now.

Tire construction

Your ATV’s tires need to be well constructed in order to handle all the requirements of the terrain.  Trails simply aren’t designed to provide a smooth and easy ride.  You should look for ones that are made from premium rubber and are at least 6 ply rated if not more.

This is what gives them their much needed resistance to both punctures and abrasions.

Everything in our suggested 5 picks feature at least 6 ply rated construction, while the GBC Grim Reaper Radial ATV Tire features an 8 ply rated construction.

Deep tread pattern

Tires for ATVs, and particularly those for use in mud need a deep tread pattern.  Deep tread blocks provide excellent grip in any terrain, while the wide gaps between the tread blocks help to channel mud away from the tire, and allow the tread blocks to flex and form to the ground below, making for maximum traction and maneuverability.  All of the selections in our list feature a deep tread pattern.

Shoulder Lugs

Aggressive shoulder knobs on the tire’s outer edge of an ATV tire can give your ATV really good side bite and traction, thanks to the great rubber to ground contact at all angles.  They help to increase traction even in deep-rutted muddy conditions.  

Additionally, these shoulder lugs also help to protect the wheel trim and the sidewall to boot.

Directional vs not directional

Directional tires have a tread pattern designed to rotate in just one direction. The tread pattern on such tires typically all point forward and down.  It is said that directional tires provide superior handling in both dry and wet conditions.

The drawback with directional tires however is that they wear more quickly than tires that have no direction, which can be rotated to get more wear out of them and give them a longer lifespan.

It’s honestly quite hard to say which is most suitable option, but in the interest of inclusivity we have included both types in our recommendations.


You must, I repeat must, also consider the tire size.  Your tire has to fit the wheel, otherwise you’ve completely squandered your money.  I know, I Know.  It’s probably very obvious to some, but we’d be amis if we didn’t include it or at least make reference to it.

Customer Reviews

Before you part with your hard earned cash, we suggest that you always do your homework and check out any customer reviews on your ATV parts and accessories.  We’re not saying that you need to read every review (that could take forever!) but rather just get a feel for what people are saying about the particular item you’re interested in.

We find that Amazon is a good site for examining customer reviews, not just because there’s usually a good amount of reviews to go through, but also because the manufacturer’s website will only show positive reviews, whereas Amazon will show both positive and critical reviews. 

Tip for saving money

If you can, try to look out for those being sold as a full pack of four, since this could potentially save you a lot of money.  You can get a good discounted price for a pack of four that could cost you several times as much than if you bought all your tires separately.

Ways of increasing the tire’s lifespan

Also, to get a longer lifespan out of your tires, once they start getting worn on the outer edge, you can also try demounting them, rotating them and mounting them again, so they get a fresh new outer edge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the premium all around ATV tire?

All of the suggestions that we’ve shown you in our picks can perform really well on trails and in mud, but 2 out of these 5 have been tested and used in many other types of terrain besides.  

If you’re after a really good all around ATV tire, we can strongly recommend either our Number 1 Pick, the SunF Power.I All Terrain Tires, or alternatively our Number 4 Pick, the Weize All Terrain ATV Tires.

It may interest you to know that both of these two tires can also perform well in snow.

What is the most aggressive mud tire?

All of our recommendations that we’ve shown you have an aggressive tread pattern, but the one that we think is the most aggressive is perhaps our Number 5 Pick, the New AT MASTER, simply because it features a 36% deeper tread than some competing tires with a similar tread pattern.

What tire gives the smoothest ride?

If you want a smooth ride in your ATV, then what you should look out for is radial casing.  And to that end we can recommend our Number 3 Pick, the GBC Grim Reaper Radial ATV Tire.

Which mud tires last the longest?

All of the ATV tires that we’ve shown you in our picks will have a decent lifespan, but if we had to say which one could take the most use over time, it’s pretty much a tie between our Number 3 Pick, the the GBC Grim Reaper Radial ATV Tire because of its 8 ply rated construction, and our Number 4 Pick, the Weize All Terrain option, because they don’t have a directional pattern.

It’s also worth noting at this point that one of the tires comes complete with a warranty, and this is the Weize All Terrain ones, which has a full 12 month warranty. 

What are the lightest options?

When you’re racing around a trail, you don’t particularly want heavy tires slowing you down.  But don’t worry, there is a solution.  Within our suggestions, there are 2 that are quite lightweight, specifically the Number 3 Pick, the GBC Grim Reaper Radial ATV Tire, and also our Number 4 Pick, the Weize All Terrain ATV Tire.

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