Must-Have ATV Cleaning Supplies for Your Garage: Recommendations

Ever had a day brimming with thrill, racing across the land and causing chaos with your ATV, but then you come back to deal with the undesirable aftermath? We totally get it. Trying to wash away that stubborn muck using just any ordinary car wash detergent can feel like an exercise in futility.

So, what’s the secret weapon? Well, during our many hours spent researching (and yes – a good deal of trial and error), we stumbled upon some cleaning supplies specifically designed for ATVs.

These little lifesavers could be just what you need to turn your cleanup from a chore into child’s play! So stick around – let’s dive in deeper together to discover these must-have products that’ll keep your ATV shining like it’s brand new!

Key Takeaways

  • The Alco Dirt Bike and ATV Wash is great for cleaning ATVs. It’s all – natural and safe for both us and earth.
  • The Risk Racing Mud Axe is a tool that helps to scrape off mud from your rides quickly and easily.
  • The Twin Air Filter Care Kit keeps the air filter of your ATV in good shape, helping it breathe better.
  • Items like the VIVOHOME ATV Hydraulic Lift or Kolpin Flat Pack ATV Tire Repair Kit are needed for taking care of ATVs. They make maintenance tasks easier.
  • To keep an ATV in top shape, follow steps like washing it with high – quality cleaners, changing its oil often, draining old gas or adding fuel stabilizer before storing it away.

Essential ATV Cleaning Supplies for Your Garage

A person cleaning an ATV in a well-equipped garage with attention to detail.

Making sure your ATV is spick and span after a thrilling ride is crucial for its longevity, so let’s delve into some of the must-have cleaning supplies you should keep in your garage.

One such essential product is Alco Dirt Bike and ATV Wash, which we’ve found to be an editor’s choice due to its excellent dirt-removing abilities. For stubborn mud that won’t budge, Risk Racing Mud Axe has proven itself time and again as the best tool for the job.

Your air filter also needs love; Twin Air Filter Care Kit can do just that with its comprehensive maintenance package. Lastly, don’t forget your hands! Motul M4 Hands Clean will ensure they remain grime-free after cleaning up your beloved machine.

Editor’s Choice: Alco Dirt Bike and ATV Wash

We love the Alco Dirt Bike and ATV Wash in our garage. This wash is all-natural, which means it’s safe for us and the planet. It comes in a big 5-gallon size and a handy 32 oz. size too.

You can get it from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. The best part? If we don’t like it, we can send it back with their satisfaction guarantee! This ATV wash has made cleaning our rides a breeze!

Best Mud Removal Tool: Risk Racing Mud Axe

Mud on your ride is a no-go! Let’s tell you about the Risk Racing Mud Axe. It’s our top pick for getting rid of mud from any off-road vehicle. This tool works great on dirt bikes, quads, and UTVs.

The strong build makes it last long.

The Mud Axe stands up to heat too. You can clean off warm dirt bikes without worry. Trust this tool to scrape off every bit of mud from your rides fast and easy. Add the Risk Racing Mud Axe to your garage cleaning kit today! It’s the best in its job.

Best Air Filter Maintenance Kit: Twin Air Filter Care Kit

The Twin Air Filter Care Kit is the top pick for ATV air filter care. This kit has everything you need to keep your air filter in great shape. First, the dirt remover works hard to get rid of grime from your air filter.

It comes with liquid power filter oil that helps keep out dirt and aids airflow. This makes it easy for your ATV engine to breathe better! The kit isn’t just these two items. It also packs an oiling tub, cleaning tub, contact cleaner, and a cage to hold the filter during clean up time.

Trust us, this kit will make sure your ATV’s air filter looks new and runs well every time!

Best Hand Cleaner: Motul M4 Hands Clean

We have to talk about Motul M4 Hands Clean. It’s a top hand cleaner for riders like us. Oil, grease, and tough dirt are no match for it. Just use it and watch the mess dissolve. The best part: No water needed! It works great after fixing up our ATVs or bikes.

And don’t worry about your skin getting dry. This stuff is tested by doctors and proven safe on skin! One thing, though – only use it on your hands!

Must-Have Garage Tools for ATV Maintenance

A person confidently uses the VIVOHOME ATV Hydraulic Lift in a garage.

Discover how items like the VIVOHOME ATV Hydraulic Lift or Kolpin Flat Pack ATV Tire Repair Kit will transform your maintenance routine. These tools, along with other essentials such as Bead Buster Tire Changing Tool and a dependable Grease Gun, are pivotal in ensuring your ATV’s top-notch condition.

Dive in to learn more about these must-haves for every ATV enthusiast!

VIVOHOME ATV Hydraulic Lift

The VIVOHOME ATV hydraulic lift is a tool you need in your garage. It is made of good steel. This lift is for small rides like dirt bikes, motorcycles, jet skis, and ATVs.

You can carry it with ease and use it without trouble. The lift jack can go from 3.8″ to 15″ high. There are other kinds of lifts by VIVOHOME too! They have options with wide decks and scissor lifts if you need more choices.

Kolpin Flat Pack ATV Tire Repair Kit

We use the Kolpin Flat Pack ATV Tire Repair Kit when we ride. This kit fixes up to 10 flat tires. It is easy to carry. The tools stay inside a small pump. You can strap it on your ATV rack or keep it in a gear box.

It helps us not to worry about slow leaks and unsealed plugs. Even if you have a second flat tire in one day, this kit will take care of it! Plus, there’s no need for CO2 because the kit has its own air hose with pump!

Bead Buster Tire Changing Tool

We love the Bead Buster Tire Changing Tool. This tool can break tire beads from rims fast. It is perfect for ATV and UTV work. You can take it anywhere because it’s light. Both mechanics and adventure riders use this tool a lot.

If you want other choices, try ABN or PRUNkuar’s hand bead breaker tools too!

Grease Gun

A grease gun is a tool we can’t miss in our ATV garage. It helps us control how much lube goes on our gear. Plus, it doesn’t tire out our hands! Tools like the Reflex Tools Pistol Grip Grease Gun work fast and are easy to handle.

We have choices too. There are big automatic guns for heavy-duty jobs and small mini ones for quick tasks around the garage. To use these tools well, there are many tips and tricks out there that make their usage even more effective!

Top Tips for Cleaning and Storing Your ATV in the Garage

We’ve got some top-notch advice for cleaning and keeping your ATV in the garage, including a handy seven-step guide to storing it properly. We also dive into our favorite products for a squeaky clean Polaris RZR, and walk you through some basic maintenance tips every ATV owner should follow.

Trust us – with these tips, your four-wheeler is sure to stay looking sharp and running smoothly.

7 steps for storing an ATV in the garage

Keeping your ATV at its best is easy if you follow these steps.

  1. Start by giving your ATV a good clean. Get rid of mud, dirt, and dust with Alco Dirt Bike and ATV Wash.
  2. Once clean, change the oil. Fresh oil keeps the engine running smoothly.
  3. Next, replace the air filter. The Twin Air Filter Care Kit will do this job well.
  4. Check the fuel tank. Drain any old gas or add fuel stabilizer to keep it fresh during storage.
  5. Protect your ride from rust and corrosion with a cover that is right for your model.
  6. If possible, store your ATV in a climate-controlled building for top-notch vehicle storage.
  7. Lastly, if you must store it outside, go one step further with outdoor vehicle protection and be sure to clean it thoroughly before placing it in storage.

Top-rated cleaning supplies for Polaris RZR

We love our Polaris RZR and keeping it clean is a must. We use some top-rated cleaning supplies that make the job easy for us. The WR Performance Mud Defender is a big help. It keeps mud off our ride so we don’t have to scrub as hard later on.

We also use Maxima SC1 High Gloss Coating to give the plastic parts a nice shine. After all the fun, before storing, we apply Klotz FogOn Storage & AfterRun Lubricant to keep everything running smooth for next time.

If you own a Polaris RZR like us, these supplies should be in your garage!

Proper cleaning and maintenance steps

Let’s share the proper steps for cleaning and maintaining an ATV. These steps are a must-know for hobby and weekend riders.

  1. Start by cleaning the outside of the ATV. Use a high – quality cleaner like Alco Dirt Bike and ATV wash.
  2. Move to mud removal next. The Risk Racing Mud Axe is great for this task.
  3. Now, change the oil. Fresh oil helps keep your ATV in top shape.
  4. Don’t forget the air filter! Keep it clean with Twin Air Filter Care Kit.
  5. If you have unused gas in your ATV, drain it out or add a fuel stabilizer.
  6. Next, check on brake and transmission fluids. Make sure they are at good levels.
  7. Lastly, trickle charge the battery so it stays charged during storage.


We hope you find our tips handy! Make sure your ATV is clean and ready for the next ride. With these products, your garage will be better than ever. Enjoy your rides and stay safe!


1. What is the most important ATV cleaning supply to have in my garage?

The most important ATV cleaning supply to have in your garage is a high-quality, all-purpose cleaner that can tackle dirt and grime.

2. Do I need special tools for cleaning my ATV?

While not necessary, using a brush with medium bristles can make it easier to scrub off tough mud and dirt from your ATV.

3. Is there any product that helps prevent rust on my ATV?

Yes, using a corrosion inhibitor spray after cleaning your ATV can help prevent rusting.

4. Should I always dry my ATV after washing it?

Yes, drying your ATV thoroughly prevents water spots and rust formation, so it’s an important last step after washing.

5. Does the type of cloth used for drying matter when cleaning an ATV?

It’s best to use microfiber cloths for drying as they are smooth and absorbent which ensures no scratches or damages happen while wiping down the vehicle.