ATV Seat and Upholstery Protection: Expert Tips and Recommendations

Are those unsightly cracks, troublesome tears, and annoying peels on your beloved ATV seat making you uncomfortable? Worry not, you’re in good company – we’ve also traveled down that rough road.

We’ve gathered nuggets of wisdom from experts and our own hands-on experiences to put together this comprehensive guide showing you how to take care of your ATV seat like a professional.

So sit back and buckle up as we ride through essential tips and suggestions to keep your journey not only comfortable but also stylish!

Key Takeaways

  • Small, medium and large seat tears can be fixed. Use things like goo, patches, cloth or a repair kit.
  • An ATV seat protector guards our seats from sun rays and bad weather. It also boosts riding comfort.
  • Cleaning your ATV seat often helps it last longer. A seat dressing also keeps it safe from the sun’s harsh rays.
  • You can reupholster your own ATV seat with some foam, glue, fabric and sealant for edges.

How to Repair an ATV Seat

A person restores an ATV seat in a well-equipped workshop.

Whether it’s a minor tear or major damage, knowing how to repair your ATV seat can save you time and money; we’ll guide you through the process, covering everything from small holes to larger tears and even damaged padding.

Small holes or tears

We know that small holes and tears can be a problem in ATV seats. Here’s what you can do to fix them:

  1. Grab some shoe goo. It works well for patching up small openings in the seat.
  2. Make use of repair patches. These handy tools can add more years to your ATV seat.
  3. Trim the ragged or uneven edges of a tear before fixing it up.
  4. Use seat covers as a quick way to hide any slight damage on your seat.
  5. Reach out to professionals if the tears get too big; there are many upholstery services available.
  6. Keep an eye on your seat for any new cuts or splits, and make sure to repair them as soon as they appear.

Medium-sized holes or tears

We often find medium-sized holes or tears in our ATV seat. But don’t worry, we can fix these too.

  1. First, cut a piece of cloth a little bigger than the hole.
  2. Put the cloth under the tear.
  3. Use needle and thread to sew around the tear.
  4. After sewing, apply a good coat of upholstery repair compound on it.
  5. Let it dry fully before using the seat again.

Larger tears

Fixing larger tears in an ATV seat is a must. These big rips can show the padding. They can also make a rough spot on your seat. Here are some steps to fix larger tears:

  1. Spot the Tear
  1. Clean Around the Tear
  1. Use an Upholstery Repair Kit
  1. Apply the Patch
  1. Allow to Dry and Set

When the padding is also damaged

Fixing the padding in an ATV seat can be a bit tricky. If it gets damaged, comfort may take a hit. Here are some steps to help you:

  1. Identify the damage on the foam.
  2. Buy new foam that matches your seat’s size and shape.
  3. Cut out a piece of foam that will fill in the damaged area tightly.
  4. Apply strong glue onto the new piece of foam.
  5. Stick this piece where it is needed.
  6. Make sure it fits well without any gaps or bumps.
  7. Order a new vinyl cover if your old one has large tears or holes.
  8. Build the seat back up onto the ATV.

Protecting Your ATV Seat

A person installing an <a href=ATV seat protector surrounded by various accessories.” title=”A person installing an ATV seat protector surrounded by various accessories.” class=”awimage” />

Giving your ATV seat the right protection goes beyond just cleaning it; using an ATV seat protector offers a more lasting solution. Add to that regular cleaning and application of a quality seat dressing for added sheen and durability.

Intrigued? Read on as we delve into more expert tips on protecting your pride – your ATV seat!

Use an ATV seat protector

We love our ATVs. We want to keep them in top shape, right? One smart way is with an ATV seat protector. These covers shield our seats from harmful sun rays that can dry out and crack the fabric.

They also guard against rain and snow which damage seats over time.

ATV seat protectors are not just practical but feel great too! Riding comfort boosts when we use them as they provide cushioning. Some even offer temperature control for those hot summer rides or cold winter treks.

To ensure a snug fit, some can be stapled onto the seat itself. Try it out! You’ll soon see how nice your ride feels with a good quality ATV seat protector.

Clean your seat regularly

Dirt and grime can hurt your ATV seat. It’s vital to clean it often. We love a cleaner that works like peroxide for this job! It gets rid of stains on the fabric fast. Another good way is to use soap and water, then put transmission fluid on a clean rag.

This helps keep the seat looking great too. Your ATV seat will last longer with frequent cleaning, so don’t skip it!

Use a seat dressing for added protection

We use a seat dressing for extra safety. It keeps our ATV seat like new. Harley Davidson makes a good one. If we use it, our seat stays safe from the sun’s harsh rays. This helps keep the vinyl on our seats soft and bendy.

We only need a little bit each time, so it lasts long. Go for a satin or matte finish to avoid glare when riding in bright light conditions. Let’s always clean our seat well after every ride, but be careful not to use too strong cleaners that can hurt our seat and make stains more likely to stick.

ATV Seat Cover Options

Choosing the right ATV seat cover can significantly extend the lifespan of your seat. Kolpin Universal offers a reliable and durable option that fits most models. Alternatively, Quadtech seat covers provide high-quality comfort and protection against weather elements.

These are just two examples among various other options available for safeguarding your ATV seats from wear and tear.

Kolpin Universal ATV Seat Cover

We know that the Kolpin Universal ATV Seat Cover is a top pick. It’s for small and mid-sized ATVs up to 400cc. This cover stands out due to its solid build. The fabric used is 600 deniers, UV-resistant.

There’s also a PVC backing added in so it can handle water and rough use.

Putting this seat cover on your ATV isn’t hard either. It comes with nylon web straps that make it very easy to install. You can get the Kolpin Universal ATV Seat Cover as part of many options from Kolpin itself! Other picks include the Gel-Tech Slip-On Seat Cover, Black Seat Cover 93645, and even an option in Pursuit Camo!

Quadtech seat covers

We love Quadtech seat covers! They are made for ATV riders like us. Every cover is handcrafted with care and quality in mind. The company’s innovative designs and durable materials make sure the covers last for years.

In fact, some riders say their Quadtech seat covers look new even after four years of use! These covers have cool color options to match any ATV style. Plus, they offer a comfy ride with their slip-resistant texture.

You can also ask for customized stitching on your cover if you wish. We find that these features make Quadtech a top choice when it comes to protecting our ATVs’ seats.

Other options for protecting your ATV seat

We know that keeping your ATV seat safe is a big deal. Here are other ways to protect your ATV seat:

  1. Use a seat protector: This adds more padding and saves you from repairs.
  2. Wrap your seat: Pull a cover over your seat’s side and tighten it.
  3. Buy Classic Accessories’ Seat Cover: It uses strong ProtekX2 fabric with a backing that keeps water out.
  4. Get Kolpin’s Universal ATV Seat Cover: This uses tough 600 denier fabric with PVC backing to keep water away and stop any wear and tear.
  5. Clean regularly: Don’t let the dirt pile up on the seat, clean it properly after every ride.
  6. Keep it dry: Water can cause damage so make sure to always dry your seat after getting it wet.
  7. Keep it out of the sun: Too much sun can fade and crack the material, so try and park in the shade when possible.

DIY: Reupholstering Your ATV Seat

We’ve got you covered with step-by-step guidance on DIY reupholstery for your ATV seat, along with handy tips to make the process smoother and yield successful results.

Steps for reupholstering your own seat

We are all about taking good care of our ATV seats. One way to do this is by reupholstering it ourselves. Here are the steps:

  1. First, get rid of the old cover on your seat. Make sure you also take out any damaged foam.
  2. Next, clean the seat base with a damp cloth. Let it dry before moving to the next step.
  3. Now it’s time to cut out new foam for your seat. Match it to the shape of your seat base.
  4. Stick your new foam onto your seat base using waterproof adhesive.
  5. Let’s add more comfort! Cut out a second layer of foam, but this time a bit larger than your first one.
  6. Attach the second layer of foam using waterproof adhesive again.
  7. Now comes the fun part: Making the new cover! You can use vinyl or any strong fabric that can handle dirt and water.
  8. Cut out the fabric in a size that can wrap around your entire seat.
  9. Using a strong thread and needle, sew down the fabric onto your seat base nice and tight!
  10. Lastly, apply sealant around all edges to make sure water does not get in.

Tips for a successful DIY project

Fixing an ATV seat can be a fun project. Here are some tips to help you.

  1. Take off the old cover first. Don’t forget about the staples. They must go too.
  2. Look at the seat’s shape after the cover is off. If it looks bad, reupholstering the whole seat is best.
  3. Use a fresh piece of foam for a nice, comfy seat. Stick it in place with strong glue.
  4. Shape the foam so it fits well on your seat. A grinder is great for this job.
  5. Pick marine vinyl for your new cover material – it’s top-notch for ATV seats.

Final Tips and Recommendations

We’ve saved the best for last! Here, we’ll dive into our top recommendations ranging from the most effective products to clean a muddy ATV, and shining a light on some hidden gems like Cabela’s ATV Seat Cover.

We also want to explain why using upholstery tools like wash mitts and cleaners can make a huge difference in your maintenance routine. Lastly, let’s consider all options when it comes to repairing or replacing damaged foam.

Remember folks, consistent care will keep your ride looking sharp and brand new!

Best products for cleaning a muddy ATV

Keeping your ATV clean can be a challenge, especially when you’ve just come back from an exciting, mud-filled ride. Here’s a list of the best products to get your ATV shining once again:

  1. Slick Products Off-Road Wash: This soap fights tough dirt and leaves your ATV looking new.
  2. Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Super Suds Car Wash: It works great on ATVs too!
  3. Mothers 05674 California Gold Carnauba Wash & Wax: Leave your ATV shiny and protected at the same time.
  4. Meguiar’s G7101FFP Gold Class Car Wash: Another top product for muddy ATVs.
  5. Purple Slice Ultra Motorcycle/ATV Wash: This one makes washing quick and easy, even in hard-to-reach places.
  6. Simple Green Pro HD Heavy Duty Cleaner: For those really stubborn stains.
  7. Adams Polishes Shampoo Foam Gun Bundle: This tool can make cleaning more fun and effective.
  8. Muc-Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner: Yes, it’s for bikes but works wonders on ATVs too!
  9. Star brite Ultimate PWC & Jet Ski Cleaner Protectant – Fast Acting Formula: A product that cleans and protects your ride in one go.
  10. Castrol Super Clean Degreaser: Ideal for tackling heavy-duty dirt and grime.

Cabela’s ATV Seat Cover

Cabela’s ATV Seat Cover is a top choice for us. Its design makes new seats last and old seats look new again. The cover has an anti-slip top, so you won’t slide around when riding.

It fits tight with an elastic hem and adjustable understraps.

You’ll find this seat cover easy to put on in just seconds. And it stays snug! It is also waterproof and tough, making it great for all kinds of weather. This means your ATV seats stay safe from rain or snow.

Consider using a wash mitt and upholstery cleaner

We suggest using a wash mitt and upholstery cleaner for your ATV seat. A wash mitt is soft. It’s not rough on the seat material. The upholstery cleaner will help get rid of dirt and dust.

We like Hyperclean All-Purpose Cleaner for this job. This cleaner is safe for your ATV seat fabric and offers SPF protection too! For heavy mud, we choose Chemical Guys CWS20216A Tough Mudder foaming cleaner because it fights hard against dirt with thick bubbles.

Using these two items will keep your ATV seats looking their best!

Options for repairing or replacing damaged foam

Fixing or changing broken foam in ATV seats can be a pain. But we’ve found some easy ways to get it done.

  1. Use a foam repair kit: This is a great way to fix small damages. The kit often has all you need.
  2. Buy new foam pieces: If the damage is bad, sometimes buying new foam is best. You can find these at ATV shops.
  3. Use spray adhesive: To hold the new foam in place, use a good spray adhesive. It’s fast and easy to use.
  4. Keep extra foam on hand: For small fixes, having extra foam around is smart.
  5. Ask for help: If it seems too hard, don’t worry! You can always ask for expert advice or hire someone to do it for you.
  6. Get a seat with high-quality foam: To avoid this problem in the future, consider an ATV seat with strong and durable foam.

Importance of regular maintenance and protection for your ATV seat.

Keeping your ATV seat in good shape is key. It helps avoid damage from things like tree branches, hail, or even critters. A cared-for seat lasts longer and saves you money on fixes later.

You can use an ATV seat protector to keep it safe. This adds padding and covers up the seat. We also suggest using a repair kit if small tears do occur. There are pros who fix ATV seats too if needed.

Another tip is to think about replacing the foam in your seat as a way to keep it new and cozy for rides! We stress that taking care of your ATV seat always pays off.

How Can I Protect My ATV Seat and Upholstery for both Comfort and Style?

When it comes to protecting your ATV seat and upholstery, expert tips for ATV protection can ensure both comfort and style. Invest in durable, water-resistant covers to shield against wear and tear. Regularly clean and condition the upholstery to maintain its appearance and extend its lifespan.


We hope these tips and ideas help keep your ATV seat in top shape. Now, you can enjoy more rides without worrying about wear and tear. So, get out there with your ATV and have fun!


1. How can I protect the seat of my ATV?

You can use a durable seat cover and avoid leaving your ATV in direct sunlight to protect its seat.

2. What is upholstery protection for an ATV?

Upholstery protection involves using products that shield the seats from wear and tear, sun damage, or other harmful effects.

3. Can I clean the upholstery on my ATV’s seats myself?

Yes, you can clean it yourself with a gentle soap solution and soft cloth but avoid harsh chemicals that might damage the material.

4. Why should I care about protecting my ATV’s seat and upholstery?

Protecting your ATV’s seat and upholstery prevents them from wearing out quickly, keeps them looking good, and maintains your comfort while riding.

5. What are some expert tips on how to maintain my ATV’s seats?

Some expert tips include regular cleaning, using protective covers when not in use, treating with UV protectant spray for sun exposure prevention, and promptly repairing any tears or holes.