5 Clean and Safe RV Campgrounds in Virginia

Opting for the road less taken transcends being merely a pastime for vacation periods; it signifies a way of life. Within the confines of my RV, in the company of my indispensable travel mates, I experience genuine happiness. There are scant experiences that fill me with as much delight as traversing the wide-ranging highways, uncovering the breathtaking splendor of our nation. 

My latest expedition took me to Virginia, and I was thoroughly impressed by the State’s well-equipped RV campgrounds. It offers something for every type of camper. From nature lover’s dreams to entertainment galore, it has it all. It’s an excellent destination for the whole family. 

Let’s take a look at five great spots to visit on an RV camping trip.

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Trav-L-Park in Virginia Beach

For travelers with the kids, be sure to make a stopover at this exciting camping site. It offers an array of fun activities for the entire family to enjoy. The park itself has loads of entertainment, and the beach is a short walking distance from the campground. Each campsite has ample space and top-notch amenities. Guests will be comfortable for extended stays.

Some of the highlights for me at Trav-L-Park are the acres of woodland and hiking trails, the well-kept grounds, and the beach volleyball activities. Visitors can reach the campground easily on decent roads and the staff is amicable and professional.

KOA in Virginia Beach

Kampground of America is built for adventurous family fun. Located close to the beautiful beachfront, the park itself thrives on leisure entertainment activities. Travelers can enjoy zip-lining, games for their children, and large playgrounds. All the campsites have fire pits and fixed picnic tables. Guests won’t even have to unpack all their equipment, making departure day quick and easy.

The campsite is close to various fun attractions at the boardwalk and offers a friendly and pristine environment. It’s a great spot for RV owners who want to settle down for a while and explore all the area has.

First Landing State Park

For travelers who want to get more in touch with nature,  I present to you First Landing State Park. It’s a beautiful wooded area offering tall trees and loads of shaded areas to pull your RV out of the sun. The campsites are private and it’s the perfect place to unwind, light up a campfire, and get some marshmallows roasting while enjoying a break from civilization.

There are plenty of hiking trails to choose from where campers can encounter various species of wildlife. After a warm day of exploring the woodlands, you can head down to the Chesapeake Bay and enjoy cooling down while trying one of the many water sport activities. 

Visitors that are simply not in the mood for a star-filled night around the campfire can instead choose one of the many fine restaurants before returning to camp.

Fort Chriswell RV Park

The Fort Chriswell RV Park in Max Meadows provides excellent facilities for large groups and pull-through rigs. The spacious campgrounds are conveniently situated right next to the I-77 and I-8, which makes it a great stopover for travelers who have driven far and needed a stopover to rest. Due to its location, it also makes an excellent home base for those who want to stay a while and explore the rest of southwest Virginia.

The park is very serene and has beautiful greenery and a calming pond for a peaceful stay. The amenities make it an excellent home base as it offers a heated swimming pool, free WiFi, and laundry facilities. The large rec room is a great way to meet fellow travelers and have a fun time.

Americamps RV Resort

Ready for some real southern charm? Because I sure am!. This full-service campground is a pet-friendly site that makes it easy for families to bring their fur babies along for the ride. The amenities are superb, and campers will find laundry rooms, pool areas, and a bathhouse within these well-equipped grounds.

My Verdict

Virginia offers the best of both worlds while on the road. Travelers can relax and unwind in one of the great nature parks close to the beach or enjoy one of the well-equipped homes away from home. I can’t wait to stock up my RV and get back there.

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