Fun Dirt Bike Tricks

Fun dirt bike tricks are things that most people only see on the sea. A fewer crowd gets to see them live, and even fewer individuals get to be the ones actually performing the tricks. The thing is, they make it look super easy. Nevertheless, any sane person knows that that’s not the truth and that such performances can take years upon years of practice to master. By the way, if you own an RV, you’ll want to read about awnings for your motorhome here and if you have ever wondered, “Do I really need a truck bed cover?“, we delve into the topic.

1. Indian Air Seat Grab Backflip

We’ll start with this fantastic backflip which involves three intricate aspects requiring experience, strength, and focus. At first, you’re performing a backflip; then, you’ll give up all of the control of the bike in lieu of gripping the seat with one hand while keeping your legs up and doing some intricate footwork to the sideways. Air Seat Grab Backflip The secret to nailing this trick is acquiring enough air to do all of these steps in parallel and keeping your handles straight with your arms so that you can reach for them and grab them again. You don’t want the handlebars to be too wobbly because then you will miss them.

2. Nac-Nac

This trick is especially attractive as it catches your eye immediately. When the rider is in the air, they will take one leg and swing it entirely towards the other side while the bike is hanging in the opposite direction, so they’re almost crisscrossing. Nac-Nac Here the rider must be smart enough and in control of the dirtbike in order to bring their swinging leg back to its rightful position on the bike before landing to avoid injury. Actually, some riders take this move to a whole new level by combining the Nac-Nac with a backflip.

3. Kiss of Death Backflip

The kiss of death backflip ends where the rider is perpendicular to the bike or almost horizontal with it, as their helmet is almost touching the mudguard.

4. Triple Backflip

There’s really not much to say about a triple backflip except that it’s a mesmerizing thing to watch whenever it happens. The amount of air you have to get into the bike to get to the height will allow you to flip backward not once, not twice, but thrice is truly enviable.

5. Airplane

An airplane trick is an incredible extension of the one-handler, where you don’t just let go of one side of the handlebar, but your entire body is floating on top of the bike. You keep contact through one hand, only. Again keeping a straight hold on the connection handle is paramount because that is the only thing that’s going to bring you back to your bike before it lands.

6. Rock Solid Backflip

This trick is awe-inspiring simply because it crosses all of the boundaries as the rider ultimately lets go of the bike! You’re not using your hands, legs, or feet to keep contact with the bike. It’s a backflip, and at one point, you’ll be up mid-air, laying completely parallel with your bike. Afterward, you have to make a go at the grab handles to pull the bike towards you, get a hold of the handlebar, and surround the bike with your legs before you complete the backflip and land safely.

7. Superman Seat Grab

Who said that no one could be Superman? If you have enough talent and a dirt bike, you can very well be Superman for a few seconds. This trick involves letting go completely of the dirt bike mid-air and holding on with the handlebars alone. As the bike leads you on in this position, you’ll have Superman‘s posture as he flies. Nevertheless, don’t forget to regain complete control of your bike before it lands in Krypton.

Can ATV Tricks be Used for Snow Plowing?

Certainly, the top ATVs for snow removal are capable of performing impressive maneuvers such as rotating on the spot, executing wheelies, and performing jumps. However, it’s important to remember that attempting these stunts could potentially void your ATV’s warranty and may even cause damage. For a safe and smooth snow clearance, your safest option is to use a snow plow specifically designed for the task.

8. Shaolin Backflip

The Shaolin backflip is one of those tricks that is guaranteed to get everyone out of their seats roaring and screaming. In this trick, you have to maintain enough upper body strength to pull yourself upwards, get your legs in front of you through both of your arms, and keep them raised for a little bit. This nifty trick is incorporated chiefly with a backflip which only adds to its luster!

Final Thoughts

Truthfully speaking, there is no count for the fantastic fun dirt bike tricks that veterans and newbies can try and excel at every day and every event. There will always be more to learn. Nevertheless, the critical part of all of this is your own safety. Get your safety gear, and if anything is wrong before you start, mid-air, or anywhere during the trick, try to land as safely as possible immediately.