Top 10 RV Awnings Evaluated for 2021 | Our Prime Picks

Do you have an RV? Does yours have retractable awning attached to it? Don’t worry if it doesn’t as you can buy one for yourself.

Well, this designed fabric will provide you with a shelter that can protect you from various weather elements. They are usually intended to hang on the side of your vehicle.

In this piece of work, we are going to review some of the best RV awning options available. We are also going to share some tips on how to choose the right one.

To further your learning, let’s set our boat sailing.

With so several brands available on the market, finding the right choice that suits your needs remains a challenge. Fortunately, we make the search simple by reviewing ten of the most popular products in the below section.

Our Top 10 Best RV Awning Reviews of 2021


Carefree (UQ0770025) SideOut Kover III Awning


One of the best choices is the Carefree SideOut Kover III, which is made of vinyl fabric. If you are looking for style, the standard white color  with a white reflector is what you can appreciate about it.

This option comes with full rail and the hardware for mounting. It has a white deflector and a roof size range of about 70 inches to 77.9 inch.

The size of its flange ranges from 75 inches to 82.9 inches. It further has a width of 81 inches.

The SideOut Kover III has a wind deflector as well as integration with the window awnings and the patio for a modern, sleek, unified look. It can help you protect any of your investments by covering the slide rooms.

Notably, the sideout awning automatically matches with most of the slide room and aids in protecting it from debris, damaging leaves, and water.

The concealed and built-in cradle support helps to protect the roller assembly from swinging or bulging and therefore enhancing the sleek, unified and modern look of the RV. Additionally, all the mounting screws are entirely concealed and covered to finish off and present a clean look.

It is crucial to note that the bracket assemblies, wind deflector, and the roller tube are all built from extruded aluminum and this ensures that they are long-lasting. The deflector protects any billowing that can occur in the fabric while you are traveling.

There are situations where water can accumulate on top of any of the extended cover. Consequently, if you retract the slideout in steps, the roller may end up folding the fabric and as well as dumping most of the water.

It is therefore advised that if the measurement ends in a fraction, you must round off to the nearest whole number to avoid such situations.


  • Automatic slide out works correctly with your slide room
  • Made from a vinyl fabric to serve for an extended period
  • Accompanies built-in cradle support to withstand sagging
  • Extensive coverage of about 70 by 77 by 82 inches


  • Does not have the cover over the fabric


ALEKO Manual Retractable RV Trailer Awning for Home or Camper- 16x8 Ft - Blue Fade


Are you looking for an easy to use option that can protect against harsh weather elements? If yes, then our second item on the list has a place. The ALEKO is what you should bring along when going for a road trip. This is easily one of the best RV awnings you'll find available at the moment.

There are certain features which make this product appear on our list. First, it is equipped with a thick crank which plays

a crucial part to make it easy and quick to close or open the awning. The hard crack will also protect the front of your vehicle.

ALEKO’s option will provide you with a shade at any time when you need to relax and enjoy the gift of nature. This is designed from materials that are hard and can protect against water, UV, mold or mildew.

Furthermore, the stuff will last, and this implies that your purchase will serve you for some coming years. You will only not appreciate its durability, reliability and the protection it offers, but you will also feel good from its beautiful colors.

Its colored fabrics will not fade quickly and will give the exact shade for years to come. Also, if you have been facing the problem with your current electric option, you should consider this replacement.

It is electric-free, and this implies that you will face no further power annoyance. So, you will have access to a quick and straightforward shelter on your vehicle.


  • Durable fabric that doesn’t fade easily
    • Made to protect against several weather elements
    • Comes in a style to enhance the look of your vehicle
    • Equipped with the thick crank that makes it close and open easily


  • No warranty information
  • Hard crank is another additional weight


Carefree 291800 Vacation'r Screen Room for 18' to 19' Awning


Here is the third choice for you if you are looking for the quickest way to include additional room on your RV. The Carefree option will help you enjoy and relax without worrying about rain or sun.

The only thing you will be required to do is to attach it to your Vehicle.

Then you will have an additional room where you hang outside and be free from sun or rain.

Furthermore, the Carefree options are made from lightweight material that is additionally made to last. It also comes with mesh windows in addition to privacy screens for reliable shade and privacy.

Moreover, one thing that you will also appreciate about this Carefree option is its quick and straightforward installation process. It will only take not more than 30 minutes to raise them on your vehicle. 

There is no need to drill holes during the installation process. It is also available in a variety of sizes that can meet different user needs. So, you will make your selection depending on the preferred format.

Overall, the Carefree option is a combination of quality and affordability in one product. So if you have been looking for high quality at a minimum price, then this is a perfect option.


  • Comes in varying sizes to suit different needs
  • Has Mesh windows and privacy screens for privacy
  • High value at a lower price compared to its counterparts
  • Simple installation process that doesn’t require drilling of holes


  • Suitable only when you want to stay


Solera V000163299 White Slide Topper Awning - 13' (12'7' Fabric)


At second, we found that Lippert RV white Solera Sliders offer economical and attractive protection for all the slide rooms that you have.

The Solera Slider can attach to both outside of the wall and the slide room of the RV. Thus, it helps in establishing a complete seal in the whole of the slide room.

The Solera Sliders option provides a comfortable and excellent coverage since it automatically comes with a slide out wherever it mounts. It also rolls up to retract once the slide out gets back in and provides a different look once it is completely retracted.

Exceptionally, this sleeve even blocks dust leaves, smoke debris, and bugs when you retract the slide room back into the RV. Made by Lippert Components, they have designed the Solera Sliders in a manner that can fit a lot of different places that range from a size of 56” to 188” in length and an extension of up to 50”.

Importantly, the Solera Sliders come with full mounting hardware but does not include the rail. The pattern of the hardware hole is universal and therefore can match most of the competitive brands. Additionally, this pattern helps in reducing the need to patch holes.

When ordering the Solera Sliders that meet your expectations, it is better to choose a size that has an extension of a minimum of 2 ½" beyond all the sides of the slide box width. Notably, you can check out some websites to find out the required length.


  • Automatically retracts saving some effort and time
  • Accompanies all the required hardware
  • Universal and will match any vehicle


  • Comes with no rails


21' Limited Add-A-Room


Here is another option from Innova, a well-known organization when it comes to outdoor products. The innova awning will give you an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors as well as staying away from bugs.

You can choose to turn your purchase to create a spacious room that provides privacy and significantly increases the living room. One notable thing is its vinyl fabric. This implies that you will have a security over your investment. The fabric will cover you from most of the weather elements serving you for an extended period.

Moreover, you must know that the Innova can roll up the panels of confidentiality to allow fresh air in. You can also choose to roll them down to provide privacy. The enclosure of this is fully reversible and can be set up using the privacy panels on the outside or the inside based on the weather conditions.

Honestly, there are no other choices that match the characteristics of this option. One can also observe the positioning of the three-foot zippered door on either side of the front panel.

It is worth noting that the use of twist fasteners plated with webbing Nickel in the reinforcement of grommets helps in securing the side panels. These side panels are fixed in the RV and skirting.

You get additional Snapless Side panels that fit most of the RVs that are straight-sided with rails to the ground dimension of exactly 100” to 138”. However, while ordering, take accurate measurements that correspond to the room.

Specifically, the actual size of the room can be 15” smaller than the ordered size. Therefore, this allows the mounting of the room to fit the fabric exactly, hence, a better seal. However, when planning to order the 21 inches, be sure that your intended room is something close or below 19 inches.


  • Covers broader ground to about 100 by 108 inches
  • Made from a heavy duty and long lasting vinyl fabric
  • Sturdy side panel will provide a better and stable seal


  • Heavy-duty vinyl fabric makes this heavy


Dometic 944NS11.FJ1 11ft Camping Trailer Awning


The lightweight and compact Dometic 944NS1 finds its central position on our review.

It is among the shelters that you can attach on your RV and have a comfortable and reliable shade from where you relax and enjoy the outdoors.

With its dimension of up to 11 feet, this Dometic 944NS1 is spacious enough for your camping needs. Furthermore, the Dometic 944NS1 option comes with everything you need for installation. And the installation process will not take a lot of your time.

It involves simple steps that will take only a few minutes. The setup is not that complicated that can make you look for help of a second person.

The Dometic 944NS1 is honestly a product you can consider when quality as well as durability is what you are looking for. Another fantastic feature that you will also like here is its compact design.

It will not require much of your space for storage after the camping is over. Furthermore, you will also appreciate its aesthetically appealing mono-color that will match with any white RV.

Overall, the Dometic 944NS1 is your choice if you are considering quality, simplicity or ease of installation, durability and appealing design.


  • The aesthetically mono-color will complement white RV
  • Lightweight and compact design is an advantage
  • Simple design for easy installation and packing
  • Made from heavy-duty material for durability


  • The mono-color might not be your preference
  • Single size is a limitation


Carefree (981185800) Black/Gray 9' 10' Campout Bag Awning with Arm Set


You are looking for the style, right. Well, here we cover the right options for you. Guess what, the black and gray CAREFREE 981185800 3.0M 9'10" is the product that finds the fourth position on our rundown. Installing this won’t take a lot of your time and effort.

For sure, there are no other bag awnings that have self-contained hardware or a vast choice of sizes.

Notably, the carefree campout bag awning has a fabric made up of black and gray. This is a color combination that will leave your outdoor in a style. You can  get it either in black or gray stripes and you can select the one you like.

It has self-storing arms and its braces entirely fold into the lead bar. With heavy-duty aluminum channels, the bag happens to be one of the most robust choices in the market.


  • Universal that can fit on any RV
  • Portable that slides in a bag for travel
  • Setup is simple, and it only requires two people
  • Color gives it a classic look that doesn’t quickly fade


  • Missing brackets to mount the fabric
  • Doesn’t accompany installation package


Solera Black Slide Topper Awning - 8'6' (8'1' Fabric) - V000168107
Still not finding the right awning? The Lippert Solera is another option you should consider when looking for the most reliable protection on your RV.
Some features make this a reliable product to buy. First, it has a durable black fabric alongside black hardware. The Lippert Solera will provide you with the sturdy and durable yet appealing shelter that you can sit under and enjoy the outdoors.

You can easily attach this  on the side. This unit is built to protect against dust, debris or any smoke. So you will be fully protected from these weather elements.
Furthermore, one thing that you will also appreciate  is how it permanently attaches to RV’s Slide room. Moreover, it retracts along with the slide out.
You will also be able to extend this to up to 50 Inches feature that is not prevalent in some of its counterparts. This makes the Lippert Solera one of the cheapest slide out awning that you can get.
It is also available in an assortment of sizes. So, you can make choices to suit your different needs. 
Again, if you have been looking for a high quality fabric that will not take a lot of installation time, then the Lippert Solera has a place. It accompanies a simple to follow installation instructions, which you can use to install within few minutes.

  • Durable and reliable option compared to some of its colleagues
  • Simple to install compared to some of its counterparts
  • Comes in a variety of sizes to suit different needs
  • Designed to protect against rain and sunlight


  • You need to purchase mounting hardware separately
  • No warranty information about this product


Carefree (981015700) Campout Bag Awning


To keep our boat sailing, we present the Carefree (981015700) awning for camping that will give you one of the ultimate camping experiences.

This keeps in a long-lasting hook, a vinyl bag, and a loop fastener strap, which hold the canopy that is rolled up safely in place right inside the zippered bag.

The canopy works excellent in providing a carefree weekend room for additional space for staying. It is true that everyone can require some extra space for privacy or enjoying the campout. Herein, this  offers enough space for you to use in your camping.

This bag comes with self-contained hardware, and additionally, provides you with an easy time when setting it. Moreover, the braces and the self-storing arms easily fold inside the lead bar. On the other hand, the flip-lock levers make brace and arm adjustments easy and quick.

We can conclude that it is one of the top campout awnings that provide an easy way of set up. The construction is durable since it is made up of heavy-duty aluminum channels.

In addition to the aluminum channels, the campout bag has a rugged vinyl fabric and sturdy hardware, which make the bag to be one of the strongest in the market. The storage bag is white and requires a flat, unobstructed location for mounting.


  • Designed to offer a superior fitment
  • Easy to install and retract with its bag system
  • Has a flip-lock lever to ease arm or brace adjustment
  • Made from a heavy-duty long lasting aluminum and vinyl fabric


  • Lacks zippers for additional screen room


Carefree OVJVAPHW Travel'r Black with Black Casting Adjustable Pitch 12 Volt Electric RV Awning Arms Set


If you are looking for the arm set that can aid you, erect the awning, then look nowhere as here lays a solution. The Carefree Travel's awning is an efficient set at an economical price.

It provides you with an easy push button for operation as well as a truss support design which offers maximum head clearance without using much strength. The Traveler option has no travel or storage locks, and therefore it automatically locks itself when you are traveling.

Its arms set fits most of the alternatives from competitors. The arms set needs a flat area for mounting, and its design helps to prevent the billowing of the awning. Among other essential features, the product includes rear and front arm assemblies and wall switch.

Finally, the product has black casting, and these are among the features that can make you have the best experience when using it.


  • Universal awning
  • Electric arm set that will make it easy to retract the awning


  • Just an arm and doesn’t accompany the fabric

Some Helpful Information Updated for 2021

Different Types of Awnings for RVs

There are so many types available out there. You can get them from simple slide unit to highly mechanized or automated ones that make a shade with a touch of a button.

Here, we look at some of the common types you can quickly get on the market.

Fixed Option

These are the smallest types designed to protect against rain and sun. They are designed to be mounted on the windows or doors of the RV vehicle.

Slide Out Option

From their name, they are simple awnings that can be slide out when there is the need. They are usually stored on the roof of the vehicle. They are in most cases made from canvas material. So, they are easy to maintain.

Roller Installations

From their name, these types are installed on rollers. During packing, the rollers are rolled up slightly. They give much more shelter compared to slide out awnings. However, rollers need good care if to last.

Patio Awnings

Here is another type. This can form a separate room outside your RV vehicle. They are an ideal option when you need a different place or need privacy. However, they involve too much during installation. But the rooms you will gain make them worthy.

Automated Retractable Option

The last type we consider is Automated Retractable Awnings. With this, there will be hassle and installation stress. They are automated, and with just a touch of a button, you can deploy into the function.

Other automated awnings come equipped with wind sensors. So, when the wind is too strong, they retract themselves. This protects against any damage that can be caused by wind.

How to Choose the Right RV Retractable Option

Selecting the best option is not that easy as you might be thinking. For sure, it is not as direct as just picking an umbrella. However, with some factors in place, you can land on the perfect option for your needs.

Here are some of them.


There are two types that you can choose from; the Stationary or Retractable Awning. So, select any of the types depending on your needs.

If you are going to camp for a long time, the stationary option can work. But if you need to camp for a short period or you will be changing camping position continually, then at that point the Retractable version should be your choice.


The next thing you have to consider is the material. Many materials are used to make this fabric. You can get these four types of material in most cases; the cloth, plastic, canvas, and fiberglass.

Each type of material has its suitability and limitations.

 Let me expound on that.


Plastic materials are known to be excellent when it comes to waterproofing. However, they also have limitations to constant changes in temperature. So, they are not durable.


These types of material are best for sun protection. They are also advantaged when it comes to packing and storage. However, they even don’t last.


These types of material are recommended as they combine durability and protection. They are not a problem to pack or store. That is why they are common in retractable RVs.


Fiberglass is another material that is used in making of them. These types of materials are common in stationary awnings. They are tough and can last for long. They can protect against harsh weather elements such as snow or hailstones.

The Size

Size is another crucial element that you need to consider. For the ideal choice that can suit your needs, you must determine the size of your vehicle and the shade you need.

If you need something on the go, then go for the smaller size that can be easily packed and stored in your vehicle. On the hand, if you need to camp in a place for a longer time, go for larger sized stationary awnings.

The Design And Style

Yes, you need awnings but are very sure you will like the odd one in styles and design. You need something trendy. However, design and styles can be a challenge, particularly when buying online.

Furthermore, they come in different colors and appearance. So, choose the one that can match with your vehicle. I think you know the color of your car.

Your Requirements And Needs

You know your needs and condition. So you want something that can work for you. For example, if you need to stay in the wilderness for so long, an electric option is not an ideal choice. Am very sure you will face power problems.

What I mean is that there are different options for a different situation. Know your situation and destination and then pick one that can work for that situation.


After considering the above factors, it now remains on how much you want to spend. You can put high standards on what you require when you are sure that you can’t pay for it.

Always aim at maximum quality with minimum price. Don’t go highly priced product thinking that they are of quality. Remember quality is independent of price.

Experts’ Tips While Using your Awning

You have made a good move to purchase RV awnings. But my friend, for sure, that is not the end of everything. You need some care to make sure your investment lasts and serves the purpose.

You wonder now? Yes, you need some precaution and expert tips.

First, if you are going to travel in areas with high winds, be sure that they are secured by use of bungee cords. This will allow it to roll tightly.

You also need a tie down kit. This will secure it firmly on the ground. With both the bungee cord and tie down outfit adequately installed, you will worry less even in the presence of strong winds.

You also need to have some insurance policy before you go camping. Also, check your RV insurance covers.

Some Essentials Worth Your Look

Below you have a compilation of some accessories that go hand in hand with the main component of your RV. Spare a look, and you won’t regret your time.

Awning Accessories

Awning Leisre Mat Grn


This mat from Camco finds the 2nd position on our list. This unit has many features that forced us to include it in our review.

Not similar to the other awnings mat we have featured in this review, this one is a mat that can allow relaxing under your canopy.

Fundamentally, this dull and smooth mat can offer you a comfortable place outside your vehicle. The Camco mat is designed from high-quality material that can resist the effect of mold or mildew. With this mat, you will have no cleaning and maintenance issues. It is an easy to clean mat.

To clean this mat, you can use the hose sprinkler to evacuate any dirt or debris that can stick on it during camping. Then you can sun dry it. Furthermore, its reversible design is also a thing you will appreciate about this mat.

The reversible feature implies that you can flip over or change the side when the other side is too dirty or dusty. Moreover, its simple design is also an advantage particularly when you want to roll it for storage or packing.

Another fantastic advantage you will get from this mat is that you can roll it anywhere when you need to camp. This mat is a protection to your feet while camping outdoors. After camping, you will be free of dirt or debris. So you will not let them into your car.

It is additionally made from breathable material that won’t suffocate the grass underneath it. Moreover, the  mat accompanies rust-resistant grommets and ground stakes that will help you keep it in one place and protect against strong winds.

Honestly, you will not come back and lament to have wasted your money on this mat. To be precise, this mat is for you if you have been looking for one which is durable, has high quality and is easy to roll.


  • Simple to maintain compared to some of its counterparts
  • Suits different environments and terrains
  • Accompanies grommets and ground stakes
  • Available in various sizes and shades to suit varied needs


  • Not built to last

Suggested Accessories

EZ Travel Collection Black RV Awning Shade Complete Kit 10' X 16' Sun Shade Canopy Shelter


EZ Travel is the next black RV shade complete kit that we feature in this review. With this, you can create a comfortable and cool private patio smartly and just quickly.

No doubt this kit is among the simple, non-time consuming and cost-effective ways to add additional room by the side of your vehicle. 

With its protective fabrics, the resulting patio will be the comfortable room where you can rest, relax, and enjoy the outdoors. This will dramatically and immediately expand your relaxing place. It comes in a customized design in such a way that it is easy and quick to slip into the awning utility.

Furthermore, with this, you will be able to see others while they won’t see you. If you have been looking for a cost-effective way to add shelter with a private patio to your vehicle, then this is an option.

You will make an outdoor shelter that will block the sun while guaranteeing your view to what is happening outside the shelter. It is designed from 100% woven polyester blended with vinyl clothing for durability.

This unit comes as a kit. It accompanies; shade net, straight stakes and spiral stakes that can be used to mount it where the ground  is  too hard or soft, the bungee balls that can be used to connect it to a spiral hook, and the hooks for attaching the shade in the utility slot.


  • Made from long-lasting material
  • Very strong design that can withstand strong wind
  • The unit comes as kit with necessary installation kits
  • Blocks UV light while allowing a clear view


  • Does not protect against rain

Awning Accessories

Solera Universal Fit Heavy-Duty Vinyl RV Patio Awning Replacement Fabric Solid Black 15' Awning (14'4' Fabric)


Here is another fantastic fabric that you can consider. It is a suitable option for those who have been looking for a universal patio that can be installed on any RV regardless of the model.

The Lippert Components Solera awning replacement fabric , just like its above brother, comes in different color. So, you will have an opportunity to select the color of your preference.

Furthermore, the different sizes of this unit are also an added advantage, as you will have a chance to choose the size that matches your needs. The heavy-duty vinyl that it has been designed from will protect you from strong winds, heavy rains, and dangerous UV rays.

Moreover, the heavy-duty vinyl makes this unit a long-lasting. Installing this unit will not cost you a lot of time. For sure, it is an easy to install unit that you will within few minutes.

One thing you will enjoy from this fabric is its multiples sizes. You will not have hard time thinking if it will fit your vehicle. From the dimensions, you will select the right one for you.

The Lippert Components Solera also comes in multiple colors. You will choose among green fade, sand fade, black, white fade, blue fade, and burgundy fade. From these colors, it is closer to the surety that you will not miss something that matches with your color preference.

You will also have an opportunity to choose the one that will complement or match with your Vehicle if the style is your primary consideration.

That is not all that the Lippert Components Solera can provide. Its durable material will protect you against some harsh weather elements such as UV rays and water. Indeed, this is an option when you need something sturdy and durable.


  • Available in different colors and sizes for varied uses
  • Designed to work with any RV regardless of the size
  • Simple installation that won’t take a lot of time
  • Made from heavy-duty material that will last


  • Good if for a stay

Recommended Accessories

SunWave Awning Fabric Ocean Blue Fade 19'(approximate Fabric Width 18' 2-3')


Opening our list, here comes the SunWave RV fabric that is superb when looking for the quality. It can be found in a fade ocean blue style made of tough wearing vinyl. This product from SunWave is an option when you need protection against rain or sunlight.

Furthermore, if you have been on a lookout for the highest quality of fabric that is simple to install, at that point, the SunWave is an option you should consider.

With this branded awning, you will not require the help of somebody to install. Moreover, the installation process will not cost a lot of your time. It will take a few minutes.

Maybe the area that might be technical is when attaching the fabric. Moreover, the SunWave accompanies installation manuals that will guide you through the installation process if it happens that you don’t know how.

As I said earlier, the quality of this SunWave product is incomparable to most of its counterparts. Honestly, you will appreciate its sturdiness. Furthermore, you will also enjoy its visually appealing design.

To be precise, this is undoubtedly a great fabric to buy. From its magnificent quality, simple installation process and its visually appealing design, I don’t see the reason why you should not buy this fabric.

With the SunWave awning fabric, you will have a reliable shelter that will protect you against rain and sun. You will also enjoy how it will make your vehicle look more appealing than most of its counterparts.


  • Top-notch design and appearance
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Made from a durable vinyl material
  • Very cheap compared to its counterparts
  • Simple installation process


  • The installation manual seemed complicated to some
  • Can be a problem to install the fabric on your own

Top Accessories

Tentproinc RV Awning Sun Screen Shade 8' X 16'3'' Black Mesh Sunshade Complete Kits Motorhome Camping Trailer UV SunBlocker Canopy Shelter - 3 Years Limited Warranty


I know, you will not like to go camping when there is high heat from sun or showers from the rain. So, if you want to be free of worries and enjoy your camping to the maximum, then the Tentproinc sun screen shade at number five on our list should be your next purchase. From the sunshade name, it implies that you will have a shelter that will protect you from

sun so you will comfortably relax and enjoy the outdoors. This Tentproinc sun screen shade comes with bungee balls in addition to plastic stakes that will make the installation process easy.

There are also breathable mesh screens, a feature that will make this unit block sunlight up to 80% while providing with an unobstructed view. This implies that you relax and stay comfortable while under this unit.

The breathable mesh screen also will lessen the strong force wind. So you will comfortably chill under its shade. Furthermore, this sun screen has been designed from lightweight materials.

Its materials are said to last long and can protect against many different weather elements apart from just rain and sun. For sure, with this awning screen shade, you will be protected from strong winds, bugs, mildew, and so forth.

The Tentproinc sun screen shade comes in three different colors. So you will have an opportunity to choose a color of your preference. There is also an allowance of adding an extra side shade if all-around protection is what you are looking for.


  • Fabric can protect against UV
  • Designed from lightweight and long lasting material
  • Offers an option to include side shade
  • Can protect against multiple weather elements


  • Does not guarantee privacy due to see-through mesh windows

Awning Accessories

Carefree 701508ACD Black 15' x 8' Drop RV Awning EZ ZipBlocker


Here is another trademark of Carefree. It is a black EZ zipblocker designed from high-quality material. Just like other brothers, this black zipblocker will protect you against rain and UV rays.

So, you will have an opportunity to relax outside your RV vehicle free from harsh weather elements.

The fabric that has been employed in this unit can block sunlight up to 85%. So, you will stay cool and comfortable as you relax by the side of your vehicle.

This unit is simple to install. However, please get somebody to offer some additional help particularly when it comes to fixing the first section.

You will enjoy your shelter comfortably even when you park your vehicle where there is not any. Not only will you have shelter, but also a rich shade from its sun proof fabrics.

Also, if you have been looking for a budget-friendly awning zipblocker, the Carefree black edition should be your purchase. It costs less compared to some of its counterparts.

It is also designed from a thick fabric that will serve you for years to come without losing its sun-proof properties. Furthermore, one of the excellent features that you will thank the manufacturer for is its heavy duty Zipper. The zipper will make the fabric slide easily in your awning.

This altogether makes the use of this zipblocker much easier. Overall, CareFree is an excellent selection that guarantees your comfortability while you enjoy outside even during the late evenings.


  • Designed from thick and long-lasting material
  • Suitable even on a hot sunny day
  • It protects against UV rays
  • Heavy-duty zipper makes it simple to use


  • Troublesome to install

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I estimate the size that will fit my RV?

To assess the extent of your awning, measure the distance from the centerline of one arm to the centerline of another arm. In most cases, it is usually below ten inches.

Why should I buy one?

If a road trip is what you love more, then you should consider making a purchase. With this fabric, you will enjoy and relax outside your RV vehicle at any time you decide to camp at any spot.

What are they?

To be precise, they are fundamentally designed fabrics to supplement the need for roof or cover that protects against weather elements such as rain or sun. They either come as retractable or stationary. They are in most cases designed from aluminum, vinyl, or cloth.

What are lateral arm retractable awnings?

Lateral arm retractable awnings are ones with a simple design that can be  used.

Where can I mount it?

You can mount your awning in different places. However, is mainly designed to be installed on the side of RV. If you intend to fit on any other location, be sure that the area is free from obstructions such as gutters and shutters.


The above are our suggested options that you can consider. They are all designed to make sure that you enjoy your camping experience using Your vehicle. You will have a pleasant area to relax and appreciate nature, not to forget mentioning about protection from harsh weather elements.

So the next point you want to buy another RV awning, make sure you only from choose any of the above products. Happy shopping!

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