Best ATV Sprayer Reviews – 2021 Reviews for Spot and Boom Farm Sprayers

Keeping a large acreage in tip-top condition can be tough at the best of times, especially when added to the multitude of jobs that come with commercial farm maintenance.

A large garden requires spraying with a variety of liquids - pesticides, fertilizers and water - daily, which can be incredibly time-consuming and impossible by hand. That’s why an all-terrain sprayer is invaluable to your small-scale farmer or gardener.

Covering wider areas of land with knapsack sprays can be very physically draining, with a farmer or gardener potentially having to lug gallons and gallons of fluid across large distances. That’s where having an ATV with a mounted spray is the perfect medium between those with not enough space for a tractor-mounted spray, but those with too large an area to cover on foot.

But what features do you look for in an ATV sprayer? Do you need to think about the terrain you’re spraying on or the area of ground you need to cover? What distinguishes one ATV sprayer from another?

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most cost-effective yet top-of-the-range sprayers currently available on the market. Manufacturers are developing ever more high-tech features that consider spraying area, storage capacity, pressure as well as how compatible it is with your ATV.

So grab your nearest quad bike or mini-tractor, and let’s get to work!

Best ATV Sprayer


Chapin 97300 15-Gallon 12v Deluxe Dripless EZ mount ATV Spot Sprayer


Our first sprayer is by a company that is well-known for manufacturing both commercial and domestic sprayers, we present the Chapin 973000.

This sprayer’s most distinctive feature is the dripless shut-off lid of its title, with a 15-gallon tank fabricated out of non-corrosive and chemical resistant plastic. This is one sprayer built specifically for high performance!

It is also extremely user-friendly, with a 5-inch opening that really helps when mixing water and fertilizers or pesticides, with a transparent body so the user can quickly spot when the sprayer needs a refill. There is also a double filtration system to prevent residue blockages and ensure that this product will go the distance and not have you reaching for your warranty!

This model has a dripless brass wand with a 30ft vertical and 26ft horizontal spray respectively, guaranteeing you an extremely wide range of coverage. Additional features on this high-performance machine include a manifold pressure gauge and a Comfort Grip lock.


  • Inexpensive - users have rated this product extremely highly for its cost-effectiveness. You’ll get more lawn for your buck with the Chapin 973000, that’s for sure!
  • Chapin has certainly done their research with this product, precision-engineered using materials that guarantee waste reduction through absorption in the tank, nozzle leakage and spillage upon refill.
  • Compatible with an array of ATVs, with alligator clips to allow easy attachment of batteries.


  • Some users have complained that the frame of the Chapin 973000 isn’t always secure.
  • Some users have also complained of the nozzle malfunctioning on the first use.


Ironton ATV Spot Sprayer - 5-Gallon Capacity, 1 GPM, 12 Volt


Our second sprayer is one aimed at the domestic gardener or smaller-scale sprayer, the travel-handy and lightweight Ironton ATV spot sprayer.

Like our previous sprayer, the body of this one is molded from chemically-inert materials that won’t interfere with the chemical composition of your pesticides or fertilizer. The body also has clear visual markers on the tank so you’ll know when your tank needs a top-up!

This compact model has 8 gallons of storage, with a Santoprene handle (which is also resistant to other chemicals) and nozzle that has a cone or a stream option, the latter of which has a 12ft vertical and 20ft horizontal reach.

Despite its heavy-sounding name, the Ironton only weighs in at only 10lbs, which means that you can mount it on anything from a garden mower to a small tractor.


  • This petit sprayer is ideal for a routine gardener who wants a portable kit for use around the home.
  • A highly-durable, highly-economical machine, if cleaned and maintained regularly, it could potentially be a mainstay in your gardening arsenal for years.


  • With a 3.5inch tank opening, users might have to have a funnel at hand when refilling the Ironton.
  • This tank has been known to malfunction when not filled up completely.


Precision Products TCS15 Spot Sprayer, 12-Volt, 15-Gallon , White


Our third sprayer is a hefty one, with 15 gallons of tank, it is also incredibly versatile, with a long hose, thumb-controlled spray nozzle and a high-pressure spray facility, the TCS15 spot sprayer is perfect for those large spraying jobs.

Whether covering a vast area of weeds with pesticide or getting as much of your lawn watered in one sitting, this tank can go the distance. With another opaque tank and thumb-controlled high-pressure spray nozzle, it helps the user time their hosing sessions perfectly from one refill to the next.

Being on the bulkier side, this sprayer will be much more difficult to haul across fields, but it thankfully comes with alligator clips that allow it to be affixed to small tractors and quads.

With this unit, it will also be essential to maintain every part of the tank and nozzle regularly to ensure longevity and that high-level reliability.


  • This model is specifically adapted for your larger field or garden coverage, with a wide vertical and horizontal spray.
  • With a transparent and cleanable tank, you can calculate the time until the next refill down to the minute, giving you a better idea of how much extra water or pesticide or fertilizer you'll need to carry and how far you can travel between refill points.
  • Precision Products has ensured that you can strap this beast to heavy-duty farm equipment such as tractors or combine harvesters.


  • Without continual cleaning, this particular model has been known to dwindle quickly.
  • This model has low gallons per minute, so don’t expect a high volume of liquid in your sprays.


NorthStar High-Pressure ATV Spot Sprayer - 16-Gallon Capacity, 2 GPM, 12 Volt


Now we move on to an even bigger breed of sprayer, a real powerhouse for larger-scale farmers or avid gardeners with many hectares to cover - the mighty 26 ballon NorthStar High-Pressure ATV Spot Sprayer.

This colossal machine is both chemical and UV resistant, it can be left out in the sun for years without suffering any sun-damage! This one is ideally-suited to both domestic and agricultural requirements.

NorthStar is an incredibly experienced company in the sprayer game, providing all the necessary attachments and high-pressure nozzle features for an industrial farmer. You can also strap this beast to your quad, mower or tractor and cover acres and acres of flowerbed, grass field or crop in half the time of a smaller sprayer!

With a 22ft vertical and 35ft horizontal spray and a 5.5mpg, this sprayer will cut through most of the competition, its massive capacity meaning fewer refill times. Although with a 6-inch tank opening, you can mix your fertilizer or pesticide as if you were stirring ingredients into a soup bowl!

It has an adjustable spot spray gun with cone and stream options, although it also comes with broadcast spray nozzles that offer a whopping 40ft of coverage - ideal for those wanting to water a large distance in those hot summer months!


  • If you do heavy-duty farming or large scale gardening, then you probably won’t want to look further than the NorthStar. A sturdy yet reliable sprayer, this polymer tank won’t absorb those precious pesticides or detract from the potency of your fertilizer.
  • It has optimized valves and impressive pump pressure, so you won’t find yourself sacrificing control for power.
  • An expansive tank opening allows for easy filling and mixing, with a bottom drain that means you can empty your tank without having to put your back out.


  • Users have experienced surging when the NorthStar is set to its maximum output.


Master Manufacturing SSN-01-015A-MM 15 Gallon Spot Sprayer, White


Last but by no means least on our list of crop-soakers is the Master Manufacturing 15 Gallon Spot Sprayer - a simple, easy-to-use spot sprayer for those who don’t want to put much thought into their garden spraying.

With its modest 15-gallon tank capacity and powerful 2.2-gallon spraying power, this one is a reliable and effective sprayer that you can take out of the box and start using straight away.

It’s reasonably priced and can be strapped to the back of a golf cart, although its uncomplicated nozzle does have a limited amount of spray patterns. Nevertheless, this sprayer is designed for the straightforward gardener, with a wide tank opening for quick filling and mixing.


  • For a casual gardener who wants to wheel out the watering nozzle a few times a week, this model is perfectly simple-to-use.
  • In the short term, it is very durable, its thick tank and bottom drain mean you can set it up and pack it away again quickly and efficiently.


  • Repeated use can result in wear and tear, with some of its parts breaking easily after multiple uses. However, these parts can be replaced easily, if you know where to look.
  • It will not be useful for the industrial farmer or large-scale gardener looking for longevity in their sprayer.

Best ATV Sprayer Buying Guide

But why should anyone bother forking out for an ATV sprayer? Well, it all depends what kind of gardening or farming you happen to be doing and whether you feel like you need the extra gallons to make sure that your plants or crops are optimally hydrated throughout the year.

If you’ve decided that your gardening or farming is heavy-duty and varied enough to warrant an ATV sprayer, then there are a few things you should bear in mind to ensure safe and proper usage of this equipment.


This brass arm that extends the reach of your nozzle is probably necessary if you want to cover as much ground as possible, with most booms allowing you to water large areas without even having to leave your vehicle.

These arms are also very adaptable, you can have a whole cluster of different sizes if you need to change the radius you need to reach.

Tank Size

The capacity of your tank will determine how big an area you can cover as well as how many times you will need to refill, which will then, in turn, determine the size of vehicle you will need as well as how much additional fertilizer, water or pesticide you will need to carry. 

The strength and material of your tank need to be considered if you want a product that lasts. Filling it up multiple times a week or even a day will affect the power of your pesticide and fertilizer. You ideally don’t want a tank that absorbs a lot of either of these, as it will result in more pests or less growth in your crops.


The pressure and flow rate of your sprayer will dictate how much ground is covered and how long it will take to get your spraying done. A more powerful spray will cover a wider area of land.

Hose Length

If you are without a boom, then the length of your hose will dictate how much surface area you can cover, having to jump off your vehicle from time to time to do so, all of which will affect the time it takes to spray.

Terrain Type

Considering the type of terrain you’ll be traversing will also be very important when buying a sprayer. If you’re navigating rough terrain on a larger vehicle such as a tractor, you’ll probably want to opt for something durable with a larger capacity, longer hose length and high-pressure speed.

If you are traveling across large distances, you’ll want a larger capacity simply because you might be further away from refill supplies and want enough gallons to ensure the job is done to its maximum efficiency.

However, if you’re a small landscape gardener, you’ll probably want to opt for a smaller gallon sprayer, one that you can haul around manually or on a smaller vehicle, such as a lawnmower or a golf cart.

Also, your physical strength and health will be an important factor, especially if you have to haul your tank manually on and off your vehicle. Lifting a full 8-gallon tank will be a lot easier than a 15 gallon, even if empty. Bottom drains will help if you want to keep your tank fixed to your ATV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Use An ATV Sprayer Instead Of A Hand-Held?

The main reason to opt for an ATV sprayer instead of a knapsack sprayer is simply the amount of ground and distance you can cover. ATV sprayers are perfect for wide landscapes that you have to travel long distances to access.

ATV sprayers are also extremely easy to use, most of them powered by a single battery and controlled using a thumb-operated nozzle. No hand pumping required on these electric ones!

When mounted to the back of your ATV, these tanks are also extremely portable.

What Types Of ATV Sprayers Are There?

Pull-type ATV sprayers are separate units that hook or clip to the back of your truck or tractor. They are a lot trickier to use than some of the mounted varieties, but the upside is that you can store a lot more fluid in them, which is again useful for covering those larger acreages.

The mounted ATV sprayers are fixed to the back of your vehicle and are generally smaller than the pull-types. This is for those who want to reduce wear and tear on their tanks, as well as those who want to avoid the hassle of dismounting their sprayers every time they take them out to use.

Which ATV is right for me?

As we have seen, ATV sprayers come in a variety of shapes and sizes with numerous functions. However, there are a few simple things you should consider when buying your next ATV sprayer:

  • Make sure there is enough space at the rear of your vehicle to mount the tank. Take a tape measure out and ensure there are at least one or two inches of space around your sprayer.
  • If your ATV sprayer is a pull-type, make sure it has durable thick tires that can be dragged across rough terrain.
  • Ensure your seat can be removed so you can easily install your sprayer tank.

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