UTV Mud Tires – Side by Side Trail Tire Analysis

There’s nothing more exhilarating for some people than taking out their utility terrain vehicles in the warm summer months and getting filthy across all types of treacherous terrain.

Mud is famous for being one of the most spontaneous, unpredictable mediums across which anyone can move, and for anyone simply trying to get from A to B, this is what makes it such a drag (quite literally in some cases)! But for those addicted to the high G-forces and craziness that comes with mud racing, they would have it no other way!

However, there is a certain reliability that even the most reckless rider will need from their UTV tires. Whether it’s pliability, traction for use in the thicker mud roads or durability in the tread, you will need a tire that will stand the test of time and save you money in the long run. You also want to make sure your tires are safe to use on both muddy terrain as well as road.

But what am I looking for when it comes to a good quality mud tire for my UTV? Which brands will rip through any surface and which ones will leave me and my vehicle mired in the mud? If I want to save money on my tires will I sacrifice quality?

Well, you don’t need to worry, because we’re here to give you a quick leg up out of the mire of indecision with our top 6 of the best mud tires currently available on the market.

Best UTV Mud Tires


GBC Motorsports Kanati Mongrel Radial Tire (Front/Rear / 30x10-14)


Okay, the first tire in our list is certainly one tough ‘mudder’, with a 10-ply strength, it will last you longer than most brands currently out there on the market: it’s the GBC Kanati Mongrel.

One of this tires' standout features is its extra-durable tread and all-rounded tires, which make it a real asset on heavy-mudded tracks and trails.

This tire has a very high responsiveness, with a solid grip on those densely-packed surfaces, ensuring you a smoother ride. The added tractions on these tires is also perfect for navigating those sharp corners at high speed.

These tires are designed for deeper mud, although the Kanati Mongrel can chew up light mud with equal ease. These versatile tires have also been approved by the Department of Transportation, so they can also traverse roads - otherwise how else are you going to get your quad bike there?


  • This tire has an excellent ‘track record’ on a wide range of surfaces - road, light or hard-packed mud, this tire will endure it all!
  • It is extremely durable and will last you a long time even under the most stressful road and mud-track conditions.
  • A streamlined ride across all types of terrain - this one won’t leave you feeling saddle sore!


  • Durability comes with a hefty price tag, this beefy tire could set you back a couple of hundred dollars.
  • Such a heavy-duty tire might not be suitable for those thinking of riding through lighter mud.


Carlisle All Trail ATV Tire - 25X8-12


If you thought that last tire was versatile, then strap yourself in for a tire than can cross sand, gravel, mud, dirt and tarmac with equal ease. As stated in the title, the Carlisle All Trail tire covers whatever area you need.

Another all-rounder, the Carlisle has multiple lugs and grooves in the tread that makes it built for ultra stability and responsiveness on both light and heavy, soft and hard surfaces - although it is worth bearing in mind that you might have more of a struggle with hard surfaces on this one.

The lugs on this beast are very shallow, which means that you won’t damage the grass under your tires - if that is the sort of thing you might have to worry about.

Braking and traction on the Carlisle is also outstanding, the thickness of the tire gives you that added control and purchase on more unpredictable terrain.


  • The grip on these tires is unparalleled, giving the vehicle a smooth ride across a wide array of surfaces.
  • With strong casing and a reliable tread compound, this tire is perfectly adapted for light road travel.
  • This is probably our most versatile tire, it can withstand a lot of pressure from rock, gravel and sun-beaten sand.


  • Expensive - as with our previous tire, the sheer range of attributes the Carlisle has does come with a high cost. However, this tire will last a long time and might be considered a worthwhile investment for a rider of more intense courses.
  • Someone looking to tackle muddier paths might want to find a more specialized tire.


ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire 25x8-12


Okay, for those looking for a cheaper, less durable option, then our next tire might be the one for you. Designed with light mud, grass and wet gravel travel in mind, the ITP Mud Lite II is a classic mid-range tire, and one of the best UTV mud tires you'll currently find available.

With its deep grooves, the Mud Lite II is ideal for demanding surfaces such as damp gravel and light mud, the angle of the lugs providing you with more precision, being very responsive to unruly terrain.

With a center tread contact, the Mud Lite doesn’t feel like a mud tire when on the sidewalk. Even if it might pale in comparison to tires designed specifically for deep mud, this tire lends itself well to those who think they’ll be doing more road than mud steering.

It has a solid and durable 6-ply rating, with a resilient casing, making this tire the perfect choice for those who only want to brave the intermediate surfaces such as gravel, road and grass.


  • An excellent performer on the gravel and grass tracks, this is one for the moderate riders.
  • This tire will also save you a packet, ideal for a UTV that won’t be exhausting all the features of a heavy-duty, deep-mud tire.
  • Even though this tire is not designed for heavy mud situations, it copes perfectly well in light mud, providing a sufficient amount of grip and control you’ll need to navigate such terrain.


  • As stated above, this tire might balk when introduced to thicker mud and other such difficult surfaces, leaving you and your bike stranded or burning up fuel trying to escape! 


Kenda K538 Executioner ATV Bias Tire - 25x8.00-12


With its imposing and slightly terrifying name, the Kenda Executioner crashes into fourth place in the best tire rankings, although it will undoubtedly rank first for those deep-mud enthusiasts.

That’s right, this tire comes out top in mucky terrain. It has deeply-cut lugs that are widely spaced apart to offer that extra traction. It gives the driver the optimum steering control they need when slicing around tight corners in extreme conditions.

But it’s not just deep mud where the Executioner outperforms all others - take this bad boy onto the sand, the wet gravel or the dirt track and it will treat each surface with equal contempt. Its reinforced knobs operate at a lower pressure, so it won’t dig into the sand like most other brands.

These UTV mud tires have a 6-ply durability, increasing its resistance to punctures and protective rim guards - this tire more than fulfills its long-lasting quota.

The only downside to the Executioner is its capability on the road, the smoothness and handling are marginally reduced on a relatively even surface. However, this is only a drawback on an otherwise monstrously-effective tire!


  • The traction and responsiveness of this tire are unparalleled - the Executioner swiftly silences all the competition when it comes to deep-mud tires.
  • The dynamic steering capacity of these tires is immense. It will chew up gravel, sand and other uneven surfaces with utter nonchalance.


  • This is not a road tire - you might want to think about a separate transport truck when getting your Executioner-clad UTV to the nearest mud track.


Maxxis M966 Mudzilla Tire - Front/Rear - 27x9x12 , Tire Size: 27x9x12, Position: Front/Rear, Rim Size: 12, Tire Ply: 6, Tire Type: ATV/UTV, Tire Construction: Radial, Tire Application: Mud/Snow TM16677300


Now we have another deep-mud behemoth rolling in hot on the heels of the Executioner. It’s the inimitable Maxxis Mudzilla - a creature that will give other tires of the market a run for their money!

With its deep-grooved lugs and a trench running through the center, this one provides high traction for those impassable mud terrains.

It is made from an advanced rubber compound, which emphasizes straight-line direction, something you’ll be hard-pushed to find in rival tires. A step-down tread enhances mud cleaning and with reinforced sidewalls, this tire offers the user premium stability and control.

Performing impeccably on wet and dry surfaces, the Maxxis Mudzilla also ruins trail roads and copes well when submerged in high volumes of water.

As with the Executioner and other heavy-duty mud-budgers, the Mudzilla has a trickier time of it on flatter surfaces like roads, giving the rider a less-than-smooth journey, which might prove annoying when trying to get to a more adventurous course.

However, with a 6-ply rating and a tough-as-nails casing, the Mudzilla will stand the test of time, come rain or shine!


  • When it comes to slinging thick clods of mud out from underneath it, you can do no wrong with the Maxxis Mudzilla.
  • Excellent performances on a host of tough surfaces, this one is perfect for riders who don’t mind spending that extra few dollars to ensure a fun and stress-free experience.
  • Maximum responsiveness on the trail.


  • The road ride could be a lot smoother with this tire, which might put off riders who are looking to tackle the lesser uneven surfaces like road or flat gravel paths.


ITP 6P0776 Black 28x10-14 Cryptid Tire


Now onto a more menacing, slightly alien-looking shape, with its intricate chevron patterning, perfect for all terrains - the ITP Cryptid. It's no wonder that many people consider this to be one of the best mud tires for UTVs.

With incredibly entrenched lugs, the Cryptid is more than capable of chewing up all kinds of thick mud and soil, with a central trench to make sure that all dirt and mud is removed before your next four-wheeled dirt track stretch.

This one contains a paddle-shaped shoulder which creates a mean side bite that will allow the rider to more easily claw their way back out of a particularly boggy trench.

With a pair of stiff sidewalls, this tire keeps your UTV stable, able to trawl through inches of mud and up to 20-inches of rainwater. This is the all-weather tire for those who fancy braving extreme conditions for a full-throttle dirt ride.

The Cryptid is responsive, the ideal companion with you can steer over grassy hill and sandy trench. You can throw most materials at this tire!

The deep lugs do require a larger degree of power to get moving, so you might find yourself burning through gas to get yourself out of a mucky hole.


  • This tire is pretty unbeatable on most surfaces, featuring excellent traction, resilience and durability through deep and light mud, gravel and sand.
  • Unlike the other heavy-duty tires, this one fares remarkably well on the flatter surfaces, handling smoothly on streamlined surfaces like tarmac.


  • The deep trenches on this tire require a fairly sizable amount of engine power. You might find your UVT struggling to churn the mud from underneath the teeth of this one.

Some Factors to Consider when Buying Mud Tires for your UTV

When considering your next UTV mud tire purchase, you don’t want to rush into buying the most popular, as it might not be suitable for the type of off-road traveling you’re thinking of doing. Although you will also have to consider the on-road surface, as your average UTV user will not have a separate means of transportation to and from the mud track.

You need to ask yourself important questions such as how aggressive do you want your tire and how much will your budget allow?

As we have seen above, a lot of the heavy-duty tires can cope with the most unruly surfaces. If it’s this kind of rough and ready deep mud biking you want to embark upon, you’ll want a tire with deep angular lugs running right through it, as well as a central trench to aid water run-off and promote mud cleaning.

Nice, stiff sidewalls are also crucial for biting into that soft mud and pulling you and your vehicle out of the sludge.

However, these deeper mud tires have one fatal flaw in that they have difficulty maintaining a smooth ride on uneven surfaces. If you think you’ll be doing more amenable on-road traveling across large distances, it might be worth opting for a narrower, lesser plied tire, which will also cost you significantly less money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is The Right Tire For Me?

The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to UTV mud tires. A lot of the time you’ll be looking for balance, perhaps a mid-range performance across all surfaces or a tire that excels in one type of surface but is weak on another.

Sand driving tires are useful if you’re hitting the beaches or the dunes, but will probably be surplus to requirements when it comes to the mud tracks.

Hard-packed and intermediate terrain-tires are better adapted for road riding and light mud scenarios. Thankfully, as you have seen from our list above, the capabilities of each tire are very well explained to the average buyer.

If it’s hard-driving deep-mud tires you want then you’ll be looking for larger tires between 6- and 10-ply with thick jagged grooves dug into them that help cope with the stodgier terrain. 

High performance is key in these situations to avoid you getting trapped in the dirt, so trialing your tires before use is crucial to find out which ones you need. The thicker tires with the deeper grooves will also sap your engine power as they will need more to scoop out armfuls of heavy mud.


Most UTV mud tires offer more or less the same basic features, with certain performance issues afflicting them on some of the more predictable surfaces. But remember the more industrial the tires, the more you will probably have to spend, with some of the heftier rubbers costing a few hundred dollars, which will run into the thousands if you need a whole set of four!

We hope our list has helped you decide which wheels will be better suited for your mud-budger, so good luck on your purchase and happy riding!

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