ATV Shifting without Clutch

Shifting gears without using the clutch has been for a long time now been a controversial topic. Some have said it is not safe enough while others say it is okay when you know how to do it properly. How about for the ATVs is it workable? Why is ATV shifting without clutch? That’s what we are here to know today. Now there are a few things we need to understand about gear shifting and when it works and when it doesn’t. It can perfectly work without the clutch for as long as it is done the correct way. The gears can change successfully. However, it is important to know whether there are consequences that come with it. Let’s see. 

ATV Shifting without Clutch – Why? 

The clutch is structurally absent from the ATV if it is an automatic transmission one. However, when it is a manual transmission system and we do not have to use the clutch, there must be a reason. What happens is that sometimes the clutch cable or something with the retransmission might be dysfunctional but we would still have to get home safe. So is it possible to do it? The answer is yes.  However, it is easier with upshifting, for downshifting is much more difficult and does not have you more time if you are planning to do it just to try out. In normal circumstances, it is better to just use the clutch; it is easier and safer. 

How to Shift ATV Gear without the Clutch 

For an ATV, the gear shift is mostly used with the clutch for a manual transmission system. However, this can be bypassed and the clutch can be used alone. However, it might be difficult to work out when someone does not know how to do it properly. It is advisable to use the clutch if you are a beginner. To shift a gear without the clutch on an ATV, we simply work with the throttle. What you need to do is to cut down the gas for a second while you directly do the shift. Make sure at that moment there is zero acceleration to keep the movement even.  This is however a little hard with downshifting. This is because it involves cutting the speed gradually. It has to be smooth and gradual, that is why the clutch is important. However, if it is the only way to get you home safely, you’re gonna try it. The idea is the same but the way to do it is just different. What you need to do is to make sure your hands are securely on the throttle and they can access the brake levers.  Then, when downshifting, blip the throttle just a little bit while pulling the braking levers simultaneously. Make it quick with the downshift to avoid an abrupt stop. Lower the foot on the gearshift and you would have changed the gear on the downshift. It is harder and it is bound to destroy your transmission system a lot more easily.  See Also: How to Start an ATV?

Advantages of ATV Shifting without Clutch 

There are not so many advantages to doing this but there are some. The first one is that it is very tedious to keep on changing gears with the clutch. It fatigues the hand. It can also make the process very easy especially when you are in a race and you need to save a lot of time gaining the speed and momentum to win the race. It makes the process instant unlike when using the clutch. It is more advantageous to use it when you are doing the upshift. You can easily win a race by doing that easy shifting to save time.   Another advantage is that it can save you the hassle of so much gear shifting when it comes to longer rides. A long ride would mean that you have to change the gears so much and that involvement would need you to do a lot of gear shifting which is tiresome. You can save yourself that by opting for clutchless shifts here and there as you rest the hand.  The final one is that a clutchless shift would be a savior in case the clutch system gets downtime. Fixing it would need an expert or it might take you a lot of time if you are conversant with the dynamics. That’s why youth have to opt-in if they have to get home first or get to a mechanic for service without any problems. You can do it with the up or downshift as we have discussed above and it would save you trouble. This is why you have to understand how to do it and when to opt for it when it comes to such scenarios. 

Can ATV Shifting without Clutch Cause Damage to the Vehicle?

Trying to initiate an ATV without its key can certainly pose a risk of damaging the ignition system of the vehicle. Bypassing the key for starting the ATV may end up jeopardizing the electrical system, which could lead to a perilous circumstance. It’s essential to follow proper starting procedures to avert any unnecessary damage.

Are There Any Disadvantages? 

So far, the main disadvantage that we know is the wearing of the transmission system if you get used to doing the clutchless shifting. The transmission will wear out and it might be a little difficult to deal with. This might be costly to replace. That is why it is advised to use it when necessary and maybe minimize using it for fun. That would mean that you use it once in a while when you need to. On the side of danger and risk, it would depend on the person doing it. As we mentioned earlier, it’s not advisable to try it when you are a beginner, it might mess you up a little.  

Final Word: ATV Shifting without Clutch

The process would not have so much to discuss other than the way to do it and whether it should or should not be done, all of which we have sufficient answers above. Making it an important move to use when need be would be the best thing you can do about clutchless ATV shifting.  It is also important to guard the transmission system. On the other hand, it is good to know how to do ATV shifting without a clutch to save you some trouble and save you some time. Otherwise, the question of whether it is possible with an ATV is well answered and you can get learning it as something important.