How to Ride a Quad Bike

Riding a quad bike is such fun only when you know how to do it. There are a few things you have to learn here and there before you go trailing on one. Quad bikes are not like any other vehicles, so there are so many places that they are not allowed into.  Knowing this is very important. On the other hand, a quad bike is something you need to ride on when you’re fully protected. What is most important however is the knowledge of riding a quad bike. For safety and standing a greater chance of having more fun, it’s better you know how to ride it before getting on one. We are simply going to learn step by step how to ride a quad bike. 

How to Ride a Quad Bike

Select an appropriate Quad bike for you to train on 

The very first thing to do is to find this appropriate Quad bike that would help you learn how to ride on quad bikes. There are sport quads, utility quads, and youth quads, all of which suit a certain group of people. You can choose any among the three but just to break it down, a youth quad would be best for small people since it is lighter and quite easy to handle. 

A sport quad would work best for beginners since it is easy to work with. A utility quad would probably work very well with a professional since it is quite heavy. After you have found a quad bike that can suit you well with the learning, you can now embark on trying it here and there to see how it’s handled. It is best advised that someone professional be there to help you. 

Find a clear space away from paved roads to ride the bike 

A quad bike would need to be driven away from the road to avoid being hit by other vehicles. Some countries have some laws that govern where it should be done. It is therefore important to check and know where it would be safe to ride the quad bike. Others would need a license for you to use a quad bike. 

If you satisfy this, you can go to the designated area to start the practice. Just be able to find a clear space beyond the road where there would be no interference. After you find the correct place, it’s time to hit the off-road trail, but there are a few things that should be done before you ride the quad bike. Besides, we are going to look at every step of riding a quad bike. 

Getting ready to ride a quad bike 

Getting ready basically involves wearing the protective ear for riding the quad bike and seeing whether everything is in the correct order. Generally, making sure the quad bike is working properly. Protective gear would include a helmet, riding pants, some gloves and you’re a beginner, you would need to work with what is referred to as nerf pads, these are huge foot pedals that fit the quad bike’s footing area. 

They would help you to maintain the position of the feet while riding. When you’re good to go with the protective gear, it would be the perfect time to get to know the quad bike well now. Make sure the handles are reachable, the engine starts easily, and that you can manage to control it. Then now you would be good to go. 

The Step by Step Process of How to Ride a Quad Bike 

1. Ignite the quad bike engine to start the bike 

The first thing you would have to do is to ignite the engine. To ignite the engine, set their edition met and turn it to start position. After that, press the start button that is normally on the right handlebar. The engine would start. Now depending on the weather, you can leave the engine to run for a minute to five minutes. If the weather is cold, you can leave it to run for about five minutes. After leaving the engine to warm, you can now start riding the bike. 

2. Pull the clutch to engage the neutral  

Pulling the clutch enables you to set the engine to neutral so that you can engage a gear. Pulling the gulch is the first step after powering on the quad bike, it enables you to set gear so that you can build speed and move. When pulling the clutch, the quad can still move but with close to no speed. That’s why the next step is now to engage a gear. However, an automatic transmission quad bike would not have the gulch and you don’t need to worry about changing gears since it’s easy.  

3. Engage a gear 

Engaging a gear can be done by pulling up the gear shift on the left or by pushing it down with the help of the left foot. Note that this should be done while holding the glutch if the bike is a manual transmission one. Raising the gear shift pedal would give you more speed with higher gears and lowering it would give you a lower speed. Now, do this several times while riding around to get a hint of what it feels like and to get used to riding on the quad bike. Note that the gears should be engaged one at a time to allow the bike to lose or pick up speed gradually. 

4. Braking 

Braking is critical and when it is not done well it may lead to a flip of the quad bike ending in injury. Now after engaging the lower gears gradually, the bike would start losing speed gradually and that is when you will start braking. Braking should be gradual. Gently engage the right brake while slowly getting the grip on the left. Make it slow and manageable until you are able to slow the quad bike completely. Engaging the left brake instantly would lead to abruptly stopping movement on the front wheels, leading the quad bike to topple over. You should therefore be ready to brake slowly and carefully when you want to stop. 

Final Word 

Riding a quad bike naturally looks so easy to do and it seems like anyone can do it comfortably. However, you ought to be careful with it especially when you are a beginner. Make sure to take an ATV course to learn all the essentials before you can get riding a quad bike comfortably. However, the essentials above are also very important for a brief starting alongside constant practice. Learning how to ride a quad bike would take a few weeks with the constant practice since it doesn’t have much to learn about. All you need is mastery.