What to Wear ATV Riding? [Complete Guide]

Booking an ATV trail riding tour means getting down and dirty while exploring the backcountry. Trail riding is just about taking cumulative and calculated risks. So, choosing the proper clothing and gear that provides ultimate protection is essential.

Hence, it’s important to ponder upon what to wear ATV riding? Or which clothing and accessories provide the ultimate protection?

Here is a complete guide about the gear and apparel for ATV trail riding. Let’s get started!

1. Helmets

The helmet is one of the essential pieces of apparel for ATV riding. Like the motorcycle helmet, the ATV riding helmet helps protect your head. Needless to say, the head is the central part of the body, which must be well-protected from any injury. For that, you need to choose the best helmet size to ensure maximum protection.


O’Neal Off-Road 2Series Slick is one of the best helmets on the market. It has gained some of the most amazing user reviews.

2. Goggles

From twigs of dirt to small particles and beyond, thousands of different things come flying to our eyes during an ATV ride. A pair of UV polarized goggles is what you need for a perfect vision. It protects your eyes from flying debris and bright sunlight in hot summers.

Goggles for atv

Make sure that you get a comfortable pair to wear with your helmet. Moreover, goggles with removable or replaceable lenses are the best bet. Otherwise, you’ll have to change them frequently due to massive scratches that dirt and debris leave on them.

3. Gloves

Protective gloves are also essential for a safe ATV ride. They must include a grip on the palm so that you can keep your hands in the right place while riding an ATV.


With separate sections for each finger, gloves perform fine hand movements best. Moreover, if you are riding an ATV in cold weather, go for insulated gloves – they are a lifesaver.

Seibertron Dirtpaw is one of the most comfortable gloves for dirt bikes. They offer an amazing grip at a very affordable price.

4. Durable Riding Boots

Protecting your feet during an ATV ride is also quite significant. A good pair of closed-toe shoes with soles that provide the necessary grip can make your ATV trail riding experience even more comfortable.

Durable Riding Boots

While riding an ATV, you’re likely to walk in mud, which is why we recommend getting boots with some cleats. Moreover, for durability, you need to inspect the buckles. If they are of low quality, they can ruin your trip and won’t last long. Finally, if your ATV has a foot shifter, consider getting boots with an extra layer of protection for the left foot. Usually, a plastic toe guard is what experts recommend.

O’Neal Rider Shorty boots are quite durable and provide the necessary protection. They have a toe guard and padded sole.

5. Padded Long Pants

For safe ATV rides, you need durable cargo pants with reinforced padding and separate knee pads.

Avoid light pants that could easily tear and do not provide any protection. Instead, go for specifically designed, perfect fit, and durable pants for your lower body. A good pair of jeans will do the trick, or perhaps something that’s equally durable, like a solid pair of work pants.

6. Long Sleeves Shirt

Consider a long-sleeved shirt rather than a tank top or a sleeveless tee for ATV trail riding. That’s because if you are going to be rolling through a rainforest or along a scorching sun-blasted beach, then covering your arms is important.

A long sleeve shirt protects you from the sun and dust in summer on the four-wheeler ride. Just like the jeans, consider a light, breathable, and cotton shirt if you’re riding on trails in hot weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

What shoes should I wear?

You must consider wearing durable footwear or hiking boots that fairly protect your ankles. Any shoes that keep your feet away from debris and rocks will work best. Some people even wear flip-flops, but they are quite unsafe for the trip.

What should you bring ?

An essential pack for every ATV rider is the first aid box for an emergency. Moreover, proper riding gear, mobile phone chargers, AirPods, and sunscreen are equally important to have on the trail.

Do you need sneakers ?

Yes, sneakers are also closed-toe shoes that you can wear while on an ATV ride. They give protection to your toes as well as ankles. They also protect your feet from the motor’s excess pressure and heat along the dirt and rocks on the trail.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best clothing and gear is crucial for a safe ATV riding experience. The fun of this power sport depends upon protecting yourself to fully enjoy the adventure. Plus, comfort is another equally important factor. So for a safe and enjoyable ATV ride, consider wearing trail riding pants, hiking boots, a protective vest, handlebar muffs, a long-sleeved shirt, and a helmet.