What To Wear Riding ATV Trails?

One of the most important things to take into account, whenever you’re doing something like a certain specific activity, or going to a certain place, or practicing a sport...is wearing the right clothing and attire. (Plus having the right gear, accessories, and items!) 

The same absolutely goes for riding ATV trails! In fact, it’s incredibly important to be wearing the right things, in order to guarantee comfort and safety! 

An ATV is an All-Terrain vehicle, often better known as a quad bike. These are incredibly fun to ride, and they allow you to ride on rougher trails or even off-trail, as you explore your surroundings in full adventure mode. However, it combines driving and adventure all in one, so of course, you have to take care to make sure you are doing it safely, avoiding any possible accident or injury! 

One of the most important parts of safely riding an ATV is wearing the right things. Wearing the wrong clothes can put you in harm’s way, as well as being uncomfortable, and the same goes for the accessories or additional items that you might or might not wear on you. 

So, what should you wear while driving your ATV? Let’s dive right in! 

What clothes to wear while riding an ATV: 

Let’s start by talking about the clothes you should or shouldn’t wear while driving an ATV on or off-trail.

Professional ATV drivers will usually have a special outfit or uniform that they wear, with the clothing being completely designed and specialized for that exact activity, so that they are fully protected and comfortable, with practicality and convenience being the top priorities. 

However, if you’re driving an ATV for fun, and you’re not an advanced professional dedicated to it, you probably won’t have a specific outfit for the occasion, so instead you have to know what clothes to pick and choose from your wardrobe, in order to ensure they are suitable for the adventure ahead. 

For starters, you need to be aware that driving an ATV will almost always result in you getting super dirty. After all, you’ll be driving over rough trails, with dust and mud and plenty of other things. So it’s important that you wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty! (Or in other words, don’t wear something fancy or new unless you’re prepared for it to get wrecked). 

Let’s look at some specific clothing items: 


You should wear sturdy and comfortable pants that give you freedom of movement so that you can comfortably swing yourself onto the ATV and drive it. Ideally, they should also be waterproof and wind-proof, so that your legs don’t suffer while on the drive. 

However, it mainly depends on the weather and on the area where you’ll be riding your ATV, so keep those factors in mind! Comfort and practicality should be a priority. 


It is highly recommended that you wear a long-sleeved shirt, even if it is warm outside. This way you will be better protected against the sun and the UV rays, and you will also be better protected from the dirt and debris, as well as the wind. 

However, it’s also important to use a breathable shirt, so that you don’t get too sweaty or overwhelmed, and so that your body can still breathe and be comfortable! 

Also, prioritize well-fitting clothes rather than loose ones, as the wind might lift them up if you’re driving especially fast! 


Depending on the weather and the area you are riding your ATV in, you might consider wearing a jacket. If this is the case, we recommend you use a sturdy jacket that might help protect your body in the case that you do fall off your ATV. A jacket will also protect you from dirt and debris, and if it’s windproof it will also protect you from that! 

Plus, if your jacket has zipped pockets it can be a great place to carry whatever essential items you need to take with you! 

What footwear to use while riding an ATV:

When choosing the clothing you’re going to wear on your ATV riding adventure, it can be really easy to accidentally overlook your footwear when shoes are actually a pretty important part of your overall outfit and gear! 

As always, what’s most important is that your shoes are comfortable to you, as well as practical and able to be used on rough terrains. However, the recommended footwear for ATV riding is over the ankle boots, ideally ones that are water-proof. These could also be insulated, if you’re driving in cold weather, to keep your feet warm! 

Over the ankle boots will have a solid thick sole, so that you have good traction on the ATV as you drive, and they should also protect your feet and ankles in the case of a fall. Plus, this type of footwear is ideal for rough terrain, or for making your way through dirt and mud! 

What accessories to wear while riding an ATV:

Once you have your clothes ready, it’s important to equip yourself with suitable accessories and additional pieces of gear, to ensure you are 100% ready for your ATV adventure. Some you might have yourself, and others will be provided to you when you pick up the ATV vehicle. (Although this depends on which company you’ve rented the quad bike from, sometimes you might have to pay extra for the gear!) 

Here are some of the main accessories you should wear while riding an ATV: 

A helmet:

This one is pretty obvious, but in the same way, you should wear a helmet when riding a normal motorbike, you should also be wearing a helmet when riding an ATV quad bike. 


These will not only protect your hands from the weather conditions and wind, but they will also provide you with the necessary grip to keep control of your quad bike! 


These are super useful, especially to keep the wind from causing you to close your eyes, or to keep away any dust from the road! 

An ATV communications system: 

These aren’t always available, but they come in super handy as it is essentially a Bluetooth connection from your ATV helmet to your phone or another device, allowing you to contact people while you drive, or to even listen to music.