4 RV Campgrounds in New Hampshire You Should Check Out For Your Next Trip!

New Hampshire is breathtaking in summer, beautiful in autumn, and peacefully enchanting in the winter. When I visit, I’m mesmerized by the adorable quaint little towns juxtaposed with the vast and glorious wild expanses. I can’t help but want to put on my hiking boots and race off like an unleashed animal towards the mountains. It’s this raw beauty and mountainous terrain that makes it ideal for winter getaways. Skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing are just a few ways to expend some energy and get the adrenaline pumping. Visitors should remember to cozy up their RV before heading out. RV Campgrounds in New Hampshire Geographically, New Hampshire is a state in New England, bordering Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maine, with a coastline set against the Atlantic ocean. Travelers should be sure to visit Mount Washington, the highest peak in the northeastern part of the country, standing at 6288 feet. Ask about the Cog Railway to the summit. There is also the Lost River Reservation, which features a string of caves in the White Mountains. The Lost River disappears into a sheer glacial gorge filled with momentous granite blocks. It’s just breathtaking! Travelers should be sure to check that their RV tires are road trip ready and refer to my list of campground recommendations. By the way, we also have a detailed guide if you are camping in Louisiana in your RV.

White Lake State Park, Tamworth

This campground is unique, with lake access plus a swimming beach. It has a large capacity with 203 campsites. Guests can relax in quiet appreciation of the glacier-formed lake as it glimmers. This area is an explorer’s dream, as visitors can swim in the clear lakes, paddle with the kayaks, cycle the winding trails, and disconnect from it all. Cool shady spots on this site are a welcome relief in summer. There are full hookups and lean-tos for RV’s. Day visitors are allowed into White Lake State Park, but the number is limited so that the area does not become crowded.

Sugarloaf Campgrounds, Twin Mountains

I selected this destination because of its proximity to Sugarloaf Mountain and because it’s a hiker’s paradise. I recommend that travelers trek up Sugarloaf mountain to enjoy the spellbinding views at the top. For those that want a more leisurely stroll, try 2.8 miles along the Zealand River banks. This campground is close to Mount Washington and the Cog Railway. It is more on the rustic side with no showers but is well worth the sacrifice for the crystal clear streams, forests, and access to the northeast’s highest peaks. There are RV sites, but no hookups. Some of the sites have a length restriction, so campers should pay attention when they book.

Danforth Bay Camping & RV Resort, Danforth Ponds, Freedom

This resort is nestled between the Lakes Region and the White Mountains in Freedom. This resort has 300 spacious sites amongst 185 forested acres and a half-mile of lake shoreline to park up, rest up and let nature take over. Campers can attend the arts and crafts, bingo, sports activities, and heated pools. Danforth Bay Camping & RV Resort I suggest campers also take the time to hike up Mary Mountain and enjoy the splendid views of the Green Mountains and Ossipee Lake. This resort is Big Rig friendly so that any RV is welcome. There are even deluxe sites with patio furniture and a concrete slab to park on.

Wakeda Campgrounds LLC – Hampton Falls

These campgrounds are ideally situated within eight miles of the lively Hampton beach and close enough to enjoy on and off-site activities. Wakeda Campgrounds are set amongst the pines with a scenic coastline so you can experience a beach getaway and then retreat amongst the shady trees. My only dilemma is what to do first? Swim, picnic, make an ice cream sundae, boat at the beach, or even golf perhaps? Or maybe I could just kick back and do sweet nothing. This campground treasure is RV friendly, offering full hookup, hot showers, cellular reception, and Wi-Fi. Dogs are also welcome. I agree with the ‘excellent’ reviews as rated on Google.

What Makes RV Campgrounds in New Hampshire Better Than RV Parks in Arizona for a Trip?

Creating a travel plan, RV campsites in New Hampshire offer a unique encounter unlike those in Arizona. New Hampshire’s stunning landscapes and diverse seasonal changes provide a more picturesque environment for camping trips. Moreover, New Hampshire boasts a wider array of outdoor activities when compared to the options available at RV parks in Arizona.

My Verdict

For those that don’t already own an RV, find a hire in New Hampshire and take action. Just writing this makes my heart yearn for the pristine forests, the smell of pine, the tingling of cool water on my skin, and the grip of my hands on my RV steering wheel.

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