How to Tell If Starter Is Bad on ATV

A starter solenoid as we well know is a very crucial Electric part Electric in the sharing operation. In case you really want your ATV to work safely then you should possess the knowledge of how to identify a bad starter solenoid. Down below we have provided you with some tips on what is a starter solenoid and how to tell if starter is bad on ATV. 

What Is a Solenoid Starter? 

Before you begin to know how to tell if starter is bad on ATV, you should know what a solenoid starter is. A solenoid starter comprises two parts namely; the electromagnetic part and the switch. This is one of the most crucial components of the ATV starter

Functions of the ATV Starter

There are two main functions of the ATV starter. The first one is the starting of the ATV starter circuit using the two mechanisms which are on or off to the solenoid starter through the battery connection. This is a crucial function on how to tell if starter is bad on ATV. This function entails that when you ignite the switch, the starter circuit is turned on and this allows the electric current to flow to the starter solenoid, thus the electromagnetic force is generated. The electromagnetic force generated will immediately attract the iron core in order to create the contact in between the poles, connecting one of the poles to the battery’s positive pole and the other to the solenoid starter. 

The second function is the starter solenoid gear drive that is engaged with the flywheel. This function assists the solenoid starter to maintain its efficiency and the working pace of the internal motors to a point where the starting operation is complete. This function allows the electric current to flow in the suction coil, thus creating a magnetic force of which attracts the iron core in motion and displaces the fork towards the back, so that there is contact created between the engine flywheel and the starter gear. In other instances, the current can flow in the coil, thus generating a magnetic force that ensures that the core is pulled back to ensure the stability of the startup. This is also a key function on how to tell if starter is bad on ATV. 

Steps on How to Tell If Starter Is Poor on ATV

Test using a voltmeter

Solenoid starter is the crucial part of the ATV that is used in starting the vehicle. The solenoid starter is based on the principle whereby the electric current flows towards the starter coming from the solenoid, through rotation of the solenoid. In some cases you can encounter problems using your starter follow the steps down below: 

Switch off your ATV and locate the position of the starter solenoid cable, follow it to trace the engine under the seat. 

Check the status of the battery using the voltmeter

In the case that you have already replaced the ATV battery and the current situation had not improved. Just keep all the connections from the previous step and only connect the red wire to the ATV magnet wire, while the ATV black wire is still on the battery terminal which is black. 

Screwdriver test 

A screwdriver can also be used in testing the ATV solenoid starter. In the first case, you can use the screwdriver and connect two starter solenoid terminals. In the second case, you can try to shake the connection wire of the ATV battery and the starter. The circuit can be poorly contracted even though the ATV starter is properly working. 

Starting ATV test 

You can also rely on certain strange noises occurring near the ATV starting motor, so as to be sure whether the solenoid starter has a certain problem. You can find in some of the cases, if the ATV starter has refused to rotate or rather it is rotating at a very low speed, you will hear a certain noise immediately after the ATV starter stops. Down below are some steps on how to perform it. 

Use the wire in order to create an emergency circuit for your starter by connecting the positive battery terminal lead and also the B starter terminal by use of the wire 

Turn the ignition switch or button to position start, hence the starter will begin to work together with the car engine. 

After you have already heard the noises, ensure that you have removed the power cord and take your car to be repaired at the repair shop you go to and get your solenoid starter repaired. There they could also take you through how to tell if starter is bad on ATV. 

Causes of a bad solenoid ATV 

There are so many reasons as to what can cause a bad solenoid ATV. We have given you the reasons down below. 

The wire used is bad. It becomes a problem if the solenoid starter is under some pressure in poor wiring. The wire can lead to a lot of current being supplied to the solenoid starter. When the ATV terminals are connected badly or they are loose, then this can be the cause of bad wires. 

Too much heat. Overheat is experienced when the high currents are flowing towards the solenoid for quite a duration. Overheat can also be experienced when the start position is away from the ignition button or switch for quite a duration. 

The moisture effect. It becomes a major problem when moisture has entered the solenoid starter. The electricity contracts can cause corrosion. The conductivity is reduced by the surface contact. The starter click definitely will be heard only once. This is because currently used is not enough for the operation to be completed. 

Too much fastening of bolts. In certain moments, when the fastening tools experience a large torque, this makes the outside and inside parts of the solenoid starter crack and twist. The mechanical failure or shorting will soon come and affect all the other parts. Before you know how to tell if the starter is bad on ATV, you should be aware that the solenoid starter is part and parcel of the starter system. So a starting problem can be the mistake of the starting solenoid.