How to Start ATV with Bad Starter

The solenoid starter generates an electric signal coming from the ignition key and is converted into a high voltage electrical signal which now has the power to activate and start the motors. This article will explain to you how you can use it and how to start ATV with bad starter. First of all, you should be aware that the ATV cannot start to incase there is a problem with the starter. It is not necessary that every time you encounter a problem with the solenoid starter, you should replace it. Sometimes all it needs is a little bit of troubleshooting. 

Symptoms Are Accompanied by a Bad Starter Solenoid

Before you begin to identify the solenoid starter problems, battery problems should not be considered. There are several signs that show that there is a problem with the solenoid starter which includes 

The vehicle fails to start

This is one of the most common signs that there is a problem with your solenoid starter. In case you have already initiated the process of ignition and the vehicle fails to start, it may be caused by a faulty starter. Most of us wonder how to start ATV with bad starter or a faulty one 

The starter is still on after the engine is initiated

When you have already initiated the engine and stopped pressing the solenoid starter button, the circuit is meant to cut off thus discontinuing the power generated to the motor. In case your starter still remains off after the engine is already ignited, the most likely problem is that the crucial contacts in the starter have been welded together in a position close to another. 

The starter producing a click sound 

This is one of the most common signs especially when the battery has low amps or because the starter is not generating a strong enough signal. 

The problem of intermittent starting

A starter solenoid relay transmits power towards the starter every time engaged. If the system is not working and has got some problems arising from debris, excessive heat, dirt among other issues. For those asking how to start ATV with bad starter, well the starter sporadically might operate. When you try to put on the ATV, and the starter doesn’t instantly activate but on the other hand works when the switch is turned on again, then the most likely problem is with the solenoid. 

How to Test Your Solenoid ATV

There are two basic ways to test your solenoid ATV. The two main tests are the solenoid ATV test 1 and the solenoid ATV test 2. You will also need some tools in order to evaluate the conditions and conduct the testing of which includes the Back probe kit and the digital multimeter. 

Solenoid ATV test 1 

This test was developed to establish whether the contractor is constantly pushing up to ensure the solenoid connection is complete. You should: 

Use the probes at the back to ensure there is a connection between the solenoid wire that is connected to the solenoid starter and the battery. Begin testing using the battery negative side. 

Connect the second probe at the back, towards the solenoid, and ensure that you have connected it with the battery’s positive side. 

Once you have finished doing all of these above, you should be able to hear an audible enough click as the connector is momentarily pushed upwards in order to complete the full circuit. 

Solenoid ATV test 2 

You should be able to disconnect the probes at the back from the positive side of the battery, while not misplacing the first setup connections. 

Ensure that you have connected the multimeter with the main connectors of the solenoid and set it up for a resistance test. 

You should be in a position to see an “OL”, upon completion of the connection indicating that it is an open circuit. 

Then ensure there is a connection between the probes at the back, from the first step with the battery’s positive side. This will ensure the solenoid is energized thus pushing the connector into position hence the completion of the full circuit. 

 The test entails that you should be able to check and make sure that the connector is well engaged and is completing the circuit. You should also make sure that the starter circuit is always connected upon engagement of the connector. 

How to Start ATV with Bad Starter 

In case you have a bad starter solenoid, you can start your ATV, by simply jumping the solenoid wire using a wrench. You will need to locate where the starter solenoid is first, usually on the outside of the circuit plastic or can be under or next to the battery and close with the wiring harness. You should be able to trace two big wires once you have found the solenoid starter. If it is already set up perfectly, then you should be in a position to jump the wires and start your ATV. 

Are the starter relay and solenoid similar? 

The starter relay comprises the coil wire that is bound around a ferrous core with an armature placed on one coil. However, a solenoid is a coil that encloses a plunger that is movable. It is different from the starter relay that has a plunger that doesn’t move, the solenoid is a coil made of steel or iron that has the room to either move in or out from the coil. You can occasionally interchange the words relay and solenoid. 

Can you jump-start the solenoid starter? 

As we have already discussed on how to start ATV with bad starter, you can also jump-start the solenoid starter effectively in case you have a strong and good battery to start and engage the engine. You should only go ahead and proceed to increase your battery’s current to move or turn the motor. In case your battery cannot produce enough power to move the motor, then the jump-starting process might not work. 

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