How to Start an ATV That Has Been Sitting

A sitting ATV has so many chances of not starting the first time. Naturally, when any machine has been left sitting for a while, chances of starting efficiency are usually very low. Some would start depending on their condition, while others won’t start at all before sine issues are fixed. Before you start an ATV that has been sitting, you ought to check with a number of things around it and make sure that everything is okay. Sometimes, the checking alone might not reveal imminent trouble until their quad refuses to start. That is why we have to know how to start an ATV that has been sitting. 

The longer the ATV had been sitting, the slower it might start or the higher the chances that it might not start at all. So before you start the bike, it is important to check with the following things and be sure to fix them if there is a problem with any of them. They are basically the main. Imponents that help to start up the bike and each one of them is important. It would be important to check and make sure that each of them is working correctly before even attempting to start the quad. 

How to Start an ATV That Has Been Sitting

“font-weight: 400;”>1. Check the battery 

When the battery has been sitting in the ATV for such a long time, the best thing to do would be to recharge it since it possibly would have died out. Recharge the battery until it is full before you get it on the ATV for testing. If it has been sitting for long, the performance might not be as impressive and so we have to go to the next option. If the battery has died completely and can’t hold the power or cannot start the engine at all, you need to buy a new one. Getting a new battery would boost the performance and it may work easily. 

2. Check and clean the carburetor 

A carburetor is a small device but it should be very crucial. Before you start the bike, the first time, you should clean the carburetor. Many of them would have come with the bike itself if at all the thrill before the bike went sitting was that intensive. The main thing to do is to clean the carburetor carefully and make sure there is not a foreign particle in the carburetor. Once it should be clean, you can now get on trying the bike to see if it starts. However, you can also go for a complete check on the bike before it can start again to save time. You might have to check the other features too before you start the bike. 

3. Clean the fuel tank 

If the ATV has been sitting for long, the fuel should possibly be contaminated by this time and it might not work well. The best thing to do to be even more sure is to empty the fuel tank and refill it with new oil all again. However, before refilling the tank, make sure there are minimal contaminants and that the tank is clean. Clean it properly using the old fuel before refilling it. 

4. Check the spark plug for a spark 

A spark plug should be able to produce a spark once you start the bike. However, sometimes the spark might be produced but it might not be sufficient enough to ignite the fuel in the engine. After the check is complete, be sure to see if the spark should start the bike. If it does not start, check on the spark plug again.  You might need to replace it for you to be sure that it can start the bike. 

5. Check the kill switch 

The kill switch starts the engine after the ignition. If it does not work, the engine won’t start. The kill switch might not be in good shape and that might make the bike not start. The system needs to be checked well to make sure that the power is transmitted to the spark plug to start the engine. There might be some corrosion that would block the power supply. If there is such corrosion, you might want to buy a new one and have it fixed. 

6. Clean the air filter 

With the air filter, it needs to be totally clean. A sitting ATV would mean that there is some contamination on the air cleaner. Clean it properly to make sure that there is totally no dust or other particles to make sure that the filtration is efficient. 

7. Check the exhaust pipe 

The exhaust system needs to be clean to make sure that the engine works properly. So, before thinking of starting the engine, be sure to look into the exhaust and clean any possible contamination that might be there.  

After checking all the above parts and making sure they are clean and good for the work, now you can get to the actual starting. Start the ATV as usual and see whether it works. It might be slow and might be difficult to start. Make sure to give it several attempts before you can get back to the check if it fails. 

Final Word: How to Start an ATV That Has Been Sitting 

 With the full check, it is bound to start at the first or second attempt. Make sure that the bike’s engine runs for a while before you can move it. This would warm up the engine. When trying to start an ATV that has been sitting, you need to be careful with each part and that is why the check is important. It is basically how to start an ATV that has been sitting. If the ATV has been sitting for such a long time, it might not be easy to start it up. You might need to call in a mechanic to help you put it back to its right order before it can start. The process might take some time but it is bound to work if the ATV has not had other issues in the past.