Chinese ATV Cranks But Won’t Start

This article will assist you to troubleshoot some of the most known causes as to why an ATV doesn’t start. Down below are some of the reasons why Chinese ATV cranks but won’t start. Some issues can be fixed while at home, as others you might require a bit of assistance coming from a qualified mechanic. The reasons are:

  • The ATV doesn’t have enough fuel
  • A weak or rather no spark is observed on the ATV
  • The ATV doesn’t have enough air
  • The ATV kill switch is corroded or rather bad.
  • The battery used is not charged or rather it’s bad

To be sure what is the cause of your ATV problems, you need to be well aware of how it behaves upon ignition.

Why Chinese ATV Cranks But Won’t Start

The engine in the ATV is not rotating over

In the case that your ATV fails to crank upon ignition then you should consider a few things.

  1. The ATV kill switch should be in the RUN or ON position. You should not forget to turn on the ATV kill switch. That’s the main reason why Chinese ATV cranks but won’t start. 
  2. The ATV should be in a neutral or park model. Most ATVs are usually designed not to function when placed in gear. This is a safety caution.
  3. The battery should have been charged. The battery is supposed to read the values 12,6 to 12,3V. use the voltmeter or the multimeter in order to check the battery’s voltage. In case the voltage is too low, then the battery is not in a position to start the ATV.
  4. Always check the main fuse.
  5. Always make sure that the solenoid receives power.

The ATV cannot start but rotates over

Chinese ATV cranks but won’t start is our main problem. The gasoline engine requires three very important components so as to start and also run smoothly:

  • Spark 
  • Air that is compressed
  • Gasoline

Always check whether the bike is receiving fuel and also check for the spark,

The ATV doesn’t receive or get fuel

In case after cranking up the engine, the spark plug remains dry, then you should be aware that the fuel is not making its way through to the cylinder. Commonly, it’s always an issue concerning the fuel pump, or rather the line of fuel supply has been clogged up at some point between the carburetor and gas tank. 

The elimination process is the easiest method to identify the problem. If contamination such as fuel gummed up at a particular spot or rather dirt, then the whole apparatus is most likely to be very dirty, and urgency to clean is needed for best results.

The steps that are involved vary depending on whether your ATV uses a traditional carburetor or if it has EFI (electronic fuel injections). Both the fuel injected and the carburated ATVs should not have clogged at the gas vent. There is a vent at the gas vent cap or rather a gas tank with a vent tube. Also, make sure that it is also not clogged and air can flow freely.

When the carbureted ATV doesn’t receive or get fuel

Most of the older ATVs plus the very cheap models are to date being designed using the traditional carburetor system.

  1. Make sure that the fuel valve is always on. At the low part, there should be a valve present that should always be turned on.
  2. Check whether the carburetor has fuel or is not getting fuel. This is a very important cause as to why Chinese ATV cranks but won’t start.
  3. Check if the valve screen has been clogged up. Fuel makes its way out of the fuel tank through the valve located at the low part of the tank. Inside the valve, there is a screen made of mesh that is used to prevent debris and dirt from entering fuel lines.
  4. Check and make sure that the fuel filter has not been clogged up. Not all ATVs have fuel filters that are serviceable. You should be in a position to trace and find the fuel lines coming from the fuel tank towards the carburetor. Fuel filters can be found at a cheap price and also replacing them is very easy.
  5. Troubleshooting the fuel pump if it is not starting. The ATVs that have traditional carburetors have a fuel pump that is vacuum operated. Vacuum or pressure pulses of which are created at the crankcase are used to run the model. The positive pressure ensures the fuel is pushed out while negative pressure ensures the fuel is pulled in.
  6. Test the vacuum-operated valve. Some of the ATVs possess a shut-off valve that is vacuum operated of which is only designed to make sure it is open whenever the engine is ignited and running.
  7. Make sure that the carburetor is clean.

When the EFI ATV has no fuel and is getting none

Engines that are fuel-injected tend to use the electronic pump in order to feed the pressurized fuel to the engine through the fuel injectors. 

  • Make sure that the fuel filter has not been clogged.
  • How one can troubleshoot the fuel pump for EFI. The most efficient method to test the EFI pump is to measure fuel pressure while at the fuel rail. It will most definitely require special tools.

The ATV doesn’t get a spark

Chinese ATV cranks but won’t start can be categorized even when the ATV doesn’t get a spark. You can consider:

  1. Always make sure that the kill ATV switch is always turned on.
  2. Test also if the kill ATV switch can work by use of a test light, simple basic continuity tester, or the multimeter.
  3. Check for damaged wires or unplugged wires in the model system.
  4. Replace spark plug especially if it has already been damaged.
  5. Test internal resistance of ignition coil. You should read values ranging from 0 to 2 ohm. Over the 2 ohms then the coil is most likely bad and should be replaced.
  6. Finally, check and see whether the stator is functioning properly.