A Beginners’ Guide – How Fast Does A 110CC ATV Go?

Several types of ATVs, including the 100CC ATV, are terrain vehicles. The distinction between various ATVs is evident because of the installed engines’ size. Manufacturers measure the small engines used in bikes, ATVs, and other vehicles in cubic centimeters, abbreviated for CC. The more CC your engine has, the more air and fuel it uses up, which means it generates more power. Experienced organizations for young adults, usually under the age of sixteen, prefer a 110CC ATV. This is the prime reason why manufacturers limit the top speed. In short, they put the safety of the drivers in the first place.

How Fast Does a 110CC ATV Go?

Since 110CC’s are smaller and built as youth models, they do not go very fast. The maximum speed of a 110CC ATV ranges from 30 to 35 mph. However, you can lower the top speed to ensure a younger rider’s safety. In practice, the max speed varies according to many outside factors. For example, the road conditions, the wheels, the gear ratio, and the exhaust system. How Fast Does a 110CC ATV Go

What is the Maximum Speed of a Beginner-Friendly ATV?

When looking for the perfect beginner ATV, considering the maximum speed is essential. Beginner-friendly ATVs are usually designed with a top speed between 25-30 mph. This speed range allows new operators to enjoy off-road thrills while remaining secure and in control.

How Can I Make a 110CC ATV Go Faster?

The top speed of a 110CC ATV is ideal for beginners. However, if you wish to increase the speed, there are several ways to do that. How Can I Make a 110CC ATV Go Faster

1. Performance Air Filter

The easiest way to increase the speed of an ATV is to install performance air filters in it. In turn, this will prevent the engine from overloading, thus allowing it to work efficiently. Once more air goes in, the engine can inject more fuel to generate more power, which ultimately increases the maximum speed of an ATV. In fact, you should be checking your air filters regularly to ensure maximum efficiency and also correctly clean and re-install them. These are the most highly reviewed air filters for your ATV. The quality of the air filters will also affect the maximum speed of the quads. Therefore, get the right setup for the best results.

2. Free Flowing Exhaust System

An ATV can go faster if you take out the exhaust systems or ensure good cold air intake. It is the perfect way to increase the power of your quad, plus it’ll efficiently remove the emissions from the engine. So, it is a better alternative to the previously installed exhaust systems. Upgrading the exhaust system may be one of the easiest methods, but it is also quite expensive and requires physical strength. However, it is the most effective way to increase the speed of a 110CC ATV. Although, keep in mind that you may not find the counterparts quickly in the market. This is because ATV is pretty small and mainly designed for young children, and hence it is harder to carry out the job. Therefore, you can also use a performance exhaust. This performance exhaust is a great choice for your vehicle. After installing, such an ATV will produce more torque and, ultimately, an average speed per hour.

3. Higher Grade Fuel

If you use a higher grade fuel, it will increase the maximum speed and increase the efficiency of the 110CC engine. However, experts strongly advise owners to always upgrade to a higher grade fuel in moderation. You can go up by one or two points to be on the safe side and drive your ATV faster. Since dirt bikes do not need high fuel grading, it will cost you a bit more than the standard fuel. Higher octane fuels increase the top speed and prevent corrosion in ATVs. This is the most reviewed octane booster; however, you can use any good quality octane booster you find to do the job. In addition to this, you must also research the fuel composition before taking such a step. A few of the high grading fuels have chemicals that may be harmful to your ATV.

4. Throttle Limiter Screw

Every ATV has a throttle on the right side of the handlebar. The throttle has a speed governor on which a screw sticks out, known as the throttle limiter. The throttle limiter screw determines the amount of gas the engine uses. You have to make sure to turn it all the way out to use the maximum throttle.

5. Alcohol Injection

Alcohol injection will increase the rate of combustion, which automatically means the 110CC engine generates higher power. Increased power will increase the top speed of your ATV.

6. Tires and Wheels

The condition of wheels also affects the various speeds an ATV can reach. However, it also depends on the surface you are traveling on. When riding in deep sand or snow, you will need low-pressure wheels to reach the ATV top speed. Tires and Wheels You should also consider the material of the wheels; surely, you can not expect your 110CC dirt bike to go at a higher speed with wheels made of steel. Experienced riders recommend using aluminum tires of the correct size, as smaller wheels will also affect the maximum speed. So, if higher top speeds interest you, consider other aspects besides the engine. Additional Upgrades Apart from the methods mentioned above, such an ATV can also reach the top speed if you remove the unnecessary parts. A different gearing will reduce the drag force acting on it and increase the top speed. Most riders also consider changing the gear ratio. To do that, you will have to purchase a smaller front or rear sprocket and replace the old one. A small sprocket will increase the top speed but reduce the rate of acceleration. You can also install brand new tires, speed governor or replace the gearings. Similarly, new clutching and a bigger carburetor can improve the top speed of your ATV. Young riders also install a big bore piston to enhance the top speed of their dirt bikes, although it takes physical strength to do so.

Wrapping It Up

This article lists all the common upgrades that will allow you to increase the speed of your ATV. Hence, you can aim for optimal performance once you know how fast a 110CC ATV can go. The engine is the pivotal speed limiter of any vehicle; however, you can still use some tricks aside from it.  Apart from the upgrades, the driver’s skill is also important. Yet, one shouldn’t rush into risks just to save a few seconds.