Four Wheeler Won’t Start Just Clicks

What do you do when four wheeler won’t start just clicks? Most of us have experienced four-wheelers that won’t start just clicks, especially whenever you want to start the ATV. You need to be aware of how to start your own four wheeler or quad. Most of the ATVs usually click whenever you want to start them simply because the battery has a certain problem. The problems are many such as loose connections and battery drainage. If the ATV battery is not the main cause, then the starter solenoid might be faulty.

What are the Common Reasons for a Four Wheeler to Just Click and Not Start?

Should your ATV fail to start and emits clicking sounds, several typical issues should be evaluated first. Initially, verify the battery’s charge level. Following that, assess the starter solenoid to confirm its operational status. Finally, inspect the spark plug for any abnormalities. This advice on troubleshooting clicking sounds in ATVs is useful for pinpointing the issue.

Four Wheeler Won’t Start Just Clicks – Troubleshooting

Loose connections to the battery

This problem is easy to identify and fix. You should be able to examine all the connections leading to the battery and also the starter. Sometimes the connections in place become loose especially in situations where you rode through rough trails. You should also check and ensure that the battery terminals are not corroded. If all the connections are tight and clean, then the Four wheelers won’t start just clicks might be solved.

The battery should be charged or rather replaced

Battery problems are the most common cause as to why click sounds in quads are heard when one tries to start it. The maintenance of the battery, the climate, and also the battery quality affect the battery’s longevity. In case you bought a very cheap battery, you should not expect the battery to last for more than a year. One visible sign that shows the battery is almost out of charge is the repetition of the multiple clicks. If the click sound is only one, then there might be a problem with your starter solenoid. Some of the potential causes that explain why Four wheelers won’t start just clicks could be:

The battery has become old

In order for you to test for this, you should unplug and charge the battery. Then you should measure the battery’s voltage using the multimeter. Allow the battery to remain unused for about two days then recheck the battery’s voltage. Significant voltage loss means that you should replace the battery with new ones.

Using a lot of electricity during riding

In case you charged the battery and went out for some hours then you stopped. When trying to start the ATV, a click sound is heard then there is a problem. The battery is not in a position to hold enough charge, then the load test should be conducted. You will need tools such as the load tester or the multimeter for efficient and accurate results. You will need to charge the battery at least 75% and use the multimeter and check the voltage. Reconnect the battery and try to restart the quad while checking the voltage of the battery. A value below 9.6 volts alternatively means that the battery doesn’t have enough and cant hold charge.

Current draw

In the case that you made sure that your battery is fully charged during the evening but in the morning it’s dead then Four wheelers won’t start just clicks. This means that something in the ATV is also using current. Parasitic amperage is the term referred to when a component in the vehicle is using electricity and it is not supposed to. This can be due to a bad fuse or relay.

Low fluid levels

This problem used to be most common when ATVs used lead-acid batteries. In case you use a quad that still uses this type of battery, then you require a fluid check. However, almost all of the ATVs nowadays have SLA battery (sealed lead-acid) or AGM battery (absorbed glass-mat) which topping off is impossible. In case you need to check the fluid levels, you first have to clean the battery outside so as to ensure dirt and crud don’t fall into your battery. Always ensure the covers are open and also check the fluid levels after which you can fill battery cells to ensure the plates are covered. Charge your battery and check whether it retains charge. If not, buy another of superior quality.

Cold conditions

The lead-acid batteries tend to perform poorly in regions with cold weather. Since you do not have the power to change the climate or weather and there is nothing you can do about it, then once the batteries have stopped performing well, you should consider replacing them.

The fix

In the case that Four wheelers won’t start just clicks, and you have left it idle for too long of a duration you might encounter a problem. Cars often use the alternator which charges your battery while running. Most of the ATVs use the stator, which is designed for the generation of electric power.  Unlike the alternators, the stators cannot recharge your battery. This explains why the battery for a four-wheeler must be charged as opposed to those of cars. For your four-wheeler, you need to charge the battery. This can be done by the use of a car battery or another battery for ATVs. Do not switch on the car in case you are using the car battery to avoid frying the ATV electronics.

Keep the battery healthy

Since this is one of the most common causes of ATV failure hence the battery cannot start, the battery health condition is very essential. Follow the tips given down below to ensure you keep your battery healthy:
  • Avoid storing battery with a partial charge
  • Charge the battery to full capacity
  • You should not let your battery sit for too long in between the charges. Always get yourself to plug your battery inside the jump box or rather the battery tender.
  • Do not allow your battery to drain or sit uncharged.

Final Thoughts: Four Wheeler Won’t Start Just Clicks

The top reason as to why your Four wheelers won’t start just clicks is because of the battery issues as we have discussed above. In case your battery is functioning properly, the other common sources might be the bad motor or your starter solenoid. From time to time your fuses could fail or the engines have been hydro-locked.  So, if anyone complains to you that, “my four wheeler won’t start just clicks,” you can easily solve this problem with the information we have provided you with above.