ATV Sizes for Adults

As you are well aware of the off-road department has become more popular across the country and it’s time for all of us to embrace it. ATV comes in different sizes ranging from the youth to the adults, but we are going to look at ATV sizes for adults, for all those that want to ride on their own ATVs. 

In discussing the ATV power and size, you can consider some options that we have discussed down below. During this time, it is very efficient for you to search for a four-wheeler especially if you are traveling off-road. Down below we have highlighted some of the various sizes that you can consider perfect, before purchasing the ATV. 

Different ATV Sizes for Adults 

When observing the physical posture of the ATV, you will notice that they come in different sizes. It is important as not everyone is the same. Some of the adults are short and may feel comfortable using a small ATV whereas a tall individual cannot use the smaller ATV’s. 

You should also be aware of the size of your ATV simply because of trailering.  In case you want to transport the ATV on the trailer or on the truck bed, you are supposed to be sure of the width and the length of the ATV so as to ensure that it fits. 

Commonly Known ATV Dimensions 

You should be able to know the required width and length of your ATV. Most of the four-wheelers are categorized into specific sizes. The ATV’s general length should be at 83’’ while the ATV’s general width should be at 47’’. 

Most of the machines are around this dimension. Some of them might be slightly different. This should be able to give you a better view of which size is the best possible option for you. 

  • The youth ATV’s that has a length of 50-60’’ and a width of 30-40’’ 
  • The small ATV’s that has a length of 65-70’’ and a width of 40-43’’ 
  • The standard ATV’s that has a length of 70-85’’ and a width of 43-45’’ 
  • The large ATV’s that has a length of 85-95’’ and a width of 45-48’’ 

Engine Displacement  

When discussing the different ATV sizes for adults, most of us are not discussing the various dimensions that include the width and the length. Most of the riders compare the ATV size to their respective engine displacement, which is the engine’s volume and is always in the value of cubic centimeters. 

The ATVs that have bigger pistons and cylinders tend to have a higher displacement hence more powerful. 

Even though some of us tend to categorize four-wheelers by use of engine displacement, the different sizes can also mean the actual physical dimensions and measurements. The youth ATV types tend to be lighter and smaller as opposed to the adult ATV types that are readily available in full-size and also mid-size versions. 

Experience Level 

This is among the most important details to consider before purchasing the best ATV size for you. It is very dangerous for one to drive a 1000cc ATV for the first time. Down below we have provided some recommendations for you to consider the different ATV sizes for adults and before purchasing the ATV. 

  • Use 50-70cc for kids below the age of 12. 
  • Use 70-150cc for kids below the age of 16 
  • Use 150-300cc for the new riders, smaller adults, and the experienced teens 
  • Use 300-500cc for the new riders and for easy work and trail riding 
  • Use 500-700cc for hard trails, heavy loads, and for the larger adults 
  • Use 700-1000cc for racing purposes, deep mud, and also hill climbing. 

For most adult riders, an ATV ranging from 500-700cc will generate more power for efficient trailing hence more fun. An ATV engine of about 1000cc requires a professional adult racer or rather someone that partakes off-road challenges that prove to be very difficult. Otherwise, this type of ATV is not that necessary. 

Uses of ATVs 

The different ATV sizes for adults vary according to the use of the ATV. Most off-road cars are categorized into three: utility, sport, or somewhere between the two. The sport type of ATVs is meant for recreational purposes. 

They are manufactured for effortless performance hence they are very light and offer better handling and more power. The sport type of ATV’s usually having an aggressive appearance. The sport type of ATV’s is very efficient in cornering, jumping, and racing. 

The utility type of ATV is manufactured for hard work. They tend to be heavy with a very high towing capacity. They are very common and popular on job sites and farms simply because of their ability to haul slightly heavy loads, push the plow blades, and also pull trailers. 

Finally, you have the sport-utility type of ATV. This type is very popular and is equipped to handle almost everything. You can landscape and tow during the daytime and joyride in the evening as an unwinding technique.  

Some of the Features You Will Require 

It does not revolve around the ATV size all the time. There are some of the accessories and features to consider before picking out the best ATV for you. Down below are some of the decisions to consider: 

  • Liquid-cooled vs. air-cooled 
  • Carbureted vs. the electronic fuel injection 
  • Four-wheel drive vs. the two-wheel drive 
  • Twin-cylinder vs. single cylinder 
  • Less power steering vs. power steering 

In case there are some of the specific features that you are searching for, you can add other accessories and parts to match your needs: 

  • Storage racks that are used for hauling gear 
  • Bumpers that protect the ATV on the rough trails 
  • Specialized wheels that one can use for technical rides 
  • Winches for purposes of getting yourself unstuck 
  • Lights for riding at night 
  • Snowplow that can be used to clear the snow from the driveways and parking lots 
  • Speakers so as to listen to some of your best tunes while riding 

Deciding on the best ATV sizes for adults can be very overwhelming. In order to get started, you can follow the details we have provided you with, and in case of any query, you can always consult a professional.