ATV Covers for Storage: Benefits and Insights from Riders

Ever wished your All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) could keep its glossy, fresh-out-of-the-showroom look, despite facing the weather and being used? We understand completely, as we’ve been in that exact situation as well.

Our search for an effective solution led us to ATV covers, an absolute lifesaver according to experts at Zerust Rust Prevention. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through every detail – choosing the ideal cover for your machine, understanding its benefits and tips from seasoned riders on how to maintain it effectively.

So if you’re dreaming of a long-lasting ATV with a lasting sheen, stay tuned!

Key Takeaways

  • ATV covers keep your ride safe. They stop dust, rain, and sun from hurting it.
  • Strong covers last long and protect better. Pick those made from tough stuff like canvas or polyester.
  • Choose a cover size that fits snugly around your ATV. Measure before you buy to get the right one!
  • Using an ATV cover helps save money on fixes. It keeps damage away so you won’t have to spend much on repairs.
  • Riders must clean and look after their ATVs often. This adds more years to its life and makes sure it runs well!

The Importance of ATV Covers for Storage

A perfectly stored ATV with a sleek, glossy design and vibrant accents.

ATV covers provide a shield for your ride. Just like a coat keeps us warm and dry, an ATV cover does the same for your machine. It keeps away dust, rain, sun rays and even bird poop!

These covers also stop rust and other types of harm. Rust can eat up metal parts fast if not kept in check. No one wants rusty wheels or bodywork on their beautiful ATV! So, using quality ATV storage covers is key to keep our favorite machines looking good as new.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for an ATV Cover

A rugged ATV parked outside a wooden cabin in snowy mountains.

When buying an ATV cover, look at its size and fit to ensure it snuggly envelops your vehicle. Assess its materials for durability – a tear-resistant fabric withstands rugged use over time.

Water resistance is vital as well; a good cover deflects rain or snow, preventing rust and corrosion.

Size and Fit

Getting the right size cover for your quad is very crucial. A proper fit means better protection for your four-wheeler. You don’t want to buy a cover that is too big or too small.

You need to measure the length and width of your ATV first before buying a cover. The best covers are those which can fully wrap up your vehicle, even its undercarriage. This way, you get full protection from dust, rust, and water damage without having excess material flapping around in the wind.


We know you want a strong cover for your ATV. You need one that lasts long and can take a beating. Opt for covers made from tough materials like canvas or polyester. These stand up to rough weather and don’t tear easily.

A good cover has double-stitched seams for extra strength too. It won’t fall apart when you pull it tight over your ride.

Also, look at the vents on the cover. They should let air in but keep water out. This stops rust from forming on your ATV parts. So, if the material is durable and has good vents, it’s a solid choice! Your quad will thank you and stay looking new longer with such protection.

Water Resistance

Water resistance is key for ATV covers. A good cover keeps rain off your ride. If you keep your ATV outside, pick a waterproof cover. It fights off heavy rains and snow better than others.

For indoor storage or under a roof, a water-resistant one should work fine. The best covers also have vents in them. These let air flow through to prevent moisture buildup inside the cover itself.

This stops rust from forming on metal parts of your ATV over time. Keep an eye on the stitching quality too! Top-notch stitching means less water gets into the cover and it will not tear as easily either.

Protection Against Rust and Corrosion

We all know that rust is bad news for ATVs. Your ATV’s metal parts can start to rust if they get wet. This makes it important to find a cover that helps keep out moisture. Some covers even use a thing called VCI technology.

It gives an extra layer of protection against the nasty stuff that causes rust and corrosion. A heavy-duty cover can be your best bet here. Trust us, taking care of your ride means less time fixing it later on! With these steps, you can keep your ATV safe from damage caused by exposure to water over time.

Different Types of ATV Covers for Storage

There’s a variety of ATV covers to choose from, each designed for different storage needs. Lightweight covers are great for temporary shelter while heavy-duty ones offer optimum protection for long term outdoor storage.

All-weather covers shield your machine from harsh elements and custom fit covers provide a snug fit reducing wind damage. With these options, you can pick the best cover that suits your ATV’s unique requirements.

Lightweight Covers

Lightweight covers for ATVs are great. They use a UV treated polyester material. It’s not heavy but still keeps the ride safe from sun and rain. One top pick is the QuadGear ATV Storage Cover by Classic Accessories.

This cover uses tough ProtekX2 fabric. The back doesn’t let water in, and it has an exterior layer to guard against bad weather. You can pack this cover into its storage bag when you don’t use it, so it’s easy to carry around or tuck away in your garage!

Heavy Duty Covers

Heavy duty covers are great for your ATV. They keep it safe and sound. These covers use strong stuff like marine-grade polyester Oxford. This is tough as nails! It’s the same kind used in hearty 600D fabric.

The seams on these covers aren’t just stitched once, but twice! This makes them very sturdy. Some brands, like Zerust, even build their heavy-duty cover to fight rust and corrosion damage.

The Tough Cover Basic Edition also does a bang-up job protecting your ride with its own heavy-duty fabric made of 210D marine-grade material.

All-Weather Covers

All-weather covers are a top pick among ATV lovers. These durable covers keep your ATV safe all year round. They shield against rain, wind, snow and intense sun rays. With water-proof features, they don’t let wetness touch the bike.

Plus, they can resist harsh heat in hotter months too. So your ride stays clean and dry no matter the season! All-weather covers also have tough material that stands up to strong winds.

A snug fit ensures that even on windy days, your cover will stay put on the ATV.

Custom Fit Covers

Custom fit covers are the best for ATV storage. They give a snug and safe fit for all ATV models. These are not regular or generic covers but made just for your ride. The tight fit keeps them in place even when it’s windy or during drives.

One great thing about fitted covers is their protection level. Dust, dirt, and bits of trash can’t get to your ATV. It stays clean in storage which lets you save time on clean-up later on! So, if you want a high-quality cover that keeps your ride secure and tidy, pick a custom fit cover!

Benefits of Using ATV Covers for Storage

Taking care of your ATV with a quality cover extends its lifespan, safeguards it from hazardous elements, and significantly cuts down on maintenance costs. Discover more about these benefits in our comprehensive guide below.

Protection Against the Elements

ATV covers keep all types of weather away from your ride. They fight off rain, snow, and the hot sun. UV rays can fade paint and harden plastic parts. But a protective cover stops this from happening.

It can also block strong winds that carry dust and other small bits. These tiny things can scar the surface or get in important spots. With an ATV cover on, you don’t have to worry about them anymore!

Extended Lifespan of the ATV

We know you love your ATV. It gives you joy, fun and often helps you out in tough times. But it needs care just like us. Using an ATV cover is one way to show that care. A good quality cover protects the vehicle from dust and water when we don’t use it for a long time.

This keeps the gas tank safe from any damage due to too much dampness in air or dirt getting into it. It also saves the inside of our ride from being harmed and helps avoid wear and tear caused by sun, rain or wind when we store it outdoors.

A strong ATV cover not only ensures reliable performance but also adds years to its life. Look after these strong beasts with a bit of soft heart – get them covered well when they rest!

Saves Time and Money on Maintenance

Using ATV covers can keep our rides clean and ready for action. This cuts down on cleaning time, leaving more time to hit the trails. Dirt and moisture stay out, so there’s less damage to fix.

With fewer repairs needed, we save money too.

ATV covers are a smart choice for taking care of our vehicles. They help stop the need for costly fixes in their tracks. With an ATV cover, it lasts longer which saves us even more cash over time!

Insights From Experienced Riders

We’ve gathered insights from seasoned riders, offering tips on effectively securing ATV covers and sharing their personal experiences with various types of covers. They also stress the significant role regular maintenance and cleaning play in extending the life of your cover and ATV.

Tips for Properly Securing ATV Covers

We’re going to share some tips on how to keep your ATV covers secure.

  1. Get the right size cover for your ATV. It needs to snugly fit the whole vehicle.
  2. Use straps or ties that come with the cover. These will help it stay put.
  3. Make sure all ends of the cover reach the ground. This stops wind from getting under it.
  4. Check that your cover is durable and water – resistant, especially if you store your ATV outside.
  5. Wash and dry your ATV before putting it under cover. This prevents rust and damage.
  6. Do regular check – ups on both your ATV and its cover to make sure they’re in good shape.
  7. Don’t ride alone, use safety gear, and avoid public roads when riding.
  8. Follow trail rules and be kind to others on the path.

Personal Experiences with Different Types of ATV Covers

We’ve tried various ATV covers over the years. Some were a hit, others not so much. We noticed that lightweight covers are easy to handle. They’re good for indoor use but not tough enough for extreme weather outside.

The heavy-duty covers we used were super strong. These stuck around even during wild storms and hot days in the sun. All-weather covers did their job too as they could resist both rain and shine well.

Yet, the custom fit ones stole our hearts! They fit like a glove on our ATVs giving complete protection from dust, water, rust and more.

Importance of Regular Maintenance and Cleaning

Taking care of your ATV is key. Regular clean-ups and check-ups keep it running well. They save you from big problems later on. If we keep our ATVs in great shape, we enjoy our rides more.

Oil changes, tire checks, and looking after chains are part of the job. These steps stop breakdowns before they happen. Riding gets rough sometimes but with good care, your ATV can handle anything!

What are the Benefits of Using ATV Covers for Storage During the Off-Season?

Using ATV covers for storage during the off-season provides numerous benefits for ATV storage and maintenance. These covers protect the vehicle from harsh weather conditions, UV rays, dust, and debris, preventing corrosion and prolonging its lifespan. They also keep the ATV clean, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance.


ATV covers are like a shield for your ride. They keep it safe from bad weather, dust and rust. All ATV riders should use them, not just for long storage times, but also in all seasons.

It’s an easy way to make sure your ATV lasts longer and stays in great shape!


1. What is the purpose of an ATV cover?

An ATV cover protects your vehicle from dust, rain, sun damage, and scratches while it’s in storage.

2. Is an ATV cover necessary for indoor storage?

Yes, using an ATV cover indoors can protect your vehicle from dust and accidental scrapes or bumps.

3. Can I use a tarp instead of an ATV cover?

While a tarp can provide some protection, a proper ATV cover fits better and usually offers superior protection against various elements.

4. Are all ATV covers the same size?

No, not all covers are the same size. You should choose one that fits your particular model of ATV.

5. Where can I buy good quality ATV covers?

High-quality ATV covers can be purchased at auto parts shops or online stores such as Amazon or eBay.