Must-Have ATV Cleaning Supplies for a Pristine Ride: Recommendations

Has the dependability of your ATV lost its shine after tackling difficult terrains? We understand. Discovering mud and dirt firmly stuck in every little space can indeed be discouraging.

It took us several messy experiments on our own rides before we figured out the right combination of cleaning supplies that worked magic on restoring their original shine. So buckle up, here is our guide filled with tried-and-tested tips and reliable product recommendations to get your off-road buddy gleaming like new again.

Key Takeaways

  • Cleaning the ATV often makes it work better and last longer.
  • You need things like special soap, a wash mitt, and tools for drying when cleaning your ATV.
  • After washing the ATV, use wax or seal to make it shine.
  • Cover your ATV when you’re not using it to keep away dust and dirt.

The Importance of Cleaning Your ATV

A clean ATV in a well-organized garage with cleaning supplies.

Keeping your ATV cleaned is not just about aesthetics; it significantly improves performance and extends its life. Regular cleaning prevents rust and corrosion, ensuring that each ride remains as smooth as the first one.

Better performance and longevity

Keeping your ATV clean has a big pay-off. It can lead to better performance and make your ride last longer. Think of it as year-round maintenance. By preventing dirt and rust build-up, you’re ensuring an efficient ATV performance every time you take it out for a spin.

Your pride will swell each time you see its polished shine! Plus, knowing that this type of regular care can prolong the lifespan of your ride, makes cleaning not just a chore but instead an important part of owning an ATV.

Your well-maintained ATV won’t just look good; it’ll run like new too!

Protecting against rust and corrosion

Mud is not just dirt for our ATVs. It can carry in moisture, which makes rust a real danger. So we have to clean our rides after each muddy run. Rust harms the parts of your ATV and makes it look old before its time.

Limiting the water that touches our ATVs stops rust from forming too. We use covers to protect against rain or dew when we park them outside. For the gas tank, we draw on fuel stabilizers.

These little helpers keep rust away from the inside of your ATV’s tank for sure! This way, we take care of all areas that corrosion might attack!

Must-Have ATV Cleaning Supplies

A person cleaning an ATV in a muddy outdoor environment.

To maintain a pristine ATV, there’s an arsenal of cleaning supplies you’ll need. These include special ATV soap formulated for offroad vehicles, a quality wash mitt to scrub away stubborn dirt, and upholstery cleaner for the interiors.

Don’t forget about the rubber mallet – it’s perfect for tapping out clumped-on mud or snow. Pressure washers come handy in removing thick layers of grime while air compressors or leaf blowers assist in quick drying post-wash.

Lastly, don’t underestimate chemical protectants; they ward off rust and corrosion giving your ride longevity and shine.

ATV soap

We love the X-Tream Clean MX/ATV Wash. It’s an ATV soap we really trust for our off-road vehicles. This ATV cleaning product works fast and leaves a great shine after use. The best part is that it has three must-have features in one bottle – it cleans, adds wax for shine, and helps get rid of mud.

So, let’s make our rides gleam with this top-notch ATV cleaning solution!

Wash mitt

We always count on our wash mitt to help make our ATV shine. This handy tool helps us apply soap all over the quad. Its soft surface keeps everything safe while we scrub away dirt and grime.

From wheels to handlebar, nothing stays dirty! Plus, it makes sure water doesn’t mix with oil or other harmful substances. So grab a wash mitt next time you’re out shopping for ATV cleaning supplies.

It’s a little thing that can make a big difference in keeping your ride clean and shiny!

Upholstery cleaner

Upholstery cleaner keeps your ATV seats looking new. This must-have product takes away dirt, dust, and stains. It works on both fabric and leather surfaces. Think of it as a bath for your ATV’s insides! Not only does it clean, but it also helps protect against future messes.

A good upholstery cleaner can be a foam or spray. You simply put it on the dirty spots, then scrub with an upholstery brush. Rinse off with water if needed or wipe dry after cleaning is done.

Your ATV seats will thank you!

Rubber mallet

The rubber mallet is a must for our ATV cleaning kit. We use it to knock off big bits of dirt and mud from our ride’s outer parts. This helps us clean off hardened mud that sticks to the ATV after a dirty ride.

It’s like an easy trick to remove heavy muck before we even use water. So, never leave home without your trusty rubber mallet!

Pressure washer

A pressure washer is a must for our ATV cleaning. This tool uses force to blast out water and it cleans well. We can spend less time and work hard when we clean our 4 wheelers with this tool.

Most washers push out water at forces between 1,500 and 2,000 PSI. This is just right for best results on an ATV’s body parts without damage. There are many great brands but WR Performance Products makes ones that are very good for ATVs usage in particular.

Even if some manuals say not to use power washing to clean your ATV, we find the risk worth it for the fast and easy clean up.

Air compressor or leaf blower

We need an air compressor or leaf blower for our ATV too. These tools make drying our ride a breeze! After washing, they blast out water hiding in tight spots. A good choice can be an electric leaf blower or a heavy-duty air compressor.

They spin fast – about 3450 RPM! This speed is great for outdoor gear like ours. We find both battery-powered and gas-powered leaf blowers handy. The same goes for portable and industrial air compressors.

So pick what best fits your needs. But don’t forget the nozzle on your air blower! It helps aim the wind right where we want it.

Chemical protectants

Chemical protectants are key to ATV care. These cleaning agents help keep your ride spotless and safe. They fight dirt, grime, and rust that can harm your ATV. We like Klotz FogOn Storage & AfterRun Lubricant a lot.

This product stops rust on chains so your ride runs smoother.

Using chemical protectants is not hard at all! Put the chemical protectant on a clean cloth or spray it right onto the ATV’s surface. Then let it dry for a bit before you wipe it off with another clean cloth.

Be sure to cover each part of your ATV with this coating for full protection from dust and weather damage.

Steps to Thoroughly Cleaning Your ATV

Cleaning your ATV thoroughly involves a few key steps: scraping off mud and dirt, soaking in soap water, giving it a good scrub, pressure washing for that extra cleanliness boost, then drying and polishing to make it shine.

Isn’t it exciting to learn all these tricks? Stay tuned with us for more fascinating insights!

Scraping and soaking

First, we need to get rid of the dirt and grime. We start by scraping off any big chunks of mud or dirt from our ATV. It’s best to do this when it’s dry. For hard-to-reach areas, use an old toothbrush or small brush.

Next, we soak our ride with water using a garden hose. This helps loosen the rest of the dirt before washing with soap.

Pressure washing

Pressure washing is a great tool for ATV cleaning. It’s fast and tackles tough dirt with ease. We use it after knocking off the big chunks of mud with a rubber mallet. The high water force takes care of grime that sticks hard to the ATV body parts.

This method is safe and does no harm if you do not spray at full power on soft materials or closer to sealed areas. Plus, pressure washing can reach places our hands can’t! No doubt, it’s part of an efficient cleaning approach for our ATVs.

Using soap and scrubbing

Let’s get to cleaning. We grab our wash mitt or sponge, wet it in warm water, and add some bike soap or car detergent. Then we start scrubbing the body of our ATV. This is key in getting rid of dirt and mud that stick to our ride.

We need to brush every surface with a mix of warm water and gentle car shampoo. It can be done by hand or using a spinning pressure washer brush for extra power—a good scrub gets all the grime off for sure! Make sure we rinse thoroughly afterwards to avoid leaving soapy spots on the ATV.

Drying and polishing

We dry and polish our ATVs after washing. We use a soft towel to gently rub the ATV dry. This stops water spots from forming on it. But, we don’t do this in direct sunlight to avoid soap scum drying on the ATV.

After drying, we start the polishing process. We choose good quality wax or polish for a shiny look. A thin coat is enough to bring out that great shine! The polish also protects against dirt and grime from your next ride!

Tips for Maintaining a Clean ATV

To maintain a clean ATV, make it a habit to cleanse after each ride. Use sealant or wax for added protection. Always cover your ATV when not in use to shield from dust and debris. Don’t neglect the other parts of your ATV – they need care too!

Regular cleaning after each ride

Regular cleaning after each ride keeps our ATV in top shape. Each trip can leave dirt, mud or sand on the ATV. These can hurt parts of the bike over time. We wipe down all parts with a soft cloth to catch loose dirt and dust.

Then we use a brush for tough spots before rinsing it all off with water. Cleaning after every trip helps keep our ATVs like new and lasts longer!

Protecting with a sealant or wax

Sealants and waxes are great tools for ATV care. They fight off the sun’s harmful rays. This keeps your ride safe from sun damage. Water also becomes less of a problem. The wax or sealant pushes it away.

Sealants help in other ways too. They protect against scratches that can harm your ride’s look. Rust that eats at your ATV? Wax stops it dead! Dirt finds it hard to stick to a waxed surface, this makes cleaning faster next time.

Silicone spray is another useful tool for ATVs. It blocks mud and water from sticking onto surfaces of the ride, giving them an easy slide-off instead!

These simple steps will keep your ATV looking its best for longer periods between deep cleanings!

Using a cover when storing

We know keeping our ATV clean can be tough. Use a cover when storing your ride to help with this task. It keeps the dust, dirt and rain off. Our seats stay in top shape for longer too.

A cover also stops rust from forming on the metal parts of our ATV if it’s stored outside. Make sure to give your ride a good wash before you tuck it under its cover! This helps keep everything looking fresh and ready for our next adventure.

Keep in mind, we need a dry ATV before putting the cover on to prevent mold or mildew growth.

Cleaning and protecting other ATV parts

We know that metal parts of an ATV can rust from mud and grime. Dirt sticks to the bike. Then it traps water against the metal parts. This causes rust over time. To stop this, we clean all other parts too, not just the body or wheels.

This process starts with a good degreaser for oily spots on your ATV’s engine. But take care! Don’t use it on plastic pieces because they can peel and change color.

Next, let’s look at anodized aluminum parts like high polish wheels or trim details. Using harsh items like steel wool can scratch them badly! You need special cleaners for this type of metal to keep it looking shiny and new.

Drying is also very important after rinsing off your ATV. Wet spots left behind on your ride might lead to ugly water stains later on! For drying, we use soft lint-free towels as these help in prevention of such issues.

Keep in mind cleaning every part of your ATV will make sure you get more fun rides out of it without break down problems due to dirt buildup and corrosion!


Keep your ATV looking and running great with the right cleaning supplies. Use our tips to give it a good clean after every ride. This will help avoid rust, dust, and mud build-up. Happy riding!


1. What cleaning supplies do I need for my ATV?

You will need soap, water, brushes, a degreaser, and a microfiber cloth to clean your ATV.

2. Can I use any type of soap to clean my ATV?

No, it’s best to use a pH-neutral soap specially made for ATVs as regular dish or hand soap can damage the finish.

3. Why do I need a degreaser when cleaning my ATV?

You need a degreaser to remove stubborn dirt and grime from the engine and other oily parts of your ATV.

4. How often should I clean my ATV?

It’s advised to clean your ATV after every ride or at least once per month if it is not used regularly.

5. Do I have to dry off my ATV after washing it?

Yes, drying your ATV prevents rusting by removing all moisture from its metal components before storing it.