How to Restore Faded Plastic on ATV?

Do you have an ATV that has faded plastic? ATV’s plastic usually fades when it stays out in the open for a long time or has gained long-term exposure to the sun. Most of the time, the faded plastic of ATV gets even worse due to its interaction with mud, water, and dirt.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about it. In this article, you will get all the tips and methods for restoring faded plastic on ATVs. We will talk about different products such as boiled linseed oil, paint, heat gun, vinyl liquid wax, and sand paper.

Methods to Restore Faded Plastic on ATV

Various methods can be used to restore faded plastic, but we will see only those that work best here.

Methods to Restore Faded Plastic on ATV

1. Boiled Linseed Oil

Linseed oil is one of the best methods to help restore faded plastic. In this method, boiled linseed oil is recommended to use. The oil is treated with heat to make it dry faster.

Paint Thinner

For this method to work, you will need paint thinner mixed with linseed oil. Make sure to mix oil and paint thinner with a 40/60 ratio to obtain the perfect mix.

You need to prepare your ATV to apply the boiled linseed oil mix. First, you need to wash the ATV with water to remove all the dirt and dust. Next, remove all the ATV parts so you can get access to faded plastic easily.

Now that your ATV is clean and dried. Apply that mixture evenly on plastic, and let it dry for about twenty-four hours.

If you don’t take it out for sun exposure, it will keep plastic shiny and make it look like new for a few months. And if you use your ATV regularly, the shine will last for around a month.

Note: The good news is that you can still easily apply this mixture again whenever you see faded plastic again.

2. Plastic Restorer

Using a plastic restorer is another excellent method for restoring faded plastic. This will not require much of your effort. You only need to buy a plastic restorer from the market and apply it.

You can find many great plastic restorers such as Chemical Guys, MEGUIAR’s, Mothers, Solution Finish. Each one of them has long-lasting durability. However, how long the restorers last varies with the brand. Nevertheless, most of them sustain great results for at least a few months.

The plastic restorer reinstates the oxidized ATV plastic to its normal condition. The restorers use a kind of polishing compound that is used on plastics as well as vinyl.

We advise you to purchase one that you think is best for you and apply it all over the ATV’s plastic. You can also use it on the vinyl seat cover of ATV for the same purpose. Lastly, just let it dry.

Note: You can apply it again when you see faded plastic.

3. Heat Gun

A heat gun is used for plastic welder purposes. The gun works wonders for fixing cracks. This heat gun method can produce instant results, eventually making ATV plastics less durable. Therefore, heat guns might have a negative impact on your ATV.

Heat Gun

In this method, you can only use a heat gun. Do not try to use any other equipment such as a blow torch or similar equipment. You should set the heat gun to its lowest setting and light it a few inches away from the plastic at the faded area to be safe.

This method won’t have long-lasting effects, so you will need to do it repeatedly. Furthermore, every time you use heat, the plastic will become brittle and more likely to get cracks and scratches.

Note: You must be careful when using a heat gun and follow proper precautions.

4. Paint

This method requires a little more effort, but it is much more effective than others. The process is based on several steps. Moreover, you will need tools such as steel wool, razor blade, and sand paper. Follow the procedure through these steps:

Step 1. Wash your ATV

Wash your ATV with clean water to make it dirt- and dust-free. You can also use a washing solution to remove grease and oils. Next, dry it thoroughly.

Step 2. Sanding and Painting Rack

This step is an additional step. If you are looking to work on racks, you can follow this step. In order to reach the plastic’s surface, you will need to remove racks and other parts. Here, you can use steel wool to remove rust from racks and give it a paint job. You can also give a paint job to other parts of ATV, such as a gas tank.

Step 3. Working on Plastic

In this step, you should prepare the plastic to give it a paint job. You will need to work on the plastic using sandpaper and steel wool to remove oxidized plastic and scratches.

Step 4. Applying Paint Coat

You can either choose to apply a paint coat or polish wax. Whatever you choose, apply it evenly all over the surface. Add a second coat if needed.


There you go! The abovementioned are all the best methods to restore the faded plastic on your ATV. However, to get long-lasting results, we suggest you go with the last method. A paint job will restore the ATV’s plastic to make it look exactly the same as new plastic.

If you guys face any difficulty, you can always sit and google pictures and more options to explore in detail. To help this process along, you can search for term words on other sites than the ones mentioned here. You can find a lot of information on Youtube about new plastics and old ones as well. Good luck!