How Long Will an ATV Last?

When it comes to dropping some serious money on a new  ATV, we want to be sure that we are getting excellent value for money and that they will last! After all, who wants to drop some serious money on an ATV that will pack in after a few years?

But knowing how long your ATV should last is easier said than done. You can be met with conflicting advice that leaves you unsure where to turn and what to do. You want an ATV, but you don’t want to make the wrong choice, do you? You can feel helpless and wonder what you can do?

Thankfully, we are here to save you from this uncertainty! We are here to tell you exactly how long your ATV should last to put your mind at ease and help you make your purchase with ease! Let’s get straight into it!


How long will an ATV last?

On average, your ATV should last for 20 years, providing that you keep it well maintained. That’s a long time and will certainly provide you with outstanding value for money and ensure that you get plenty of use out of your ATV.

When it comes to ensuring that your ATV lasts this long, we recommend that you regularly service your ATV so that you can spot any potential issues and have them rectified before they cause any long-term or expensive problems.

The length of time your ATV will last does vary depending on the brand of ATV too and how often it is used, as frequent use will subject the ATV to more wear and tear. Alternatively, leaving your ATV for too long can impact its lifespan and cause problems too. These issues are minor, and you are unlikely to notice that much of a difference in your ATVs lifespan.

As your ATV ages, you are more likely to encounter problems, though. Generally, once they reach the ten-year mark, you will start to notice more issues and complications. In this sense, ATVs are very similar to cars; as they age, they encounter problems. It’s where regular maintenance will come in to extend the life of your ATV.

It’s worth noting, though, that as your ATV ages, you will probably need to spend some money repairing or replacing parts. You can work this into your budget before purchasing if you would like,  but as you are unlikely to need to carry out that much work in the first ten years, it’s not essential to consider it now!

Suppose you notice significant damage or issues with your ATV early on. In that case, it’s worth contacting a mechanic or the manufacturer to identify any faults, as this should not be the case.

How long do ATV engines last?

Similar to the lifespan of an ATV in general, your engine can last for several years! When it comes to documenting the lifespan of an ATV engine, we work in terms of miles rather than years. You can expect your ATV engine to work for 10,000 miles, at least providing you take good care of it!

How long do ATV engines last

That is plenty of off-road adventures to be had on your ATV! The 10,000-mile mark also doesn’t mean that it’s time to throw out your ATV and purchase a new one. You can still expect a few more years and miles from your  ATV once it hits 10,000 miles; you will just need to pay a bit more attention to the maintenance of your ATV.

The older it gets and the more driving it is subjected to, the engine will need more maintenance to ensure that your ATV continues to ride smoothly. If you have been practicing regular maintenance for its entire life, then carry on as you are! But for those that may have neglected your ATV, now is the time to show it some TLC.

If you purchase a second-hand ATV, then 10,000 miles would be considered a high mileage and often puts some buyers off. But it doesn’t need to! While these ATVs have been well used, it’s like buying a second-hand car. Pay attention to the care the owner has given the ATV. Yes, the mileage might be high, but if it’s been well looked after, then you can still get a few good years out of the ATV, and often at a lower price too!

If you are purchasing a second-hand ATV with high mileage, it’s always worth having a mechanic check it over to ensure that it is safe for you to be riding and that there is no expensive damage you will need to repair.

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Will my ATV come with a warranty period?

Yes, like all other vehicles, your ATV will come with a warranty. These warranties are usually with the factory or manufacturer of your ATV, and you must check this before purchasing so that you know your rights should anything go wrong.

The length of your warranty will vary from brand to brand and is calculated differently. Some warranties will offer a fixed time period, such as 12 or 18 months. Other periods are determined by miles and valid until your ATV passes a certain mileage, for example, 5,000 miles.

Will my ATV come with a warranty period

Be sure to check what the warranty period is before purchasing your ATV and how you can get repairs carried out under the period you need to. Many manufacturers also offer extended warranty periods, where you can pay to extend the warranty and your coverage should you wish.

It’s always worth checking the cost of these extended periods as often they can become quite costly, especially if you never use them! Be sure to check what is covered under the period, too, so you aren’t caught short if you choose to pay for an extended warranty period.

Some ATVs will have different warranty periods based on the parts too. For example, the body might have a two-year warranty, but the engine a five-year warranty period. In these cases, it’s worth thoroughly reading the warranty so that you know exactly what is covered and for how long to avoid getting caught short!