Why Does My RV Shake When I Walk?

Having an RV is a great way to travel, relax and spend time outdoors or in new places. With an RV, the sky, or the road, is the limit! You can go wherever you want, and take everything you need with you. You can have unforgettable experiences, or make memories with friends or family, and take your RV places that you have never been before. The definition of an RV is a recreational vehicle such as a motor home, vehicle or a trailer which has living quarters designed for accommodation and relaxation. As such, you will want to keep your RV up to scratch, or it may not be as comfortable or enjoyable as it should be. With such an important purpose, it is vital that your RV is in the best working condition as possible. The last thing you need is for something to break in your RV whilst on your travels, and you’re stuck at the side of the road… So, keeping up with the maintenance of your RV is vital in ensuring that it lasts as long as possible. One of the most common RV problems is the vehicle shaking when pitched, but especially when walking in the RV. This guide will help you understand why your RV shakes when you walk, and what you can do to stop this and make your RV more stable!

Why does my RV shake when I walk?

In our younger years, we may have put up signs gleefully, saying if the trailer is rockin’ don’t come knockin’…but nowadays, if it is rocking, then there’s a cause for concern, and it’ll need to be fixed! In most places, when you find a good spot for the night, then you may find that your RV is a little unsteady, but this is usually the norm, yet there are ways that you can avoid this. You can solve this problem in one of the two ways. The first way is to make sure that your trailer or RV’s jacks are all the way down and in a secure and stable position. Then, you can use wheel locking chocks to keep them in place, and never feel a shaky or rocky RV again. The reason your RV or travel trailer vehicle shakes is simply because of the design of the vehicle. Most RVs and trailers are designed with a flexible system that is supported by springs, tires and other components that makes it easy to pitch up, but also to take on the road with you. As a result of this, they can sometimes be a little too flexible, and lead to shaking or rocking back and forth when you are walking inside of it. Basically, they are not designed to be static, or they wouldn’t be called travel trailers. Therefore, there is some give in the support system, which can lead to some movement. However, not everyone enjoys a shaky RV, so you may want to rectify this issue. Another reason why your RV is shaking a lot could be because of the ground that you are on. One of the most common reasons that RVs and trailers shake when you walk is because they are not on a solid, flat surface, as some sites have rocky grounds or bumpy grass. If you are not on solid ground, even the most stable of RVs is going to shake and rock back and forth. The best way to avoid this is to check the ground where you are going to park first, before parking on it. This will ensure that it is a suitable area, and it will be able to take the full weight of your RV and everything in it! The honest answer to a shaking RV is that it is not stable, whether it is the ground it is parked on, or the system of the RV it is using. If it is the latter, then there are a few ways that you can make your RV more stable.

Can Sliding RVs Cause Shaking When Walking Inside?

Undoubtedly, entering an RV that has slides may initially cause a sense of instability. To stop RV sliding, it’s crucial to extend the leveling jacks completely and ensure that the vehicle is situated on firm terrain. Furthermore, employing wheel chocks can significantly enhance the stability of the RV, substantially reducing the amount of vibration.

How do I make my RV more stable?

The easiest and most efficient way to make your RV more stable is to use some good stabilizing jacks. Some of these may come with the RV, but they can wear out or not be good quality. Luckily, there are plenty available online to purchase here: Weize Camper RV Stabilizer Amazon product RVGUARD Stabilizing Jacks Amazon product Scissoring stabilizing jacks are some of the most popular and the most successful, as other types of jacks like C jacks and other models are designed to give a little flexibility whilst also supporting. This is what will cause the shaking, so be sure to add some sort of bracing system if those are the ones you have! For extra stability, we also recommend using an RV stabilizer such as this one from Valterrawhen used in conjunction with your jacks, you can rest assured that your RV will never wobble again!  If the ground is uneven, then you can also try a Power Stabilizer Jackwith a durable construction that automatically adjusts to uneven, rugged terrain for extra stability and security for your RV.  With a few of these tricks and products, you will never have to worry about a shaking or rocking RV again!