RV Skirting: What it is, What Your Options are, and how it Protects Your RV

For all my camping freaks and all those who are obsessed with RV campers, we are going to discuss RV skirting: what it is, what your options are, and how it protects your RV.  We are also going to discuss the benefits of RV skirting to the RV camper. 

What Does RV Skirting Mean? 

RV skirts are a very important aspect when one is camping during cold weather conditions. In case you go to a campground or RV camp during the winter, then you will most likely see the RV skirts being used.  Most of the RV campers will have a vinyl barrier on the underside part of the RV. Offering protection to the undercarriage of the RV camper has a lot of benefits. The most important benefit is that the RV skirts block the wind. The heat that dissipates from your RV floor is quickly whisked away by the wind hence leaving the RVs underside very cold.  This can in turn lead to the pipes freezing, thus leading to a lack of water running in the RV. In the worst cases, this leads to cracked valves and pipes that can cause huge damage to your RV camper.  It is very essential that you possess the RV skirts for your RV camper, as this will reduce the risks of damages that are very costly and cannot be totally covered by the RVs insurance. The RV skirts especially those that possess high insulation properties tend to prevent loss of energy. When the heat leaves the RV floor, some of the heat is retained by the RV skirt, thus you will use less electricity and less propane will be burned. This also prevents the RV floor from being cold thus improving the general comfortability of your RV camper.  As we have discussed, it is very important that you are informed about RV skirting: what it is, what your options are, and how it protects your RV. 

Factors in Choosing the Best RV Skirt 

  • Installation process. Is the RV skirt easy to install in the RV camper and how long will it take? You are supposed to have the required skillset and tools to properly install the RV skirt. 
  • Insulating value. Does the RV skirt insulate the RV floor? Does the RV skirt block the wind? 
  • Resistance and durability. The RV skirt is made up of which material? Does the RV skirt have enough resistance to counter the strong winds? 
  • Portability. Are you supposed to move the RV camper while installing the RV skirt? Can the RV skirt be easily stored and transported?

RV Skirt Types 

The wood reinforced or DIY styrofoam skirts  

This is one of the cheapest methods as it uses readily available material that you can use to build the skirt yourself. Most people tend to use insulating materials from home construction or styrofoam.  By perfectly cutting the material with the right size, proper RV positioning, and proper security, usually by use of duct tape, you create what could be an effective barrier for your RV camper. The average cost of the styrofoam skirt can be around Two hundred dollars to three hundred dollars.  The styrofoam skirt should be regarded as disposable and semi-permanent.  These type of skirts is meant for the stationary RV campers, as most of the campers will not appreciate carrying heavy and bulky materials while traveling with their RV. They are then disposed of after use.  Unlike the vinyl skirts, the styrofoam skirts offer insulating properties to the RV camper as it is no different from the home insulation system. It is important that you know about the types of RV skirting: what it is, what your options are, and how it protects your RV.  The styrofoam skirt is able to withstand and counter the elements is based on the degree of quality in its construction. The styrofoam skirts tend to look ugly on the back of an RV if not properly maintained. 

Straw and hay material skirts 

Some of the campers tend to use stray or Hay as a good and efficient skirting method. This method should not be encouraged as there are many risks involved with it including the risk of fire is high, attracts rodents quite often, and looks unpleasant. It is better that you are sure of the different types of RV skirting: what it is, what your options are, and how it protects your RV. 

Vinyl skirts 

They are among the most prevalent RV skirting types. The snaps are to be drilled into the RV camper chassis. Most people prefer to be installed by a professional. You can opt for the DIY option that is offered by other companies.  With this system approach, you will have to do all the cutting, drilling, measuring together with the other steps all by yourself. It is definitely cheaper as compared to being installed by a professional.  It costs around one thousand five hundred dollars to three thousand five hundred dollars to install depending on the installer and the RV. The vinyl skirts tend to be manufactured for one RV as opposed to the styrofoam skirts that tend to be removed so as to be stowed and finally reapplied back again between uses.  They successfully block the wind even though they are the poorest. The vinyl skirts although tend to look good hence can be bought. 

Air skirts 

This is the most innovative and newest model type in RV skirting. They have a very unique design and do not require any installation process. They inflate under your RV being held by air pressure.  The Air Skirts being sold are based on the factors that include the ground clearance and the manufacturer’s overall state length. The air skirts very costing around one thousand two hundred dollars to three thousand dollars.  The Air skirts are made of tough material that will last for a long period even outliving your RV camper. They offer good insulation properties as air is a good insulator. They are made from heavy PVC material that provides protection. 

How Can RV Skirting Protect My RV’s Vent Fans?

RV skirting acts like a superhero cape for your RV’s air fans, battling against harsh weather and pesky debris. Opting for a top-notch RV vent fans review lets you snag skirting that hugs your RV just right, shielding its vital breathing apparatus. This armor not only extends the life of your system but also slashes repair costs.

RV Skirting: What it is, What Your Options are, and how it Protects Your RV – Conclusion

As of now you already are aware of the four types of RV skirting: what it is, what your options are, and how it protects your RV. You should be able to plan your journey without a destination, living life to the fullest.