Tents for Burning Man 2021- Let’s Ready for Next Festival

Burning Man is an annual summer event of nine days in the desert of the western United States. The event held at temporary Black Rock City erected in the Black Rock Desert. The participants from the global community enjoy artistic performances, music, and installations. If you want to enjoy the event and looking for a tent shelter, then it is important to carefully examine the specific atmosphere and other demands of the place.

The Black Rock Desert experiences powerful winds, so you should have a sturdy and high quality tent for burning man event. The metal frame should be durable and stake well to the ground. The tent should be dust-resistant and more breathable. The playa dust forms layers onto zippers, so it is vital to have zip covers.

Different Types of Tents for Burning Man

You can choose the tent of your choice but avoid choosing the cheap tent as it may not hold up in extreme winds and won't tolerate the dust storms effectively. Poles may break, blowing away the entire tent set up. There are different types of tents for the event and we will provide you with details of what we believe to be the best tents available on the market today.

Bell Tents

Bell tents have high-end yurt with one center pole and guy lines supporting it. These tents are in the range of 10-16 feet, and the zippers and thick canvas are easy to keep clean and dust-free. It won't utilize an air conditioning unit and does not provide dark during the day. The guy lines have a dangerous tripping hazard.

Dome Tents

As per general burning man tent reviewsthis is one of the popular tents with a curved pole structure. It features two or three poles that arch over the tent top in a semi-circle way. The square dome shape has two flexible poles that cross in the middle and three poles that give hexagon shape to the tent. These types of tents have a full floor area and more headroom.

Tunnel Tents

The poles in these tents are bound into a semi-circle standing in a line forming a tunnel. These tents are comfortable to pitch and provide better headroom than dome tents. Tunnel tents can accommodate more people.

Pop-Up Tents

Pop-Up Tents are flexible and straightforward. These tents are designed to take shape automatically without human help. Once the tent pops up, tie it on the ground for stability. It can fit two people comfortably. There is a door –opening, built-in floor, and single-walled design.

It is evident from the information above that there are different varieties suitable for different users. Lets have a look at the tents that are popular in the markets.

Tent Suggestions for Burning Man 2021


Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas Tent Deluxe 10 ft x 10 ft (6-person)


If you are in search of the tent that can handle the harsh weather of Black Rock Desert so you can easily survive nine-days in the center of Nevada, then no worries as Kodiak Canvas is there for you. This canvas tent tackles the windy, dry weather and offers excellent comfort.

This 100% cotton canvas is made with Hydra-Shield and is durable, waterproof, and breathable. It is suitable for the trip with your buddies or family throughout the year. The Flex-Bow frame is perfectly tempered, and spring steel rods give rigidity to the tent. The strong steel tube poles will tightly hold up the tent in extreme winds.

It is easy to set up and takes only a few minutes. This is a bit heavy, and thus its transportation is a bit challenging. It comes with the large back and front doors with superior quality zippers. The tent has two vents and four windows, allowing ample air ventilation. All the vents and windows have no see-through mesh that keeps out insects.

Highlighted Features

  • Hydra-Shield pure cotton Canvas
  • 6'6" Space ceiling height provides comfort to move.
  • Weight:73.00 LBS
  • Two large front and back D-shaped doors
  • Four large windows with mesh


  • Temperature management
  • Proper airflow with two vents
  • Polyester reinforced
  • Durable, breathable and watertight


  • No separate rainfly provided


Dream House Diameter 5m Big 4 Season Canvas Cabin Waterproofing Camping Tents with Stove Jack


Dream House tent allows you to manage the hot summer day by rolling the sides of walls so that wind can pass easily.

This outdoor luxury tent is a four-season tent that comes with a strong zip able groundsheet, and you can easily roll the wall sides on the hot summertime so that wind passes underneath.

The tent also features a stove hole, so you easily place the camping stove there and keep the tent warm. The mosquito screen is present on the doors and windows to keep the tiny creatures out.

The tent has a durable and strong PVC groundsheet that you can easily wipe with the help of a duster. It has reinforced key points with the double stitching all over. Remember that cotton shrinks when gets wet in the rain for the first time and may leak little but the holes will close once the tent dries out ensuring it will not happen again.

Highlighted Features

  • Cotton Canvas
  • 3000mm waterproof PU
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Comes with vent
  • 12inchs galvanized stakes


  • Waterproof PU coating
  • Double stitching
  • Strong groundsheet
  • Mosquito screen


  • The quality of white ropes need to be improved


DANCHEL OUTDOOR 4-Season Waterproof Yurt Cotton Canvas 5M Bell Tent Family Glamping 16.4ft Khaki


The DANCHEL tent is comfortable and exceptionally roomy. It is easy to carry around with a spacious interior. The tent is made of 100% 285GSM superior cotton fabric. The cotton material is anti-ultraviolet and cool in summers, whereas warm in winter, making it one of the best options for year round use.

The waterproof fabric of 1500mm on the surface with PVC of 540gsm thickness in the bottom makes the tent water-resistant. It comes with four zipped side windows along with four air vents along with mosquito netting. The door also has a mosquito net allowing the air to pass through.

The full bottom has a zip around, and you can easily roll all up to see the 360- degree view. The poles at the center and frame poles are strongly plated and have anti-rust treatment. On the wall, this tent has a stove jacket and can be covered with a flap when it is not in use. The rainproof rubber cap makes the frame pole waterproof.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with the short, long peg and pro-metal sliders
  • 285GSM cotton fabric
  • PVC floor
  • Door with mosquito mesh


  • The full bottom zip allows closing or rolling up the sidewall
  • Stove jacket present on the wall
  • Proper air-ventilation
  • Anti-rust poles


  • Installation is a bit time consuming

Things to Consider when Searching for a Tent

A suitable burning man tent must have the following qualities:


The tent must be spacious as people are likely to spend there more than a week, and the environment is pretty intense. It will be nice if the tent has some space inside and has enough clearance when standing up.


The Black Rock Desert experiences strong winds, and thus the tents should be very sturdy. The tent should have a strong metal frame, good tent shakes, or leg screws that can be staked well to the ground. Canvas tents are more dust-resistant, heavy and won't rip in the wind but are a little expensive.


Waterproof tents are necessary to keep things and people safe. It might be possible that the desert experiences heavy rain, so to the waterproof tent will be a good deal if you want to enjoy the event to the fullest.

Strong zippers

The playa dust settles onto zippers forming layers, so it is important to have strong and good quality zippers on the tent with zip cover.


A dust-proof tent should be considered if you are allergic and less tolerant to dust. Make sure that if your tent has any mesh opening, then it must have a flap of solid material that zipper over them. You are not going to clean your tent every now and then, so it creates vast difference once the dust storm occurs. You won't be expecting that your valuables are covered with the layer of dust.

In case you are dissatisfied with the mesh flap, then use some other fabric and cover the mesh with the help of tape or sewing it over the mesh.


There are multiple shade options like carport style structure, Monkey hut, shade cloth, Aluminet, and others. The carport style structure is an excellent option as it is easy to set up and transport. The tent has a steel frame canopy with a fabric ceiling and optional fabric walls.

In aluminum, woven metal reflects energy from the sun and provides shade, whereas shade cloth is a cheaper option.


The wind is no joke in the Black Rock Desert, and normal tent stakes get uprooted in winds that lead to tent collapse or worse. This might possibly injury people, so make sure to have strong leg screws and heavy canvas tent and keep something heavy and dense so that it can stay in place.

Final Words

The Burning Man experience is unique, which attracts many people for camping in the desert in Nevadas. It is not just a festival but a community. If you dream of attending a week of an event, then it is important to be in the right tent under the sun. This is because you have to spend almost a week with drastic unforgiving weather with strong winds exceeding 75 mph. For the elements alone, as well as comfort factors, you'll want to have the best tent for the Burning Man festival.

This event gives an unforgettable experience, but this experience will be good only when you have a quality tent for burning man celebration. You indeed get what you pay for, and cheap tents may work fine, but they are unable to withstand in strong winds. So make sure to get a reliable tent even if it is a bit costly.

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