8 Popular RV Wash Brushes for 2021

The time spent in your RV is going to be recalled for years. It's your home sweet home on the go.  And RVs are not only your friend, but part of your family as well. 

Now, we know that the grease and oil outside your 2nd home catch dust very fast while you want it sparkling clean. Frustrating, yeah?

Well, your RV needs a wash brush. Here, we have our top five list of brushes and the instructions to buy the best RV wash brush. Follow them, and you should have your cleaning problem all washed up.

Best RV Wash Brush Cleaning the Camper

Why Is The Brush Critical?

RVs are not small cars. So cleaning them with regular tools might not always be a great idea. As these vehicles are a part of your cherished personal life, they deserve personal care.

Now, if you choose the wrong brush, you will run into a lot of problems. You might scratch your paint or gel coat off if your bristles are hard. If the bristles are too flimsy, your cleaning might not be that effective. So, there should be a perfect balance.

A small or average brush might be a good option for regular cars. But for RVs, SUVs trucks and other large vehicles, you need to have a large brush with 3 or more sides to clean easily.

The handle should be long enough to reach the roof of your RV. You do not want to spend extra for a step stool. But you will need a ladder if you don't want to climb up your RV and clean the roof.

And, you also don't want to buy additional tools for cleaning other stuff. Hence, you need to find a brush that can clean not only your RVs but your regular car, the yard, vinyl, and other properties.

8 Best RV Wash Brush | Reviews and Buying Guide 2021


Camco RV Flow-Through Wash Brush with Adjustable Handle (43633), Black/Gray


You already know what a wash brush is and what it does. But let me tell you what Camco did differently to make it to our top 5 list.

This brush has a square peg design to attach the handle to the head. It will prevent the head from spinning or coming to lose when you apply pressure to the brush.

You can adjust the height of the handle from 47 inches to 72 inches, just by pushing a spring-loaded button in the middle of the handle.

Camco gave it an 11-inch cleaning head with two bristle types. The gray bristles are harder for scratching and pushing off the dirt and the white bristle for picking up the dirt.

Don't worry about the toughness of the gray bristles, as they will not damage your RV surface. Its rubber corners will also protect your vehicle from unintentional damage.

This is a flow-through brush and there is an on/off switch where the hose connects to the handle, so you have full control over the water supply. You can also use it on your regular cars, boats, and parts of your house. If you want a versatile mop, you should go this RV wash mop.


  • Built-in squeegee design
  • Long adjustable handle
  • Excellent bristle design
  • Rubber corners 


EVERSPROUT 5-to-12 Foot Scrub Brush (20 Foot Reach) | Built-in Rubber Bumper | Lightweight Extension Pole Handle | Soft Bristles wash Car, RV, Boat, Solar Panel, Deck, Floor | Bumper Prevents Scratch


The right brush can make a huge difference when it comes time to wash your RV. This lightweight scrubber offers a telescopic pole that allows it to extend from 5-12 feet, making it extremely easy to reach the highest areas of your RV with ease.

The rubber bumper helps to prevent scratches to your RV’s exterior. This versatile brush can be used for the exterior of your RV, flooring, tires, decking, and even your solar panels.

The bristles of this telescoping brush are soft enough to prevent scratches and damage, but tough enough for the stuck-on road grime we all face as RV owners.

RV owners will find this brush to be a perfect all-around cleaning tool that can be used for showers, pools, and so much more. When you are standing, you will have the ability to reach as far up as twenty feet or more.

This brush makes it possible for you to avoid getting out the ladder and risking a fall while cleaning your RV. Simply extend the pole to your desired height and start scrubbing away the dirt and grime that make your RV’s finish look dull and uninviting.

This pole is made from lightweight aluminum so you will not break your back using it. Children can even get in on the fun of cleaning the RV. You can make it a family event!


  • The pole extends from five to twelve feet
  • Lightweight aluminum pole is easy to use
  • Allows you to reach up to twenty feet while standing
  • Soft bristles keep your RV finish protected against scratches 


SENGO Car Wash Brush with 10'' Lock type Soft Bristle Brush and 60'' Dismountable Pole with on/off switch for maximum cleaning


Let yourself be introduced to the Sibory vehicle wash brush which might just be the best RV cleaning brush you will ever witness.

This is a unique 10-inch brush with 2.5 inch long bristles. They are very soft and safe to use in all kind of vehicles. You can press and wash as much as you want without the fear of any scratches.

Its head is threaded and will screw into the handle easily. The quad design makes it easy to touch all the curves of a vehicle to give it an all-out finish. This is a feature that most trucks and car brushes generally don't have.

Telescoping handles allow the handle to be extended up to 60 inches. You can easily wash the roof of your vehicle with this mop. You can attach your hose with it and control the amount of water you need to clean.

The brush poles can be disassembled for ease of storing. It scores the highest on convenience. It is lightweight and easy to carry around while being strong and sturdy at the same time. Durability is assured with this brilliant washing tool.


  • Excellent bristle
  • 4 sided design
  • Easy cleaning
  • Lightweight


Extendable Car Wash Brush with Professional Brush Head - Great for RVs, Trailers


This brush is designed to give you professional cleaning, the DIY way. The brush is not only great for RVs but also other vehicles like trucks, SUVs, vans and any other large or small vehicles you can think of.

The aluminum construction of the device gives it a very strong structure while keeping the weight down to a minimum.

You will find it easy to pick up the brush and clean the top of your RV. This brush also facilitates a good strong grip on the handle which is crucial when cleaning in soapy situations. The head nicely screws in the handle. Its brush is well made. The bristles scrape off the dirt without causing any damage to the paint of your vehicle.

Its handle can extend a whopping 46 inches increasing the length from 50 inches to 96 inches. With the handle this long, anyone should be able to reach anywhere on their RV. All in all this, device can be the ultimate brush to clean RV.


  • Excellent bristles
  • Long handle
  • Lightweight
  • Good grip


Camco Flow-Through Wash Brush with Push Button Telescoping Handle - Connect to Standard Water Hose to Clean Your Vehicle | Great for RV, Truck Boat and Car Washing - (41960)


Those who are looking for a durable and affordable brush need look no further than this Camco pole brush.

The telescoping pole reaches from 47 inches to 74, making it ideal for all types of uses, including scrubbing the sides of your RV.

This brush offers two types of bristles. The white bristles help to lift dirt and grime while the gray bristles brush the dirt away, making cleaning much easier and less stressful.

What many people really like about this brush is the fixed head. Some cleaning heads are pivotal and they move around too much to be able to really scrub away the dirt. The fixed head makes it tough against all types of dirt and grime, no matter where it is.

The bristles on this brush are really tough, but they will not cause scratches on your RV finish or your vehicle. With this brush, you can clean the tires, the sides, and everything in between on your RV. You will even find it handy for indoor cleaning.

You can even attach a garden hose to the brush and the water will flow through it, making it even easier to clean your RV. With the hose attachment, you can soap up your RV and scrub away the grime and then easily rinse it away with the flow of water.


  • The head is fixated so it offers more scrubbing power
  • Has two types of bristles for the perfect level of cleaning
  • Offers a garden hose attachment for easy cleaning
  • Telescopes up to 74 inches


Carrand 93063 Deluxe Car Wash 8' Dip Brush with Bumper and 27-48' Extension Handle


Carrand, the subsidiary of Hopkins Corporation is innovating the finest automobile cleaning tools since 1982. Now, it offers us the 93063 model car wash with its full glory.

Its brush design is very good. The 8-inch brush is backed up by rubber bumpers and its super soft bristle will go super soft on your vehicle.

The pole is telescoping and can reach up to 48 inches.

So, you can reach the furthest corners of your RV quite easily. It will also work with other vehicles like trucks, trailers, and SUVs. Moreover, it will not be a bad choice for regular cars.

You might be worrying about micro-scratches. But you can leave the thought as this brush is designed specifically for cleaning surfaces with paint jobs. If you see any scratch marks with the Carrand 93063, then you can be sure that the fault is in your dirty water.

There is a threaded hole in the brush which is angled 45 degrees. This is where you attach the head with the handle. The mop can work in a range of surfaces including the vinyl of your house and also the backyard.


  • Easy and convenient cleaning
  • No micro scratches
  • Well designed
  • Telescoping
  • Versatile


CARCAREZ 12' Flow Thru Car Wash Brush with 68' Long Aluminum Extension Handle for Auto RV Truck Boat Camper Exterior Washing Cleaning, Grey


This car wash brush is versatile enough to use for RVs, cars, and trucks. It extends up to 68 inches so you have plenty of reach room.

Although it is not marketed specifically for RVs, it offers enough length to get the job done.

The bristles are strong and abrasive enough to be able to remove stuck-on bugs and dirt, but they are soft enough to help RV owners avoid scratches in their finish.

The telescoping handle rises from 42 inches to 68 inches for a variety of cleaning chores. The foam grips are very helpful for this extendable brush because they help you to keep a firm grip on the brush pole, even if your hands are wet and soapy.

This brush can be used on all types of vehicles, including campers, RVs, and boats. Some people even use this brush to clean the siding on their homes. With the quad layers of bristles, the cleaning process is almost effortless and you will find you get a lot more done in a short amount of time. This brush is so versatile, it can be used in many ways.


  • Easy to use for all types of RV cleaning jobs
  • The lightweight metal pole is easy to handle
  • Four layers of bristles get the job done quickly
  • Offers foam grips that help you keep a steady grip on the pole, even with wet hands


Carrand 93062 Deluxe Car Wash 10' Dip Brush with 65' Extension Pole


Carrand always features quality tools for cleaning our vehicles whether it be regular cars and trucks, or SUVs and RVs.

This mop is equipped with one of the most popular brush heads. It is 10 inches and super soft. The soft brush will not cause any harm to the paint job of your vehicle or any other surface you try it on. There is a perfect balance of softness that will not fall short to clean your vehicle.

Plus, the rubber bumper also gives extra support to the head. The mop bristles are very sticky. They absorb the moisture of any surface quickly and locks the dirt in the fiber. But you will find it really easy to wash off the dirt from the head.

Its telescoping handle makes it easy to reach anywhere on your automobile. You just have to adjust it according to your comfortable size and lock it in place. Then you can start cleaning right away.

The extension pole is very strong and sturdy. It will not break any time soon if it ever does. The Carrand 93062 is without a doubt worth's its price.


  • Telescoping handle
  • Comfortable and convenient
  • Large mop head
  • Soft bristles

Premium Washing Brushes For RV- Buying Guide 

Now, if you haven't found the brush that suits your need in our top 8 list, you can look for other brushes in the market. But when choosing the right brush, you need to keep in mind some key points.

Let's discuss those points to have an easy purchase.

Bristles Design

The bristle should be very soft. You don't want any micro scratches on your vehicle. At the same time, you want to have effective cleaning. So, be very careful about the brush because it is the prime thing you are looking for.

Rubber cornered heads give better protection to your vehicle.

Handle Length

A five feet handle is ideal for cleaning large vehicles. But the bigger it gets, the better it is. Look for a telescoping handle.

Also be cautious about the heights you can fix the handle in. Always remember that you are cleaning the outside of RV, not the inside.


You should be able to have a firm grip on the bar. Rubber, foam or other materials like these work very well as coating. Textured metals are also a good option. These will help you to have a good grip on the handle.


The body construction should be strong and sturdy. Metals like aluminum and steel are a good option. Remember, if the pole breaks, the brush is of no use.


The lesser the weight, the better it is. But brushes have an optimum minimum point. Just be sure that you will be able to pick the brush up when cleaning the roof of the RV.


Well, if you keep all the things above in check you should have a pretty good brush. But, when talking about convenience, it all comes down to you. So try to buy the one which you feel good with.

RV Wash Brushes - Frequently Asked Questions

Let's look at some of the most frequent questions that come up when buying an RV brush.

What kinds of bristle head to choose?

Choose a bristle brush that can cover more side at once and is larger than general. Remember you are cleaning the outside of the vehicle. So, you have a large surface area with curves.

What should be the maximum length of the handle?

The more the merrier but 50 inches should be a minimum. And don't choose a handle that is too long. Managing it will be a lot harder.

Are longer brushes hard to handle?

They are generally not. But if the metal of the brush is too heavy, it might be a little hard to pick it up. That's why look for a lightweight handle.

Which is better, flow-through brushes or regular brushes?

Obviously, flow-throughs are much more convenient. But be careful about the hose connection and ease of flow when buying the mop. It also gets pretty heavy when you turn on the flow.

What should be the size of a bucket for cleaning an RV?

5-gallon buckets are ideal according to us. But, it depends on the size of your wash head.

Which is better, flat buckets or tall buckets?

Flat buckets are generally better. But the water in them will tend to get dirty way earlier than the water of regular tall buckets. If you have a quick refill system, you should go for the flat ones.

Conclusion to the our Guide

Here, you have our reviews and details of the RV wash brush. Remember the facts we have pointed out when purchasing one. If you can do everything as instructed in the article, you will surely have your RV shining in no time. Thank you for staying with us. You can also take a  look here on how to clean your RV Awning and also on RV fire extinguisher for a safe RVing

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