7 Premium RV Convection Microwave Ovens For 2021

We would like to emphasize a vital part of our kitchen. Microwaves are one of the greatest tools of your motor home. We use it all the time and the wrong choice can cost you hundreds in repair or replacement costs, plus the time you lose with cold, lifeless food. Here's some help for that:

This article is going to give you an overview of RV microwave ovens - their types and specifications as well as features to choose one for yourself. You will also find out what should be considered before buying any microwave convection oven for your RV or trailer.

It can be hard to find a good microwave online. We show the seven leading microwave ovens according to our team's research, customer surveys, and experience. Here are their details

Our Top 7 Best RV Microwave Convection Oven


Daewoo KOR-7LREW Retro Countertop Microwave Oven 0.7 Cu. Ft., 700W | Cream White


Winiadaewoo, the manufacturer of this oven aims to be the market leader of all electronics. Quite an ambitious target but with products like the KOR-7LREW, they are surely on the right track.

This is a retro style machine which is one of the best microwaves for RV. It has five power control levels, each specialized in different tasks.

The CRS or concave reflex system ensures the food is cooked evenly and thoroughly. This also allows the cooking to be very fast.

Another deal maker feature for this oven is its child safety lock. Children can’t access this oven without your permission. It has some other special features concerning the design like the one-touch menu and auto defrost system. This also features a kitchen timer function making it all the more easy for you.

Now, let’s have a look at the looks of this oven. It is small and will fit in any kitchen. You can get it in 5 colors. The microwave is 10 inches or 255mm. It has turntable with a reminder end signal. This 23.5-pound machine has an external dimension of 12.7 x 17.6 x 10.6 inches.


  • Child-proof
  • Interior light
  • Five sweet colors
  • Stylist retro design


  • Quality of the switches are not that good


Danby Designer 0.7 cu.ft. Countertop Microwave, Black/Stainless Steel


Try to imagine what the first image comes to your mind when you think of a microwave oven, Danby’s microwave is just that. This stainless steel black colored oven is the ideal American microwave, and one of what we consider to be the best microwaves for RVs available on the market today.

You can get it in 4 sizes and three colors. This 24.9 pound or 11.30kg microwave will easily fit in your RV shelf because it has a suitable dimension of 14 x 17.3 x 10.1 inches. But the device also ensures an inside space of 0.7 cubic feet which is not much but good for this price range.

The electricity consumption of the Danby product is 700 watts which is lower than many other products in the market. One of its most lucrative features is its ten power levels. This ensures more control over the heating of your oven.

It has a LED timer clock which makes the time reading very easy. And all the controls of the microwave is electronic. There are six specialized buttons for popular uses of a microwave. That was an example of experience of the Danby manufacturers.


  • Well built
  • Stylist design
  • Ten different levels of power
  • Six one-touch cooking option


  • Retains some odor after cooking


Built-In Microwave Oven  Black - 0.9 Cuft. - RV-980B


It should not be a surprise for anyone that Contoure has made it to our list as it was one of the top sellers in the past year. With their excellent design and experience in electronic manufacturing, they have created a quality microwave for RV use.

Contoure made this oven the perfect cooking machine for every RV. The microwave features 10 power levels which are precise for every cooking need.

It also has six specialized cooking systems that can be activated in a single press of a button. These make cooking a lot easier.

It is easy to clean, and there will not be any odor after cooking is finished. You just have to keep the door open for a couple of minutes. It will also prevent rusting, and the turntable is very thick and has a 10.5” diameter. More so, it ensures even cooking.

You can also pre-program your cooking as you desire. Contoure also included a black onyx trim kit. But it is optional. The re-heating lovers will get a lot of love from this oven as it is perfect for re-heating leftovers and frozen items.


  • Low price
  • Easy cleaning
  • Large capacity
  • Black onyx finish


  • Delivery of the product might be a little late


Frigidaire FFMV162LW 1.6 Cu. Ft. White Over-the-Range Microwave


Engineers of Frigidaire designed their microwave to perfection. You will have all kinds of features you expect from the premium RV microwave oven.

The 58.7-pound oven has 1.6 cubic feet of space inside its doors. This kind of large space is rare in RV ovens. If you want to cook big, this is your choice. Its outer dimensions are 30 x 17 x 15 inches.

So, it’s the smallest oven with the largest capacity. It consumes 1,000 watts of electricity, but you can control that with the ten power levels. But, you can worry less about an accident with children as it has a child lock system.

The auto features of this oven are one of the best in the market. It has an auto defrost option which is calculated by weight and time, an auto popcorn option for 1.75, 3.0 and 3.5 ounces, a baked potato option and an auto reheat option.

It also features two speed vents which are hidden. There is a thick turntable glass for even cooking. The two exhaust fans have a speed of 170 to 300 CFM. It has auto star heat sensor as well.


  • Childproof
  • Heat sensor
  • Large space
  • Hidden vents


  • You might complain about the handleDoes not have continuous anti-reverse


24' Master Chef Built In Microwave Oven for Home & RV, Black/Stainless Steel. 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty Included.


At number five, we have got a master device from Master manufacturers. This is the top microwave that can be built in your RV. It has one-touch start button that makes your cooking smooth.

This oven also features three cooking settings. The timer can be set up to 60 minutes. We all love melted cheese, chocolates, and butter. This microwave has a special option to do just that to make your

eyes happy. The microwave also features an easy control dial that can be used to electronically control the device. It also has a speed cooking option which you don’t see in many ovens of this price range.

Master Chef says that the main benefit is the high-speed combination. It can reduce energy consumption by 50%. This feature also enables you to reduce the time and energy of cooking which allows you to bake, brown, roast or grill in much less time.

Another marvel of this oven is the auto steam cleaner. This oven comes with a mounting base, an auxiliary cooling fan, built-in trim kit. It will consume a modest 1000 watts.


  • Auto steam cleaner
  • Three shelf position
  • Auxiliary cooling fan
  • Very good for slow cooking


  • Functions might get a little complicated


3 in 1 Oven : 24' Built In Convection Microwave Oven w/Black Trim Kit Included. For Home & RV, 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty


Yes, we had to bring another of Contoure ovens in our list. They are just so good at this. The RV-185B-CON is designed to give you an authentic kitchen feel in your RV making it a great convection microwave for RVs.

It has 1.1 cubic feet capacity perfect for cooking anything. The microwave is very strongly built. It has a stainless steel body and the black color compliments the strength of the construction.

There are nine one-touch cooking options. You will not get any more than that. Another special feature of this oven is the jet defrost system. The system cooks the food quicker than ever. This oven also has an interior light for clear visibility of your food.

One concerning issue is the unit being a little heavy weighting 50 pounds with a dimension of 23 x 22.5 x 17 inches. The product comes with a 12.5 inches turntable tray essential for even cooking of your meal. It also features a child safety lock.

The inside of the microwave is also stainless steel, and the steel makes cleaning easier and catches less odor than other materials. There are ten power levels.


  • Easy re-heating
  • Pre-programmed cooking
  • Nine automatic cooking menus


  • Huge amount of controls might be confusing


3 in 1 Oven : 24' Built In Convection Microwave Oven w/Black Trim Kit Included. For Home & RV, 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty


Our last pick for a high quality and great performing RV microwave convection oven is the 24-inch half time built-in oven. It is 3 in 1 oven where you can bake, roast, reheat, melt, brown and whatever your gut tells you to do.

You can cook with it with 1600 watt power consumption. It makes the oven better than gas or other electric ovens. The microwave also takes 1000 watts of energy.

All in all, it is perfect for cooking and all the other chores you hope to do with a microwave oven.

It has one of the best holding capacity in the market of 1.2 cubic feet. You will also find a glass and metal tray included with the oven package. There is also an auxiliary cooling fan and a black trim kit. These make the oven more preferable than other microwaves.

There is a variety of installation option with this microwave. You can attach it to your wall cabinet, use it as a counter top, and make it an “island installation” with companion cooktop. You can also slide it in with gas cooktop which is sold separately.


  • Speed cooking
  • Easy to control
  • Ten power level
  • Auto steam cleaning function


  • Noise of the oven is a little loud

Things to Consider when Buying a Microwave for your RV

Why Do you Need a Microwave?

Folks who have already experienced life on the road know the answer to that question very well. So, you guys can skip this part. However, if you still have this question then let's investigate further.

The first thing that RVers love about a microwave is that it cooks faster than anything else. You can even brown your foods with the convection feature of the oven. A microwave also creates less mess in your RV. It is always hard to clean in that confined space.

Using a microwave will also keep the inside of your RV cool. There will not be any smoke and rusting anywhere. It will also take much less space. A microwave is a must for the people who love reheating. Sometimes coffee and sometimes the frozen pizza, you will love it every time.

This device can also be mounted anywhere. It doesn’t need a fixed space. You can also attach it to your wall or in a cabinet. It will also help you to get hot water quickly in the shivering month and months of the year. 

Before Buying – What To Look For?

Like all other electronics, microwaves also has a bewildering amount of features to look for. We are sorting out those for you so that you can easily grasp all the tits and bits that a microwave has to offer.


A microwave should at least have a one cubic feet of space inside. You will get in big problems when cooking for a lot of people or making a hefty dish like the turkey in Christmas Eve. If the capacity is lesser than a cubic foot, then it must be compensated with some other features.

Trim Kit

Trim kits are important for RVs. It saves space and keeps everything clean and tidy. See if your desired microwave comes with a trim kit or not.

Power Levels

There should at least be ten power levels. Lesser power levels indicate less controls over heating as there are wider gaps between powers.

Automated Functions

A good microwave needs to have some automated cooking options. Any manufacturers with experience will include them. They are;

  • Baked potato option
  • Water re-heating option
  • Food heating option
  • Frozen food cooking option
  • Popcorn option
  • Melting option and many more

Cleaning Convenience

Food will often spill or blob on your oven floor and walls. Make sure the oven is gonna be easy to clean and will not rust for the water used for cleaning. Try to purchase the ones that have an auto steam cleaner.

Electric Consumption and Security

Microwaves deal with a lot of power. So check, if your RV power outlets match with the microwave requirements. Also, see if the device has a child lock.


The microwave should have easy to understand electric controls. It should not be noisy. Mounting versatility is also preferred when making your purchase.

How To Swap Out an RV Microwave with a Convection Oven Replacement?

Convection ovens are better than microwaves for all kinds of cooking and heating jobs. So, if your microwave is broken or you want to get a replacement anyway, you should always go for a small RV convection oven.

But replacing them can cost you some extra bucks. So, it is better if you can do that in the DIY way. Here are some alerts for the folks with minimum experience in DIY;

  • You don’t need to break anything
  • Lack of an electric screwdriver will cause a lot of pain
  • Electric supply of the oven needs to be turned off

Here are the steps you need to follow;

Understand And Unscrew Your Current Oven

Google your current trim kit and see if there is any information about your kit and oven as each product is different. Then find the screws and unscrew them. Get the trim out and unplug the cord.

Prepare Space For The New Oven

If the new oven is bigger, you might need to expand the trim or get a new one. You might also need to make your cabinet bigger by cutting it open.

Put The New Oven In Place

Now, you need to screw in the new trim kit in place and put the new oven in the kit. Remember plugging in the cord before putting the new oven in.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the difference between microwave and convection oven?

General microwaves heat your food by heating the water molecules of your food and drink. Convection ovens just have a little difference. They spread the heat with fans around your food so that you can have an evenly cooked food.

Do we need a dedicated circuit for the microwave?

Yes, of course! You can run your microwave with the same circuit, but it is not at all safe. You should better have a separate one for safety from accidentally tripping off the breaker or worse.

Is there any way to decrease inside rusting?

Keep the door of the microwave open for a couple of minutes. It will let the steam out which will slow the pace of rusting.

Are the trim kits provided with the ovens better or I should get a separate one?

You should stick to the one provided by the manufacturers. It will fit with your oven better.

Isn’t speed cooking bad?

Yes, if you are thinking in the context of cooking in a RV stove. But when in a microwave, it is not bad. Microwave starts to cook your food from the inside. So, your food will not be undercooked.


Electronics are always tricky to purchase, mainly because of the way companies market it. Companies will try everything to get their product sold which will distract you from buying an RV microwave.

Here, we have tried to show all the features an ideal microwave should have. Follow these, and you will be on the right track. Thank you for reading our review! Here is also review for RV Dishes you can take a look if you need and also don't forget to read our guide on 4Runner tires.

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