10 RV Electric Heater Suggestions for 2021 – Top Tips & More

When it comes to comfort and handiness, there’s nothing better for an RV than an electric heater. You won’t have to spend hours mounting the appliance, you won’t have to waste your money with oil or gas, and you won’t have to put yourself in danger with a very unsafe product.

With a quality RV electric heater, you can make your traveling experience inside your trailer a total paradise. But of course, it all comes down to choosing the right product.

That’s why we’ve made this guide so you can learn well enough about them before buying one. From the highest-quality options available to picking advice – read this article further and learn more! 

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With so many options to pick out there, it’s always useful when you have a list of products to go for. Here we have selected the best electric heaters for RVs and reviewed them so you can learn more about them. Come take a look!

10 Best RV Electric Heater Options for 2021


Lasko CD08200 Small Portable Ceramic Space Heater for Bathroom and Indoor Home Use, White


You don’t necessarily have to go for a furnace or large appliance when you can get a mobile one. The Lasko Space Heater is the perfect electric option for those who prefer convenience & versatility over anything else.

It comes with easy-to-use controls with a remote controller. You can see everything from the temperature to a LED indicator that tells you the heating levels. With the remote control, you can play with the built-in timer and heating settings, as well as temperature and turning the device on and off. You also have two settings, one Auto for automatic heating and a manual one for High and Low.

The heater also comes with an adjustable thermostat, where you can pick different levels on its 1,500-watt capacity according to your needs. You can also choose the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit depending on what works for you.

But what really stands out is the fantastic small design. You can fit it practically anywhere without problems. And still, it manages to offer a ceramic heating element with self-regulating feature and automatic overheat protection, perfect to keep your RV warm but also safe at all times. The exterior also stays cool, so you can touch and move the appliance whenever you need without problems.

Finally, it comes fully assembled from the box. You won’t have to install or fix anything before using. Just plug it to your trailer connection, and it will be ready to heat up your vehicle.

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality controls & indicators for easy operation
  • Excellent safety features to prevent dangers & accidents
  • Provides superb performance with its 1,500 watts capacity
  • Astonishing versatility and convenience with excellent portable design


Suburban (2438ABK Nt-16Seq Furnace with Black Grill


If you want to replace your RV heater or install a new one, the Suburban NT-16SEQ is an entirely reliable and performance-oriented electric heater to go for.

Boasting electronic ignition, you can expect exceptional results when using it. This means it is more reliable than standard versions, but also means it heats up faster and turns off more effectively.

The same happens with performance, as it will make your RV hot faster than regular ignition systems.

It still uses 16,000 BTU, which is more than enough for any RV or trailer. Even the largest one will be wholly heated up with this great Furnace from Suburban. And when you add the superb vent assembly it comes with, you obtain one of the most recommended options out there without a doubt.

The heater offers a low AMP draw, which is perfect for trailers with fragile batteries and electric systems. When you turn it on, it won’t suck energy from other components or appliances. Also, you can connect it to any 12V connection without problems.

It manages to work amazingly well without looking bad inside your RV. The excellent black grille design makes it perfect for a wide array of trailers, keeping excellent performance for heat without damaging the looks of your vehicle.

The only problem with it would be the lack of a thermostat. However, you can hook it up with any standard or branded thermostat and get the most reliable experience you can think of. From installation to overall looks and performance – this RV heater won’t let you down.

Highlighted Features

  • Superb electronic ignition for faster powering and heating up
  • Excellent black grille design adds a serious touch to your RV
  • Offers 16,000 BTU for effective heating at all times
  • Comes with vent assembly for easy installation



One of the smallest options in the list, but incredibly powerful nonetheless to give your RV an excellent warm touch. The ability to heat up fast and effectively is something you won’t get with other options.

Its smallness with excellent steel construction makes it wholly reliable at all times. And with the durable aluminum finish, you can expect this heater to last a lifetime effortlessly. But with the safety features it offers including the safety shut-off and the overheat protection; you will obtain one of the most reliable options for RV heaters.

You can enjoy a two-mode capacity where you can make it work with 1,500 or 1,200 watts with a ceramic heating element, or using it as a fan-only for low heating. And to choose the right temperature, you have a handy thermostat with control dial, so you can keep the ideal warmth while traveling.

It also offers excellent versatility, including the integrated handle for carrying and superb 6-feet power cord so you can install it anywhere. This heater also comes with rounded bumpers, so you can keep your surfaces scratch and tear-free inside your trailer.

And when you add its 32-pound weight, you’ll be able to move it in and out your RV without problems.

Highlighted Features

  • Performance with up to 1,500 watts capacity
  • Completely reliable & easy-to-use controls with rotary dials
  • Several temperature levels and heating modes for a versatile operation
  • Superbly convenient with a small design, 6-foot cord, and carrying handle


Lasko CD09250 Ceramic Adjustable Thermostat Tabletop or Under-Desk Heater, Black


Despite being the smallest option in the list, it is still one of the most effective. The Lasko CD09250 provides all the heating capacity, ease-of-use and superb functions for a hugely enjoyable experience in your trailer.

The first thing to stand out about this heater is the simple controls. Coming with two knobs on top of the heaters, you can pick three different settings according to your needs and use the thermostat dial to change temperature.

The settings are Fan Only, to reduce warming capacity, Low Heat for low heating, and High Heat, if you want to make your RV hot enough. This heater also manages to offer 1,500 watts of capacity thanks to a ceramic heating element.

With the eleven different temperature settings you have alongside an excellent heating capacity, you can enjoy an awesome performance that not many other products offer.

Alongside its great power, you also get a wholly versatile & convenient design. With this heater, you get a carrying handle, to make it easy to move. It also comes with a small design, fully assembled from the box, so you only need to place and connect it to enjoy its excellent performance.

Apart from all that, this heater delivers excellent safety features, including overheating protection and a cool-touch exterior so you can move and operate it without issues.

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality control knobs for settings and temperature
  • Up to 11 different settings for a more versatile operation
  • Excellent 1500 watts capacity for outstanding performance
  • Very convenient design with safe functions for a reliable experience



One of the most efficient, performance-oriented, and still affordable options in the market – the DeLonghi ComforTemp is surely a radiator heater you don’t want to overlook.

Let’s start with its ability to use little energy, saving you battery life and giving your RV more power for other things.

But this efficiency is also translated into great performance, using thermal slots that maximize overall heat transfer inside the appliance to give your trailer a perfect temperature at all times.

And it still manages to be entirely adequate for heating, offering 1500 watts of performance but being silent and easy to use. It works exceptionally well for any RV, especially for its excellent small design and steel construction, making it reliable and easy to move.

To use it, you simply need to move it to the desired place in your trailer using its SmartSnap wheels and configuring the desired settings with its adjustable thermostat and three heat settings. You also have a ComforTemp button which automatically makes the appliance work with less energy while keeping your trailer in the ideal temperature.

Finally, you won’t need to install anything to use it. Just get it off the box and connect it to enjoy its heating capacity. But despite its straightforward process, you have great safety features such as a thermal cut-off to prevent overheating, a wholly sealed build, and an anti-freeze feature for avoiding frozen pipes.

Highlighted Features

  • Performance at 1500 watts with three heating settings
  • Safe and reliable build with useful overheating & freezing protections
  • Handy installation & operation with SmartSnap wheels and thermostat
  • Superb ComforTemp function for ideal temperature with low energy usage



Everyone wants a product that’s reliable and easy to use, something like the ComfortZone Bovado portable space heater. With an enticing and versatile design, you can get the most out of this product without much effort.

It is a multipurpose heater for those who need excellent results, warming of the trailer at the most comfortable levels.

And that’s precisely what this appliance offers, using a fan-forced heating dispersion that makes any interior of an RV completely warm and comfy.

The design of this heater is also amazing, which alongside its heating process makes it completely easy to use. You get a lightweight product with carrying handle that you can take anywhere. Whether it is placing it alongside the driver of the trailer or in the bathroom or bed area, this portable heater will always work wonders.

It is also one of the most efficient out there, using little energy to turn on with any 120v connection. The 6-foot power cord and adjustable dials make it an excellent choice, but it is the 1500 watts heating power that gives its users the real deal.

Using it is a total piece of cake nonetheless; with the adjustable thermostat and three-setting dial for Fan Only, High Heat and Low Heat. You can also enjoy its PTC heating system which uses ceramic heating elements to warm up, delivering an effective but safe performance alongside its stay-cool body, so you can always touch or move it when needed.

Highlighted Features

  • Really efficient heating capacity with low-voltage operation
  • Excellent performance with PTC heating system and 1500 watts
  • Offers three heating settings with a thermostat dial for convenience
  • Hugely versatile lightweight design with the stay-cool body and carrying handle


Suburban NT-30SP Electronic Ignition Ducted Furnace


Suburban furnaces are among the best of the bunch when it comes to performance and reliability, and the NT-30SP model is not an exception.

Also featuring an electronic ignition like other models of this brand, you get the advantage of fast heating and powering. You can also enjoy a superb performance thanks to a 30,000 BTU capacity, which makes it one of the hottest electric heaters out there.

But this also adds to its convenience so you can choose a wider array of heating levels according to your needs.

This heater is completely ducted, which means it heats up everything and the heat does not come out from a grill only. For any trailer, this makes the installation a little harder than usual despite coming with all of its vent assembly already.

But this also makes the heating performance way more effective and reliable – so you get heating all around the RV at all times.

Pair all that with the fantastic 12V DC connection it needs and the low AMP draw, and you’ll get an electric heater that’s not only easy to use but also efficient. And when you turn it on, no other appliance will lose power – which also makes it safe. 

Similarly, to other models of this brand, you won’t receive a wall thermostat. But surely, you’ll have the chance to pair it up with any thermostat either standard or branded so you can enjoy this excellent furnace even more.

Highlighted Features

  • Outstanding 30,000 BTU capacity for superb results
  • Has a low AMP draw with 12v for efficiency and safety
  • Excellent electronic ignition that makes it fast and dependable
  • High-quality ducted design for a more reliable & effective performance



What better than a traditional heater that moves with wheels? Maybe nothing, especially when we talk about the Unique Heat Next Generation Infrared space heater.

Everything you could need from a heater, this one offers it all. From wheels that offers great mobility in your trailer, to a light design so you can take it anywhere without problems – this heater is an excellent choice no matter how you see it.

The appliance is also easy to use, especially with its control system that you can use not only to turn on and off but also to change different temperatures in either Celsius or Fahrenheit from 1 to 20 levels.

It provides 1500 watts of power and 5,200 BTU of heating capacity, which means you get exceptional results in an ultimately versatile design.

But despite its great performance, it is also very safe to use. It comes with an Infrared heating system that not only prevents fire and other issues but also cools down faster than other heaters. Alongside its safety advantages, its infrared system also provides great humidity inside your trailer, so it doesn’t make your trailer uncomfortable.

When you add the great capacity to make air easy to breathe, and its excellent safety features such as auto tip-over sensor, overheat protection, and cool-touch body.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy-to-use controls and dials with twenty temp settings
  • Unbeatable mobility & versatility with lightweight design and wheels
  • Superb performance at 1500 watts and 5,200 BTU of heating capacity
  • Exceptional infrared heating system for better air & fewer dangers



When we talk about the Heat Storm Phoenix, we talk about the most convenient and versatile product in the market. It works not only to provide a great warm capacity to your trailer, but also to make it easy to install and use.

Offering 1,500 watts of infrared power, you can heat up any RV without problems. It reaches 5,200 BTU of heat output so you can meet all kinds of heating needs.

You can make it work with either 1,500 watts or 750 watts, depending on how much heat you want on a specific day.

Thanks to the excellent heat exchanger it uses with HMS technology, you can enjoy a safe and efficient product. It will heat up your room without drawbacks, delivering more humidity in the air and reducing overall electricity use. You’ll be able to touch the appliance and move it even when it has many hours working, so you have superb safety at all times.

To use it, you only need to configure the thermostat with the LED touch display, or eventually use it with the remote control. You can pick the perfect temperature according to your needs with Wi-Fi smart feature too, making this heater one of the market leaders.

But the real advantage of this appliance is its portability. Not only it comes with ideal size for an RV, but it also offers the chance to either make it work in the floor standing or attach it to the wall. This will allow you to pick the right performance and results according to your needs, perfect for demanding users.

Highlighted Features

  • Outstanding power capacity with 1,500 watts and 5,200 BTU heat power
  • Superb controls with LED touch display, remote control, and Wi-Fi smart feature
  • High-quality infrared heating process with HMS technology for efficiency & safety
  • Unmatched portability & convenience with removable feet and wall-mounting function


TPI Corporation 178TMC Fan Forced Portable Heater – Ceramic Heating Element, High/Low Fan – UL Listed Fan Heater. Space Heaters


Maybe the smallest but surely among the handiest in the list, the TPI 178TMC Fan-Forced is a portable heater you can use in your trailer and get exceptional results.

It stands out for its superb heating capacity at 1,500 watts or 5120 BTU which is close to small garage heaters. This heater also works with a thermostat so you can choose the right temperature according to your needs. You also have a HIGH and LOW fan setting, one that works at 1500 and the other one that works at 950 watts accordingly.

The appliance is also completely portable, using an innovative design with a 6-feet long cord. You can enjoy it inside your trailer in a specific area such as the bed or in the bathroom. It can be installed practically anywhere, and it will always work like a gem.

Its steel construction also makes it easy to transport and move when needed. But it is the durability & resistance it offers that make it a serious choice for anyone considering it.

When you add the fantastic heating element made of ceramic, the safety features such as Automatic Reset Type Limit Control, and the self-regulating function – you get one of the safest products out there. Add its excellent efficiency, and you won’t get many options as good as this one.

Highlighted Features

  • High portability with light steel design and carrying handle
  • Exceptional heating capacity with 5120 BTU and up to 1500 watts
  • Superb operation with a rotary selector for fan controls and a thermostat
  • High-quality safety features with ceramic heating element & self-regulating function


Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Propane Radiant Heater, Red-Black


Remember first! It is not a electric heater. This is a Propane Radiant Heater. Capable of providing up to 9,000 BTU in large spaces and as low as 4,000 so you can use it in your RV, this magnificent portable heater will not disappoint you. It is even useful in outdoors, thanks to its excellent heating capacity with 100% efficiency.

One of the main features of this machine is the excellent safety it offers. It will shut off when there’s low oxygen inside, also when it’s tipped over, and when the pilot light goes out.

All this will protect Mr. Heater from damage, and keep it working effectively afterward. You also get a wire guard when the machine surpasses reliable temperatures to prevent shorting.

You have great handiness with it too, as it comes with a fold-down handle that saves storage space when needed. With the swivel-out regulator, you can enjoy a straightforward installation for the cylinder & hose.

In terms of durability, it won’t let you down either. It comes with a porcelain coated surface that gives the environment all the heat necessary. This will help you achieve fast heating but also a better spread.

Pair it up with the ceramic burner tile with shock-absorbing insulation, and you’ll get one of the most reliable & durable products out there. This also makes it easy to replace when needed.

For setting it up, you won’t have to do much. Just set the four-position control using the Piezo ignition, and that’s it. You can set it on Lo or Hi settings according to your needs. Overall, it will deliver the comfort and heating capacity everyone wants in an RV heater.

Highlighted Features

  • Unbeatable 9,000 BTU capacity for excellent heating results
  • Exceptional reliability with auto shut-off feature & shorting guard
  • Highly durable construction with ceramic burner tile & porcelain surface
  • Straightforward to use and convenient design

A Few Things That Should Complete Your Research

When it comes to picking the ideal heater for your RV, you’ll have to go over several factors that will tell the proper options from the bad ones. This will help you pick the right product according to quality and your needs. Here’s what you need to know:

Types of Heaters

There are several types of electric heaters out there, so it’s important which one is which before choosing:

Fan Heater

Exactly like its name says, a fan heater is an appliance that works like any other fan but this time blowing hot air. However, fan heaters are often really hot and provide great performance, so they are very useful for trailers.

Convection & Panel

These are the conventional type of heater. It uses an electric heating element to warm up the air and then raise it over the ceiling or exhale it through a grille. These options are normally the most powerful, but often the ones with the most electric consumption and the hardest to install.

Ceramic Fan

A ceramic fan is exactly like a fan heater but with ceramic heating elements. This means it heats up faster and provides great performance while reducing dangers. These heaters also tend to work way cooler than standard fan heaters.

Radiant & Infrared Heater

These heaters don’t use a fan or convection system. Instead, they use a heating element to provide infrared heating capacity. The system may vary depending on the model and design, but most of the time they use less energy & give faster results than other options.


This is the traditional heater most people use. The oil is not needed to create the heat but to transfer it to the place where it is working. Instead, it uses electricity to heat up this oil and transport it through the columns or fins. There are many different types though, so you may encounter some that don’t use oil but look similar.

Heating Capacity

There’s no point on getting a product if you don’t know how good it is, and for electric heaters – heating capacity is maybe the most critical factor to consider.

Here we recommend looking for two important measures: watts and BTUs. While some heaters offer only one of these, others may provide both so you can have a better idea of how effective it is. But this also means that watts are different from BTUs.

The measure of watts is to know how much heating power the device offers. With more watts, the more potential the heater has. Most heaters for RVs come with a 1,500 watts capacity, which means it can heat up any trailer or RV without issues.

Then you have BTUs; this is the measure for British Thermal Units. It tells you the amount of space but also the heating potency of the product.

The more BTUs the product has, the more heating capacity you will receive. Anything over 5,000 BTU will be enough. If it goes over 8,000 BTU, it will probably heat up too much and too fast, but still decent for a trailer.

Safety Features

Remember that you’re going to use the appliance on an RV, so it is critical to pick something that’s safe and reliable.

For this, there’s nothing better than to go for a heater with automatic shut-off, overheating protection, cool-down body, and a reliable heating system. Anything that heats up by creating a fire or without any regulating feature is something you need to get away from.

Convenience & Portability

The weight, the design, the length of the power cord, the handle, and even wheels if possible. When an electric heater comes with functions that add convenience & portability, it is probably a better option than any other that doesn’t. The more portability features the product offers, the better it will be for sure.


While it is important to get the right portability for an RV and excellent performance, it is also a great idea to pick something with the ideal controls & operation system.

We recommend going for heaters with remote controls if possible, with a thermostat so you can adjust the temperature to your needs, and dials for settings. A timer is also a useful control feature to have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many users have doubts before buying, which can eventually harm their choice and possibly disappoint them. To relieve any doubt you can have, here are common questions most users have before choosing:

Will an RV electric heater be sufficient for my trailer?

A: It actually depends on the size of your trailer and the capacity of the heater. But most of the time, a 5,200 BTU electric heater at 1,500 watts will be more than enough to warm up your RV.

Should I follow any steps to prevent possible accidents?

A: We recommended leaving an area of three feet around the heater at all times, taking special care to remove flammable or combustible items. Most heaters can operate automatically.

But it’s never wise to leave them unattended (while sleeping or out of the trailer). Never use extension cords and make sure the heater is installed in a stable and sturdy place.

How long does an electric heater for RV last?

A: An electric heater lifespan depends on the design and model, but most of them last between 5 and 25 years. The smallest and most portable options can last 10 years with the right use, and the largest ones last up to 25 years without problems.

What should I do if I smell burning?

A: Smelling of burn with an RV electric heater is common. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, as most heaters tend to have this smell due to interior dust or debris, sometimes coming from the box. But with a regularly-used heater, any strong smell of burning with deficient performance should be of concern. Call an expert immediately.

What can I do if my electric heater is not as hot as I expected?

A: Most electric heaters are less hot than gas heaters or other alternatives, so it’s common for previous owners of gas heaters to feel like their new RV electric appliance is not working correctly. However, electric heaters actually work well even when they are less hot; they just distribute the heat more effectively.

Final Words

When it comes to picking the ideal electric heater for your trailer, you will have to consider everything, from the size of your trailer to the type of appliance you want or need, as well as many other things.

While this process can be frustrating and challenging, it’s the only way to get the best RV electric heater, so you can eventually have a great experience. Follow our advice, and you will not be disappointed!

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