Affordable and Gorgeous RV Campgrounds in Michigan

Many of my friends always tell me of their plans to hire an RV or even get their own. One of the first places I’m always quick to recommend is Michigan. Discovering the state’s nature should definitely be high on everyone’s bucket list. Known as the “Great Lake State”, Michigan has plenty of beautiful attractions that are sure to impress nature-lovers. PS: If you vacation in the Florida Panhandle, we’ve got you covered with a guide. Here’s a list of some of the best camping grounds that I’ve stayed at and can recommend.

Holland State Park Beach Campground

Whether traveling with friends or family, the Holland State Park Bench Campground is the perfect getaway. They give guests the option to choose between two different campgrounds. With the choice of waking up to the sound of beach waves or watching the sunset over the lake, they’ve got it all. Yet, with easy access across the campsite, it’s simple to take turns on both waterfronts. With benches, picnic tables, showers, and bike paths, there are a lot of terrains to explore. It’s both a clean and safe environment, making it comforting to know you and your belongings are secure. For anyone wanting to travel with their dog, this campground is pet-friendly. Though sadly, beach access isn’t permitted for dogs. Available activities:
  • Visit the ‘Big Red’ lighthouse.
  • Ride bikes along the beach.
  • Rent a boat and take it out on the water.
  • Take your children to have fun at the playgrounds.
  • Create a bonfire and socialize with neighbors.
Moreover, an excellent aspect is that there are designated plots for anyone looking for a disability-friendly campground that facilitates access.

Platte River Campground

This stunning campground is located in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. The popular and beloved site is well-known for the surrounding sand dunes. Offering guests year-round access to their beautiful landscapes, this archeological site lies 2 miles away from Lake Michigan. With ample forests, lakes, streams, abandoned farm meadows, and hike paths, there’s endless entertainment. Getting in touch with nature is something so few people can do nowadays. Thus, Platte River Campground provides ample nature to connect with. There’s no provided access to wifi, so this campground is of particular interest to me when I’m after a more rustic experience. Yet, there’s no need to panic as there’s available phone service. Furthermore, it’s a great campsite for trips with a large group of friends. Some of their campsites are for up to 25 people. Available activities:
  • Go on a hike and explore the surrounding 25 miles of nature.
  • Take a boat on the river or lake, either in a kayak or canoe.
  • Attend one of their evening programs.
  • Have a picnic.
  • Go fishing.
  • Visit the sand dunes.

White River RV Park & Campground

Lakes and creeks surround this campground in the south-east area. This RV campsite is particularly great for families. Yes, this includes pets. One of the perks of this campground is that they offer multiple playgrounds for your furry friends. Not to mention, kids also get ample space to play in parks too. White River RV Park & Campground I found White River RV Park and Campground particularly great when I took my family dog with us once. There’s ample room for walking them. With so many different activities on offer, there are always fun and exciting activities every day for the whole family. Available activities:
  • Take a dip in their heated pool.
  • Have a friendly game of volleyball with friends and family.
  • Take your animal to the pet playground.
  • Spend the day out on the water on a canoe, kayak, or tube
  • Shoot some hoops on their basketball courts
There are also ways to spend a day outside of the campgrounds. I like to unwind at Michigan’s Adventure Amusement Park with the whole family. Likewise, there are plenty of shops, beaches, and river adventures to be had whenever I need a breather.

Can I Find Similar Affordable RV Campgrounds in Michigan Like the Ones in Indiana?

Seeking the finest RV campgrounds in Indiana? Consider what Michigan brings to the table. With stunning scenery and first-class facilities, Michigan emerges as the ideal location for your forthcoming outdoor escapade.

Get That Motor Ready

There are many ways in which I organize my trips. Sometimes I choose a single location and stay there for an extended period. This means I can explore that area and take part in the many activities that are on offer. Alternatively, I sometimes set out to cross a few different locations. A tip I always give my friends is to set out their favorite locations on a map, starting at their favorite. Descriptions and photos can only convey so much about a place. Therefore, I’ve often been pleasantly surprised and extended my time somewhere. I always try to be realistic with how many campgrounds I can visit within my holiday timeframe. These are my top three so far from all the camping spots in Michigan, but I’m sure I’ll add more over the years to come.

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