RV Campgrounds in Maine

I was driving in my RV, leaving a state I had finished visiting, listening to the radio as I made my way up the winding path laid out before me like a large serpent that had no end. Still undecided about my next trip, my rig was pointed toward my home state, when suddenly on the radio, I heard an ad about visiting Maine. Excellent, Maine it is! I plugged in the destination to my navigation and began to daydream about the things I knew about Maine. RV Campgrounds in Maine It was a short daydream, though, because I knew surprisingly little about the state. I knew nothing else besides exquisite fresh lobster, lighthouses, and where the Appalachian Trail ends. I couldn’t even remember the capital of the state. The state capital is Augusta, by the way; I had to look it up on my phone, as not knowing had begun to turn me into a mad hatter. Ps. We have a similar list of ranges for Massachusetts and Mississippi!

Sunset Point RV Park

While researching the way to Maine, I discovered it was home to the United States’ easternmost point. I decided to start there. Sunset Point RV Park Located in Lubec, Maine, Sunset Point offers free WiFi, a dump station, a mobile sewer service, and electric and water hookups. I arrived at the RV park and was proud of my choice to come here first. It holds the title as the easternmost campground in America. I visited the West Quoddy Lighthouse; this picture-perfect candy-striped lighthouse marks the easternmost point of the United States, and the view of the first sunrise for America over the water is breathtaking. I then traveled to the Eastern Quoddy Lighthouse for some whale watching. If you think I made a mistake and got the two lighthouses backward, I didn’t. I was confused at first, too. This RV campground also offers free use of pots and burners for cooking fresh lobsters or crabs. I found this extremely enjoyable and realized I had never honestly had real lobster until then when I experienced fresh lobster.

Bayley’s Camping Resort

Bayley’s Camping Resort is, as the name suggests, a resort. It hosts various amenities, including restaurants, bars, pools, and even golf cart rentals to make getting around more convenient. For the RVers, they have full hookups, cable and WiFi, dump stations, and two trolleys to take you to the beach a few miles away. I enjoyed my stay here because there was plenty to do. It was nice to have every convenience of a small town right at my fingertips. However, the resort comes with quite a lot of strictly enforced rules, so be sure to visit their website to be aware of them all. I did not do this and quickly had to be brought up to speed on what exactly is and isn’t allowed. The adjustment was easy, though, and I continued my stay without any issues. However, if you have pets, look closely at the rules pertaining to them specifically. While at Bayley’s Camping Resort, I visited Fort Williams Park to view the Portland Head Light lighthouse. It is one of the most famously photographed lighthouses in the United States.

Camden Hills Campground

My next stop took me to the city of Rockport, where I found Camden Hills Campground adjacent to Camden Hills State Park. Amongst my travels of Maine, I had heard of the fantastic views the State Park offered and felt compelled to see for myself if it held up to the claim. The campground has full hookups, a laundry facility, and a swimming pool and is pet-friendly. The RV park also offers WiFi, but it isn’t free. The State Park’s hiking trails are as breathtaking as described, with high hills that overlook the harbors and towns.

Schoodic Woods Campground

My last stop was Schoodic Woods Campground, in Acadia National Park. The RV campsites offer water, electric hookups, places for campfires, and bathrooms close by, but there aren’t any showers. It’s best to visit the site during the season, which falls between May 26th and October 10th. Schoodic Woods Campground The National Park is the second oldest in the country and has some fantastic historical sites. I did quite a bit of hiking and fishing during my stay here and enjoyed the abundance of wildlife. This campground is probably best visited by the more experienced campers, as the amenities are few.

Are RV Campgrounds in New Hampshire Similar to Those in Maine?

Yes, RV campgrounds in New Hampshire are similar to those in Maine in many ways. Both states offer a variety of RV camping options, including state parks, private campgrounds, and national forest campgrounds. Visitors can enjoy similar amenities such as full hookups, beautiful natural surroundings, and outdoor recreational activities at the RV campgrounds in New Hampshire.


On my final morning in Maine, I woke up early to enjoy the easternmost state’s sunrise. I finished my coffee, loaded up my rig, and performed my final checks before hitting the open road. As I went through my checklist, I realized I was procrastinating because I wasn’t quite ready to leave. I took one last look around, took a deep breath of fresh coastal air, and boarded my land yacht. From here, there is only one direction to go, so I am now westbound.

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