Scenic RV Parks & Campgrounds in Washington

Washington State stands out as a premier location for an RV adventure, highlighted by its stunning snow-capped mountains, lush, wooded camping areas, enthralling shorelines and beaches, along with a diverse array of wildlife to observe during hikes. 

Some of the most popular sites I’ve explored include Puget Sound, Mt. Rainier, and Deception Pass. Other worthwhile iconic places to visit are the Space Needle of Seattle and Maryhill State Park.

There’s so much to explore in Washington that travelers will have a full itinerary, but it’s also home to some of the most majestic and serene parks that cater to all different sizes of both RVs and groups. Most campgrounds come well equipped with all the amenities needed for relaxation.

ATVA Online takes a look at some RV campgrounds in Washington that are well worth a spot on any traveler’s bucket list.

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Wild Mountain RV Resort & Lodge

Any campers that love fishing half as much as I do themselves a favor and work their way over to this scenic RV resort and lodge next to the Columbia River. Visitors can set up camp in their well-established grounds loaded with all the modern amenities one might need after a day of gutting their catch of the day. It has spacious showers, a laundry room, and cable TV. 

Anglers have enough space on every site to park their boats after catching sturgeon, bass, steelhead, and salmon. 

Riverbend RV Park

Riverbend RV Park offers a wide variety of activities and amenities. It’s a great escape for families with a variety of hobbies. It’s located on a prime spot in the Methow Valley area which offers a broad range of entertainment. Campers can also enjoy a peaceful retreat at the camping base.

The campgrounds have all the amenities needed for a relaxing visit. All sites are along the riverbed and it makes for great sunset views and cocktails. 

Eagle Tree RV Park

As the name implies, guests can enjoy an exquisite forest camping experience with wild springs and gorgeous mountain views all around. The camping grounds are one of the most beautiful I’ve encountered on my countless trips around the country.

Eagle Tree managers equipped the campgrounds so that it’s easy to unpack, clean up, and relax. Once settled in, visitors are a ferry ride away from Seattle. 

The park is in the Olympic Peninsula so travelers can have the best of both worlds with excellent cultural spots to explore, such as the Puget Sound and Hood Canal attractions.

Midway RV Park

Travelers that find themselves halfway between Seattle and Portland should go make some new friends at Midway RV Park. It has full hook-ups and is big-rig friendly. Every convenience a camper might need is right there on the spot and guests can head into town for a day of antique hunting, fishing, or museum visits. 

The RV park has monthly potluck dinners and movie nights where campers can meet up and make great new friends while there.

Visitors can stay in and enjoy a hearty dinner at the park’s country-style restaurant. These restaurants are open seven days a week. After dinner, visitors can catch up on world events or sports on one of the big-screen TVs.

Columbia Sun RV Resort

For those that enjoy personalized service, then the owner-operated Columbia Sun RV Resort is a definite site to visit. It offers a wide variety of activities and even caters to your four-pawed k9 family with fenced-in dog parks. You can relax playing frisbee or golf with rented equipment or lounge around in the heated pools and hot tub.

The owners emphasize your comfort, and each campsite has a full hook-up with up to 50 amp power supplies. 

In a Nutshell

From sun and sea to forests, mountain ranges, and sweet small-town antique stores, travelers can find it all in the state of Washington. The RV campsites impress with every luxury needed to have a home-away-from-home experience.

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