Match Your RV Blinds to Your Personal Style-RV Blinds Tips and Advice

An RV does not offer much privacy from the outside world. The small spaces and the big windows let anyone take a glimpse right into your life. It is important to find a balance between privacy and natural lighting when you are on the road. The good news is there are plenty of options on the market to fit your personal design choices.

With a multitude of fabrics and designs to choose from, there is certainly something for everyone. Let’s take a look at the different types of RV window blinds to fit your interior design style.

For our pick of the top RV window blinds, check out our reviews for 2020. We’ve got the pros and cons of each choice, plus some great design tips. From privacy to decoration, there are plenty of options available to help you turn the inside of your RV into your own personal retreat.

Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds consist of a single layer of fabric, folded neatly to create a window treatment that can raise or lower across your windows. Depending on the type of fabric used, they can darken a room or let some natural light through while still maintaining privacy.

Pleated shades can fit windows, doors, and even skylights in your RV, giving you complete control of your window coverage. They come in a wide variety of colors and materials, so there is most likely something to match all decor choices.

Roller Shades

The second most common window treatment in an RV is the roller shade. Roller shades do exactly what their name implies- they roll up into themselves to let in the natural light. Roller shades are great for a more modern design option with their sleek profile.

The fabrics used for the shade, like the pleated blinds, come in a wide variety of fabrics. Some offer UV protection during your travels, while others black out any light from the outside. They offer privacy and when paired with RV sun shades also can provide energy-efficient protection for your RV and your passengers.


If you are looking to personalize the interior of your RV, curtains are a great way to add more visual depth to your interior design. Curtains come in solid colors, floral, stripes, or even fun patterns. Show off your personality with a bold print, or keep it a more classic feel. The choice is completely up to you. One thing we would recommend is using fire-safe materials for your curtains.

Look for curtains with a fire-resistant seal on them to avoid your entire RV going up in flames. In small spaces, it only takes a small thing to ignite before disaster strikes. Fire-resistant curtains can give you peace of mind and a beautiful design choice.

Mini Blinds

Mini blinds consist of many slats of vinyl or wood that can open or close to let the light in or to keep it out. They are easy to use and allow for flexibility of light when traveling. The only downside is that they tend to collect dust and can be a hassle to clean.

They also come in a variety of solid colors, or you can opt for the look of wood. Be sure to measure your RV windows and decide where you will mount the mini blinds before you purchase them. A wrong measurement can lead to installation disaster.

Day and Night Shades

Some shade designs are solely for one purpose, but day and night shades cover both sides of the spectrum. These double-layered shades allow natural light to come through the first layer while still providing privacy for you and your guests.

Later in the evening when it is time for bed, you can pull down the second layer and block out all the outside light. They come in multiple sizes to fit all of your windows and make switching from day to night a breeze.

Custom Design

If you can’t find the perfect blinds to match your personal style, consider investing in a custom design. There are many different designers out there who would work with your personal taste to find just the right option to make your RV feel like a home away from home. Small spaces need a loving touch, especially when you will be spending a lot of time in your design.

Don’t settle for a mediocre choice. Instead, build the interior of your dreams.

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