What RV Antifreeze Should You be Considering in 2021

When summer begins to make a hasty departure and the leaves are starting to fall, it is time for owners to winterize your RV. One important step for protecting your RVs plumbing pipes in the winter is using a good quality RV antifreeze. With the right antifreeze, the fresh water in your plumbing system will not become frozen, which can lead to pipe expansion and possible damage. 

Unless you are an expert on RV system care, you'll have many questions regarding antifreeze and how it needs to be used. In this helpful buying guide, we will share our recommendations of the best antifreeze for RV brands and information you can use to protect your RV from burst water pipes and other types of plumbing damage that can be caused by cold winter temperature extremes. We have researched, tested, and reviewed to come up with the most competitive prices on the market, so you can save money and protect your RV.

We all know the investment price for purchasing an RV is costly. Protecting your investment is a must, don't get stuck with expensive RV repairs. We have narrowed down our picks with these reviews, to help our readers make the right choice for their RV plumbing pipes.

Our Top 6 Picks of RV Antifreeze for 2021


Camco RV Antifreeze Concentrate - 36 Ounces of Concentrate Makes 1 Gallon of Antifreeze, Just Add Fresh Water, Great for Use in RVs, Boats, Vacation Homes and Pools - Pack of 2 - 30611


Camco has been in business since 1966 and they offer over 3,500 products. They are a trusted name for RVs plumbing because they provide a non-toxic antifreeze that is safe for children and pets.

This concentrated two-pack will keep your water lines from freezing at low-temperature extremes. This antifreeze has been tested to provide burst-resistance at temperatures down to -50 below zero.

Purchasing a two-pack of concentrate means you have all of the antifreeze you will need, without the bulky bottles. All you have to do is add water and use it the way you would any antifreeze protection.


  • This antifreeze is ideal for use in RVs, pools, and vacation homes.
  • This antifreeze protects at temperatures as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Each of these 36-ounce bottles makes a full gallon of the solution, so you will have two gallons.
  • The Camco product is completely biodegradable and safe for use around both children and pets.
  • This antifreeze concentrate can be stored undiluted and then water will simply need to be added before use.


Camco 36190 RV Winter Readiness Kit - Includes Antifreeze Concentrate and Hand Pump, Blow Out Plug, Dehumidifier and More - Comes with Bonus Winterizing Guide


This is the winter readiness kit we rely on to treat our own RVs as Old Man Winter begins to make his entrance. This kit includes everything you need for winterizing your RV, including a great RV plumbing antifreeze. It is one of the best RV antifreeze options available on the market.

We were surprised to learn this kit comes with a winterizing guide. You will know all of the steps you need to take to protect your RV during the cold winter months when burst plumbing pipes can become a big problem.


  • The step-by-step guide is easy to follow and makes winterizing your RV a breeze.
  • Each of the products is easy to use and offers instructions for use for beginners.
  • This kit comes with a handy mixing bucket for adding water to the concentrate.
  • With the dehumidifier and odor eliminating sachet, your RV will not develop those nasty, musty odors from long periods of storage during the winter.
  • All six of the products come in a large bucket for ease in storage. This kit features a blowout plug, a hand pump kit, a mini dehumidifier, an odor eliminating sachet, and a safety fridge door stay.


RV and Marine Antifreeze


Chemworld is a trusted name in RV and marine products and is used in many RVs across the country. This RV and Marine Antifreeze concentrate offers burst pipe protection down to -40 degrees below zero. With the superior protection offered by this antifreeze, you can rest assured your water pipes will be protected from damage due to freezing.

With the bright red color, you will be able to detect leaks before they cause major damages to your RV. No one wants to put their RV away for the winter, to come back in spring and find major water damage has occurred.


  • This is one of the lowest priced, but high quality products on the market.
  • This antifreeze includes corrosion protection for all common metal pipes.
  • This fluid offers burst protection down to -40 below and improved slush protection to 15 degrees.
  • All you have to do is add water to the concentrate and use as you would any RV and marine antifreeze.
  • This pack comes with two concentrated bottles. When water is added, you will have two full gallons of antifreeze.



Keeping your RV from water damage is of extreme importance. When you are storing your RV for winter, you must add antifreeze to the pipes or you are in danger of pipe bursts that lead to costly repairs.

With this six-pack, you will have all of the antifreeze you need, to ensure your RV pipes continue to flow without becoming frozen.


  • This antifreeze is tasteless and non-toxic.
  • This pack is already mixed, so you will not have to dilute it to use.
  • This antifreeze offers corrosion protection and helps to prevent algae growth in the lines.
  • This combo pack provides superior burst protection even when temperatures drop below zero.
  • With special lubricating properties, this antifreeze helps to protect and fully lubricate the pumps and valves in your water system.


RV Trailer Camper Fresh Water Boiler Anti-Freeze -100 Camco 30027


This antifreeze solution is perfect for heater boiler systems because it prevents corrosion and helps the pipes to remain flowing as they should. This solution is premixed and is not concentrated, so it can be used out of the bottle.

This fluid should only be used in systems that have no aluminum components. As we have stated, Camco is one of the trusted names in antifreeze products for RVs and we use this brand in our own.


  • This antifreeze can be used in traditional boiler systems and in solar-powered systems.
  • The antifreeze has been dyed red, so leak detection is much faster and less intrusive.
  • This pack contains one-gallon of antifreeze and does not need to be diluted with water.
  • This antifreeze fluid may be used with AquaHot systems and HydraHot systems.


PEAK RV & Marine Antifreeze -50°F Guaranteed


PEAK is a name that is trusted for all types of antifreeze, including RVs, boats, and cars.

This antifreeze offers supreme protection for temperatures -50 below zero. With this antifreeze, you will able to rest assured your fresh water lines are protected against bursting.

We have used this antifreeze in our own RVs and noticed solid, protective results.


  • This product can be used full-strength, so you do not need to add any water.
  • This is one of the most affordable priced options on the market and offers fully dependable protection.
  • This is safe to use with copper, metal, brass, and plastic pipes, but it should not be used with acetate.
  • This antifreeze can be used in a variety of different portable drinking water systems and is ideal for winterizing protection.
  • It is rated as GRAS by the Food and Drug Administration. This means it has a rating of Generally Recognized as Safe.

The Importance of Good Antifreeze for Your RV

Why Do You Need Antifreeze for Your RV?

If you are new to the RVing world, you may be wondering why your RV needs antifreeze. To understand the need for antifreeze protection, it is important to realize the plumbing system of an RV is not protected like it is in a typical brick and mortar home.

As temperatures begin to drop below freezing, the water in the plumbing lines will begin to expand and freeze. Because the frozen volume is greater than the flowing volume of the water, this can place extreme pressure on the pipes and cause them to burst.

Once the temperatures go above freezing, the burst pipes in the RV will release their water content, causing the potential for great amounts of damage. No RV owner wants to deal with this. Treating the water lines with antifreeze prevents this problem and stops freezing.

What Should You look for Before Purchasing Antifreeze for Your RV?

There are many choices for purchasing antifreeze for vehicles. The standard rate of protection is -50 which is suitable for most cold climates. Most people are not going to need greater protection than this, but there are ratings that protect to -100 below zero.

It is important you choose an antifreeze that will offer corrosion protection and lubrication. Make sure you know what your pipes are made of before you purchase since some types of antifreeze are made for use with specific types of materials.

How to Properly Dispose of Antifreeze for RVs?

If your RV antifreeze is biodegradable and non-toxic, it can safely be disposed of down any sewer system. It should not be drained onto a lawn because it will kill your grass. When in doubt, contact your county hazardous waste office and ask for information on the laws governing antifreeze disposal. Many states offer recycling programs that allow used antifreeze to be collected, so it can be disposed of in a safe manner. Refer to your state, city, and county laws before disposing of any antifreeze liquid.

Some RVers dispose of their used antifreeze by pouring it over rocks so it can be dried by the sun. Most states allow for pumping of used antifreeze from RVs into the municipal sewer treatment lines, but it is wise to check the laws before disposal, to ensure you are not met with fines. 

Frequently Answered Questions

We get many questions regarding the safe use of antifreeze for RVs and we would like to answer a few of the common ones. Hopefully, this information will answer some of your own questions and help you to understand the importance of using the most suitable antifreeze available. If you have brand-specific questions, we recommend you defer these to the manufacturer.

Is it toxic to animals?

Unlike traditional vehicle antifreeze, the RV version is not considered toxic to animals. Most brands are made from biodegradable materials and can be used around children and pets. Unlike other types of antifreeze, it is tasteless and does not attract animals. As with any type of antifreeze, caution should be practiced for safety purposes.

Is it safe for septic systems?

It is understandable for people to worry about the safety of antifreeze fluids. Because these fluids contain biodegradable materials, they can be used with any type of septic system and can even be flushed out into the municipal sewer system, as your particular state or county laws do not prohibit this action.

What is the difference between RV and regular antifreeze?

Many people believe RV and regular antifreeze are the same, but they are entirely different. One of the biggest differences is regular antifreeze is toxic and should be used in closed loop cooling for engines while the RV alternative is non-toxic and offers protection to the components of a plumbing system. Traditional antifreeze stays in an engine while the RV type is pumped and flushed out once winter begins to say goodbye.

Conclusion - How To Choose Antifreeze for Your RV

We hope you have enjoyed our reviews and buying guide for the best RV antifreeze. We have used all of the popular antifreeze brands and recommend them to our readers. We know you want to make sure your RV is protected against pipe freezes and with these antifreeze solutions, you can rest assured freezing will not happen, even in extreme temperature drops. Check out the links for our recommended antifreeze options and make your pick today. With these fluids, your RV will be winterized until its time for the rubber to meet the road.

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