How to Ride a Dirt Bike for Dummies

In case it’s your first time ever to be on a dirt bike or you recently got a new bike, then this article is necessary for you, as we have highlighted and informed you on how to ride a dirt bike for dummies or beginners. 

Learning how to ride your dirt bike isn’t at all challenging unless you want to take the shortcut routes that tend to cause problems in the future. Down below we have given you some pointers that are good as the private lessons to assist you in riding your dirt bike. 

Starting the Dirt Bike 

The first step on how to ride a dirt bike for dummies or rather beginners is very simple. You first have to turn The battery power of the bike on. This will just initiate the battery present to enable the engine to start later. 

On most of the dirt bikes, you will have to switch the key to the on the side whereas on the modern dirt bikes you will have to press the on button. You also need to be sure when to use the choke. 

If you have already ridden your bike earlier there is no need to bit in case the bike is cold and hasn’t started for a while, you will need to pull the choke out, where it is located on the bike’s left side. 

You are supposed to turn to neutral in case it’s a bike meant for the kids. In case the bike is meant for an adult then you are supposed to pull the clutch inwards and change to the first gear. In case your dirt bike is manual, then before starting it, you need to pull the clutch first. This allows the gear to be disengaged hence the bike is in a neutral position. 

To ensure that the bike has shifted to the first gear, you have to step the gear shifter down about six times. When the bike is on the first gear, while holding the bike’s clutch, you can initiate the engine now. 

You are supposed to pull the Kickstarter out of which is a tall metal silver in color. Place your left foot on the footpeg whereas your right foot is on the lever of the Kickstarter. Forcefully push the lever down using the right foot to initiate the engine. 

Modern-day dirt bikes often have a button to initiate the engine. In some instances, you require a little gas to initiate the engine but not too much to avoid flooding it, hence ensure that you gently pull the throttle. 

Paddle Along 

When you are in the process of learning how to ride the dirt bike, you should not be in a hurry to move your legs onto the bike but you should move together with the bike while still grounded. You should proceed for close to 10 feet while releasing slowly the clutch. 

In case you move your legs onto the dirt bike after five feet or so, you will have to release quickly the bike’s clutch of which could eventually cause problems hence this is not an effective step on how to ride a dirt bike for dummies. 


Once you have already started the dirt bike and experienced a smooth ride on gear one, it is time to move onto the second gear. At around a third throttle, get some momentum, roll off the throttle the ensure the clutch is pulled in. 

By shifting, release the clutch slowly and smoothly then roll back the throttle to its original position. In case you go neutral while still learning, you should not stomp back the shifter. You should be in a good position to stop and then start again. For the dirt bikes that do not have clutches, just let the throttle off, ensure you shift up, and finally roll back the throttle. 

For the downshifting process, it is not necessary that you use the bike’s clutch. Dropping down to the previous gear will increase the rpm of the engine hence slowly breaking the bike (compression braking). As the rpm of the engine increases so does the compression braking force. All you need to do is ensure that the shifter is down, one gear after another. 

Slow Down 

This is another key learning point on how to ride a dirt bike for dummies.  You should be in a good pot to slow down especially in traffic. The bike’s front brake has slightly more braking power as opposed to the rear brake. 

You are not supposed to lock both wheels especially the front one. This can cause an accident as you will definitely lose balance. You should be able to practice breaking both brakes together and also separately. Let the gas off and replace your weight before braking again. You should be able to practice breaking while sitting and standing. 

When sitting on the bike’s seat while facing forward, you should remove your foot from the peg, and using your toe or rather a ball, you should be in a perfect position to manipulate the pedal of the rear brake while your foot is away from the peg. 

Using your legs,  hold yourself tightly in position while braking. You are not supposed to use your hands. Once the front brake is down, you can feel this by use of two fingers. Soon you will be able to use only one finger after some practice. 

For the kids that are using dirt bikes that have drum brakes, then they need to use two fingers. After gaining experience from time to time, you can teach yourself to use one finger while riding or placing your fingers on the bike’s front brake every time, so as to have it readily available at any time. 

As you begin riding at a more fast pace, focus on breaking aggressively when the bike is in an upright position and not when you are taking corners. 

Stopping the Dirt Bike 

This is the last step on how to ride a dirt bike for dummies or beginners. This is a very important step as you have to stop the dirt bike in order to get out. You should be aware that you have to pull the clutch inwards before halting. 

You should not stop your dirt bike facing uphill. This will make it very difficult for the dirt bike to start again.