How Much Snow Can You Plow With an ATV?

When it comes to our ATVs, we all want more value out of them, don’t we? Whether it’s to turn them into multi-use pieces of equipment, or because we find we aren’t using them as much as we thought we would, we still find ourselves searching for other uses for them.

And snowplows are one of those! Whether it’s adding an attachment to clear our driveways of snow powerfully or to shift the snow solo, our interests have been piqued. But navigating the ATV world can be tricky, can’t it? Especially for the newbies in the room, it can be a challenge and a half.

But luckily for you, that’s where we come in! We are here to answer all your ATV and snow plow-related questions to get you the answers you need and on your way again in no time!  Just keep reading to find out more!

How much snow can you plow with an ATV?

Generally speaking, most ATVs of all engine sizes and power should move 6-8 inches of light snow with ease. More than enough for those of us looking to clear our driveways should we have a flurry of snow. You can also use certain ATVs to clear heavier snow should you wish, but you will need to make some adjustments.

Once you have made the correct adjustments, your ATV can take on over 2 feet of snow with ease! You will need to ensure that your  ATV is powerful enough for the task at hand; we recommend only plowing within the 400cc-800cc range. These ATVs can handle the task at hand without causing any issues or using too much power.

Now, back to the adjustments we mentioned. You are going to want to adjust the traction, power, and plowing capabilities of your  ATV. Doing so will ensure that you can easily push the larger amounts of snow out of the way and maneuver your ATV.

Adding freeze-resistant fluid, a battery charger, an engine block heater, and an electronic fuel injector will help your ATV navigate these lower temperatures and larger amounts of snow without any issues! It’s worth making these modifications before winter sets in, so you are good to go when the first flake appears!

Can you put a snowplow on an ATV?

Yes, you can put a snowplow on an ATV! Generally speaking, most ATVs are capable of plowing and clearing light snow without the addition of a snowplow. Still, for heavier flurries and added snowplow makes the job even easier!

These attachments are widely available and can be attached to the front of your ATV and resemble the same plow we see on snowplows sent to clear the streets. These smaller-scale plows can be brought to the size of your ATV, offering the perfect solution for those trapped by snow!

Can you put a snowplow on an ATV

These plows work well on light and dry snow. The powdery snow can be moved easily, and those with rubber deflectors on the top of the blade are best suited to moving this light slowly without it blowing everywhere.

Thick, compact, and wet snow can be a little trickier for ATV snow plows. This type of snow is harder for all snowplows to move, not just your ATV. If the snow is thicker than 6-8 inches, you will likely notice the wheels spinning and your  ATV struggling.

In these cases, it’s better to make a second attempt rather than trying to move all the snow in one go! You can also make the adjustments to your  ATV  that we mentioned earlier to give your ATV a better shot at moving heavier and thicker snowfall.

How do I attach a snowplow to my ATV?

When it comes to attaching a snowplow to your ATV, you will need to attach the three main components: the mounting plate, plow tube and plow blade. The process isn’t overly complicated, and once you have done it a few times, you are sure to be a pro!

First, jack the ATV up so you can work underneath it easily. Begin by installing the mounting plate. Depending on your preference and the plow you have selected, you can mount your plow with a forward mount or a mid-mount style. For either, you will attach the mounting frame with U-bolts. Attach these bolts to your ATV and mount them to secure them in place.

Next, it’s time to attach the plow tube. You will need a set of pins and latches that attach your tube to the front end of your ATV. don’t worry; your snow plow will come with these.

You can attach the tube straight, with the tube stopping at the bottom of the ATVs frame, or you can attach an articulating push tube instead. These are the better option for those that want extra elevation, and which one you choose is a personal choice entirely. Simply follow the instructions set out in your snow plows manual to fit the tube.

Finally, it’s time to screw the snowplow blade into place. They come in a range of materials and sizes depending on the plow you have selected for your ATV. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the manual to secure the blade to the mounting plate. Usually, this is relatively straightforward, so you should encounter no issues when doing so!

How much is a snowplow for an ATV?

The price of a snowplow for an ATV does vary, but generally, you will spend between $200 to $400. The cost varies depending on the brand, material used, and the size of the snowplow. Generally speaking, you can pick them up closer to the $200 mark and still expect a fantastic performance and snow clearing ability!

How much is a snowplow for an ATV

It’s worth shopping around to pick up a bargain and buying the snowplow off-season! Buying it in the spring or summertime can save you some money as they aren’t as popular as in the winter months. You will also have the plow ready for the winter period and snow then, so why not grab a bargain and be prepared for the cold snap?