How Do You Drive a Four Wheeler With a Clutch?

If you are used to driving an automatic transmission, when you step into a manual vehicle (of any size) it can be very intimidating. But once you get the hang of it, driving any vehicle with a clutch is actually rather easy to do.

First things first, when you drive a four wheeler with a clutch you will need to put the vehicle into gear, and this requires you to use the clutch.

To do this you will need to pull the clutch while simultaneously pressing down the shift to get the vehicle into first gear.

With the shift in place you will then need to slowly ease off of the clutch until you feel the four wheeler begin to move. You should continue to do this slowly until you can feel the four wheeler begin to move beneath you.

Once the vehicle starts moving you can then begin to apply pressure on the throttle before you completely take pressure off of the clutch. Once the vehicle is moving you should focus your energy solely on the throttle.

How do you put a Yamaha four wheeler in reverse?

Different vehicles have a slightly different process for shifting gears. In particular, Yamaha four wheelers are notorious for being difficult to place into reverse so let’s have a look at how you do it.

The Yamaha four wheeler, just like some other models, requires you to go through a fairly tedious process before you are able to put it into reverse.

To put your Yamaha four wheeler into reverse you will first need to pull the clutch and move the vehicle into neutral. Once the vehicle is in neutral you should then pull the clutch and put the vehicle into first.

You can then twist the knob that is in place to put the vehicle into reverse and shift down. Your four wheeler will then remain in reverse mode until you do something to move it back into neutral.

To do this all you need to do is pull on the clutch and click up, and you will be automatically put back into first gear.

How do you shift a Honda four wheeler?

Similarly, the Honda four wheeler is another vehicle that is hard to understand when you first encounter it. This vehicle is, instead, difficult to shift so let’s have a look at how you do it.

The first thing that you will need to do to shift your Honda four wheeler is place the vehicle into neutral.

With the vehicle in neutral you should then pull the clutch lever. When you are pulling on the clutch you should then shift down by using your foot lever and pressing it down once to activate first gear.

With your right hand, and more specifically your right thumb, you can then push the lever for the throttle forward to begin picking up speed in the vehicle.

This is the tricky part as you will have to shift up the throttle while simultaneously easing off of the clutch. Once the vehicle picks up speed you can release the clutch completely.

How does an ATV clutch work?

ATV clutches aren’t like regular clutches, they’re quite different. There is a lot of mechanical genius behind the operation of ATV clutches so let’s take a look at how these devices work. Especially seen as they are key to your ATV working properly.

How does an ATV clutch work

In your ATV clutch there is something known as a pressure plate. This is an important part of the clutch as it presses down on the clutch plates. This forces the friction plates to bind against the drive plates and forces the drive plates to lock together.

When the lever of the clutch is engaged and actively being used by you, it pushes down on the springs in the clutch. With these springs pushed down this lifts the pressure plate and allows the clutch to generate friction and stops the drive plates from spinning together, instead they spin independently of one another.

With all this going on mechanically, you are then able to shift gear because the clutch is stopping the vehicle from doing anything else.

However, this stoppage is only very short, so once you release the clutch the vehicle will continue moving.

What does a ATV clutch kit do?

You know what an ATV clutch does, but what about an ATV clutch kit? Let’s take a look. An ATV clutch kit is something that you can add onto your ATV to improve the operation of your vehicle.

In most ATV kits they allow your vehicle to work better and more efficiently with benefits including reduced belt heat, longer belt life, faster acceleration, and better back shifting than in a regular ATV clutch.

Of course, all ATVs are different, and all ATV clutch kits are different, so no two makes of vehicle will be the same. Different ATV clutch kits will promote different benefits to one another, but generally they all work to improve performance in your vehicle in different ways.

So generally speaking, ATV clutch kits improve the performance of your ATV making them faster and more durable than those without a clutch kit.

Do you have to use the clutch when shifting on an ATV?

Technically, no you do not have to use the clutch when you are shifting gear on your ATV as the vehicle will shift without it.

However, for the sake of keeping your ATV in good condition you definitely should use your clutch to shift gear. Even though the vehicle will shift without the clutch, this will damage your ATV. Especially if you fall into the pattern of consistently shifting your ATV without using the clutch.

Do you have to use the clutch when shifting on an ATV

If you regularly shift your gear without using the clutch then this will cause the transmission of your ATV to start wearing quicker, and the more often you do it the quicker this will wear and become damaged. Over time this will significantly damage your ATV and reduce its lifespan.

So even though you can shift your ATV without using the clutch, you should never do this. No matter how old or new your ATV is, you should always use the clutch when shifting between gears if you want your ATV to last. Don’t fall into bad habits as this can damage your ATV.

How do I know if my ATV clutch is bad?

Just like with any vehicle, if something is starting to go wrong with your ATV then you will be able to tell. The most common issue that you will experience with your ATV clutch is it slipping.

How do I know if my ATV clutch is bad

You will be able to tell that this is happening as when you are effortlessly changing gear with your vehicle something will seem not quite right. This usually displays itself in you pushing the throttle when changing gear and the rear wheel not turning in the correct way for the amount of throttle you are giving it.

Similarly, you will be able to tell that something is wrong with your ATV clutch if you are accelerating in third gear, but the ATV is not moving at the correct speed for the gear that you are in. This is when you know you need a mechanic to check out your ATV.