Does Honda Make a Youth ATV?

The day has arrived, your child has become interested in ATVs. Your heart swoons; they are growing up to be just like you. The image of you and your child racing across fields or mountain tracks fills your mind; finally, an activity you can do together. But now you are faced with a challenge: finding a youth ATV. after all, your three-foot child cannot sit on an adult ATV alone without running the risk of slipping off or not being able to reach everything properly. Suddenly a million and one safety concerns run through your head; what can you do? You can stick with us here at ATVA Online; that’s what! Today, we will put your mind at ease and help you navigate the world of youth ATVs, starting with a favorite brand, Honda. Let’s find out: does Honda make a youth ATV? We will also look at the best Honda for young riders and if reverse gear is necessary.

Does Honda make a youth ATV?

Honda does indeed! Their TRX90X is a youth ATV that prepares young riders to transition into full-size ATVs in the future. While it is not the most advanced or top of the line, the ATV still offers reliable performance that your children are sure to love! The ATV is extremely reliable and efficient, ensuring that your children are unlikely to run into any problems when using it. The TRX90X also features a semi-automatic transmission that helps young riders learn how to shift properly before jumping to a full-sized ATV! Perfect for the in between stage The electric start and shifter at the left foot are identical to the design on full-sized ATVs meaning current Honda drivers will have no trouble teaching their children how to use it. The ATV is straightforward to use and is sure to stand the test of time, with customers reporting ten years of problem-free use! Honda recommends the TRX90X for children aged 12 and over and is slightly larger than other youth ATVs on the market. The red ATV is styled similar to the full-sized ATVs and is sure to look swish teamed next to your full-size ATV. Honda also makes the FourTrax Recon and TRX250X smaller bikes that would be suitable for younger riders. These do feature larger engines and more gears that can be difficult for new readers to control initially.

Does Honda Make a Youth ATV Suitable for Different Weight Sizes?

Certainly, Honda presents a range of ATVs tailored for different weight groups aimed at younger riders. To pick the suitable model for your child, refer to Honda’s ATV weight size chart. This resource will help you identify the perfect ATV that matches your kid’s weight and their riding skill level.

What is the smallest four-wheeler Honda makes?

Honda’s smallest ATV is its FourTrax Recon. Although it is small, the multi-purpose ATV is still capable of any big jobs thanks to its 229cc engine. Although not one that Honda advertises as appropriate for children, it’s incredibly lightweight and easy to use. What is the smallest four-wheeler Honda makes However, some parents use the Recon for children aged eight and over due to its small size and lightweight nature. It is imperative that you decide yourself and fully supervise any child under the age of 16 when using an ATV. Alongside the FourTrax Recon, Honda’s other small four-wheelers are the TRX()X, 90 ATV that we have previously looked at, and the TRX250X. These four-wheelers are slightly larger than the Recon but still a great size and are created with younger riders in mind. While the 250X has the same size engine (229cc) as the Recon, the 90 features a smaller 86cc single overhead cam engine that will still deliver enough power but is easier to use for younger riders. These bikes are designed for children aged 12 and over,  with careful adult supervision at all times. When selecting one of Honda’s smaller four-wheelers for your child, it’s worth taking them to sit on and test out a few to ensure that they are the right size. After all, you don’t want them slipping off or struggling to reach anything, do you?

Does Honda 90 ATV have reverse? 

No, the Honda 90 ATV does not have a reverse gear built into it. If the reverse gear is essential to you, then the TRX250X might be a better fit and is one worth checking out! The TRX250X is designed for those out-growing the 90, aimed at children aged 16 or over. It features a five-speed transmission and a larger turning radius than the 90 ATV. Reverse gear is an advantageous option, but you should only purchase the 250X for teenagers or more experienced riders. Remember to ensure that your child fits safely on the ATV and is supervised when using it. However, don’t let the absent reverse gear put you off purchasing it! The Honda 90 is still a fine choice for children aged ten and over. They will learn off-roading on a vehicle that is easy to use and, most importantly, safe. The vehicle is suitable for all-terrain and features shock-absorbers that will keep the rider comfortable and stable no matter the rocky path underneath them!