What Size ATV to Buy

An All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is a motorized vehicle that is safely designed to be used off-road. They should have low-pressurized tires that can easily travel over bumps such as fallen branches. The seat is positioned in between the four wheels so that the driver can easily straddle it while reaching forward to the handlebars. There …

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The Leading ATVs

“Never leave this world without experiencing the wondrous journey life was designed to offer.” – Steve Pavlina Life was never supposed to be about the ad Infinitum of working, sleeping, and eating. Nobody was supposed to stare at the same four office walls day in and day out for fifty years and none of us …

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Where To Ride?

Harlan County Evarts, Kentucky Do you know how to turn an old coal mine into a GOLD mine? A very enthusiastic group of local politicians, community leaders and volunteers are planning on doing just that with thousands of acres in Harlan County, Kentucky. The group of visionaries formed the KY Mountain Trails Development Coalition to develop …

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