4 of the Most Popular Bushcraft Pants for 2021

If you are a lover of the great outdoors or you are thinking of taking up outdoor pursuits as a hobby, it is essential you have a good pair of bushcraft pants. The reason for this is, when you are out in the wilderness it is important you are wearing appropriate clothing that can handle everything nature can throw at you, whether it be rain, wind or sunshine. It is also important to wear practical clothing that allows you to move freely, gives you some storage options by having plenty of pockets, and complements your style.

In this article, you will learn about 4 of the best bushcraft pants currently available so that no matter the weather or the conditions, you know you will be protected. With the right advice, you can get a pair that will be comfortable, flexible and durable.

As you read on you will learn about the features and benefits of 4 pairs of pants available currently. This review will cover the various benefits of each pair, such as flexibility, durability, and comfort. You will also learn the pros and cons of each pair so you can make an informed choice when choosing which pair is best of pants for you. 

4 Great Pairs of Bushcraft Pants That Are Fantastic for The Outdoors


ZOOMHILL Mens Pro Hiking Stretch Pants Cargo Trouser Water-Resistant Tactical Outdoor Working Pants (Dark Grey, M)


ZOOMHILL Men's Pro Hiking Pants have been made to a very high standard with outdoor use in mind. They have been engineered to be comfortable for a variety of outdoor pursuits, such as hiking, mountain biking or backpacking to mention just a few.

When making these pants, the manufacturer has used high-quality materials that provide great protection against the elements but still allow you excellent freedom of movement.

Another key feature of these bushcraft pants is they have zips in the legs that allow you to have extra ventilation if required. This provides an extra level of comfort and helps to prevent overheating.

You can purchase these pants in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can really get a pair that suits your style and shape, plus they are adjustable so you can fit them to your needs accordingly. The pros and cons of these pants are as follows:


  • Durable. They are made with water-resistant material and provide fantastic protection against the weather.
  • Flexible. These pants have been made with a material that stretches so you have greater freedom of movement.
  • Comfortable. These pants are adjustable so you can really get them to fit you just right and they have a vent that you can zip open or shut depending on the temperature.
  • Variety. You can wear these for any outdoor pursuit such as biking, hiking or backpacking. 


  • No back pockets.


Outdoor Research Men's Ferrosi Pants - 30' Inseam


Another popular choice for bushcraft is Outdoor Research Men's Ferrosi Pants. These pants are designed to fit you snugly and provide protection against the outdoors.

They are made with a combination of nylon and spandex that is durable, very flexible, and tough, which is great when engaging in activities outdoors, such as hiking or backpacking.

Outdoor Research pants do provide high levels of wind resistance, but they are not water-resistant.

You can wear them for any type of outdoor pursuit and have peace of mind they will protect you while at the same time keeping you cool. The pros and cons of these pants are:


  • These pants are made with durable materials.
  • There are a variety of sizes and colors available.
  • They are comfortable because they are stretchy so provide great flexibility.
  • They are wind-resistant.


  • Not waterproof.


Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Convertible Pant, Breathable, UPF 50 Sun Protection, Grill, 30x32


The next pair for consideration are Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Convertible Pants. They have been specially designed for the purpose of wearing while engaging in outdoor activities, such as hiking or backpacking.

A key feature of these pants is the fact that they are convertible. This means if you need to, you can zip them off at the knee and turn them into shorts. This is a great idea for hot weather!

These pants are ideal for outdoor pursuits, as they are durable and designed to keep you cool and dry. They have a lot of pockets so you can carry as much as possible.

 These Columbia Men's Convertible pants are available in lots of sizes and colors, which means you can get a pair that really suits your style. To provide maximum comfort the pants are adjustable so you can get them to fit exactly right.

One drawback of these pants is they are not designed for cold weather, so in cold conditions you would need to wear an additional layer underneath. The pros and cons are:


  • They are made from durable materials.
  • These pants are made to keep you cool and dry.
  • These pants convert to shorts so you can be cooler in hotter conditions.
  • There are many pockets so you can carry all your essentials.


  • These are not great for cold weather. You would need to wear with other layers.


Fjallraven Mens Vidda Pro Dark Olive 50 (US Mens 33-34) R


Fjallraven Men's Vidda offering is crafted with a combination of polyester and cotton so that they are durable, fully adjustable to suit your size, plus they are wind and water-resistant. You can wear these for all sorts of outdoor activities, such as hiking, backpacking or camping.

To provide greater comfort you can adjust them to suit your size and shape, plus they have kneepads to give extra protection.

These Fjallraven Men's pants are available in a range of sizes and colors, so you can get a pair that suits your needs. They also have many pockets so you can carry all the essentials you might need, such as water, a map, and a compass.

The only drawback of these pants is they are not waterproof, so prolonged exposure to water would soak through them. The pros and cons of these are:


  • They are made with long-lasting materials.
  • They are water-resistant to provide protection against the elements.
  • They have a lot of pockets so you can carry all the essentials.
  • They are adjustable so you can fit your size and shape.


  • A bit Pricey.

A Few Things to Consider when Shopping

Final Thoughts

If you are participating in outdoor pursuits, it is always important to be fully prepared, so you have water, food and other supplies. Getting a great pair of bushcraft pants may not be high on your list of priorities when organizing a hike or other outdoor activity but as you can see if you get the right pair. you can have greater confidence you are fully prepared for all circumstances.

The 4  reviews mentioned above are the leading options available on the market currently. They have a range of great features and benefits, plus they are made from materials that provide protection against the elements, flexibility, and comfort. To recap here are some key points when deciding:

  • Durable - Are the pants durable so they will last a long time?
  • Comfortable - Are they adjustable to suit my size? Will they keep me cool and dry?
  • ·Are they waterproof or water-resistant?
  • Protects against elements - Do they protect me in all conditions?
  • Variety of sizes and colors - Can I get a pair that suits my style?

When deciding which are the best bushcraft pants for you, keep these points in mind plus the reviews above so that you can purchase the most suitable pants for your needs. 

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