Best Truck Toolboxes

Your truck is your baby, we all know there’s nothing quite like the love between a pickup truck driver and their truck. Your truck is an essential part of your day, both as a form of transport as well as a place you can put all your tools in for safekeeping.

The thing is though, there is nothing worse than when your tools won’t fit upfront with you, forcing you to leave them in the back of the truck, clanging around.

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Best Truck Toolboxes

Luckily for you, we are here to tell you that there is a quick fix for this. This article breaks down five of the Best Truck Toolboxes around, and even includes an information-packed Buyers’ Guide to tell you exactly what you need to look for when it comes to purchasing a toolbox.

There will also be a handy FAQ section at the end to make sure you know all there is to know about the best truck toolboxes. So without further ado, let’s get into it and you’ll have a truckin’ terrific toolbox in no time! 

In a rush?

Need that toolbox faster than you can say “pick me up in your pick up truck”? (That is a tongue twister!) Check out our top pick for the best truck toolbox right here. 

Our top pick just has to be the Diamond Tread Aluminum Truck Box by Buyers’ Products. Keep reading to see why we think this is the best choice for you…

  • Durable and weatherproof aluminum
  • The fact that it is diamond tread makes it corrosion resistant
  • Stainless steel paddle latch for locking - stainless steel is strong and secure
  • Two keys included
  • Choice of sizes and materials to make sure you get the most suitable one for your needs

Top 5 Best Truck Toolboxes


Buyers Products-1701380 Diamond Tread Aluminum Trailer Tongue Truck Box (15x14.5x34/20.7 Inch) - Silver

Our first pick for you is Buyers Products’ Diamond Tread Aluminum Truck Box. the aluminum material is lightweight but extremely hard-wearing giving you the best of both worlds. It has the added bonus of being diamond tread which makes it corrosion resistant. Perfect for all weather conditions. 

In terms of security, this toolbox comes with a stainless steel paddle latch to lock it. Stainless steel is one of the strongest materials around, so it will guarantee the safety of your tools from thieves. 

There is an option to get the toolbox fully made from steel, too which opens up your options a little more. Speaking of options, there are a number of sizes you can choose from to suit your needs. Just be sure to check the size of your truck bed!


  • Stainless steel paddle latch lock for security 
  • The diamond tread aluminum material ensures it is weather and corrosion-proof
  • Lightweight but hard wearing giving you the best of both worlds
  • Range of size and material options
  • Watertight seal


  • You would need to either weld it securely onto your truck bed or purchase a chain and lock should you want to secure it to a certain spot. However, this is a feature that lots of truck toolboxes also lack.


Yaheetech 30 x 13' Aluminum Trailer Tool Box Chest box Pickup Truck Bed Storage Toolboxes Organizer Side Handle, Lock w/ 2 Keys, Silver

The next item on our list is this Aluminum Toolbox by Yaheetech. Yaheetech’s chest toolbox is made from a hardwearing aluminum material to ensure durability and protection for your tools. It is a chest toolbox meaning it can fit easily in the bed of your pickup truck.

Even though the aluminum material is super hardwearing, it has the added bonus of being lightweight and easy to transport. 

It has a seal ring around the opening in order to keep your tools inside safe. The seal protects from rainwater and other extreme weather conditions keeping your tools secure at all times of the year. To further guarantee the security of your tools, there is a lock included with two keys. 

There are two side handles on the toolbox, this ensures easy transportation for your tools when you’re on a job. The toolbox can also be easily attached to the bed of your trunk should you so wish, either by welding or securing it with a padlock and chain yourself. 


  • Hardwearing aluminum that is lightweight and easily transportable
  • A seal ring to ensure protection from rain, hail, and snow
  • It includes a lock and two keys for maximum security
  • Two side handles for carrying the toolbox easily to and from jobs
  • Opens from the top which may make it easier to access if your trunk bed is already full


  • Has to be secured through welding or a padlock and chain. This is similar to others on the market though, and so shouldn’t be viewed as a major downfall


Buyers Products 1704305 Black Steel Underbody Truck Box w/ T-Handle Latch (24x24x36 Inch)

Next on the list is yet another terrific toolbox from Buyers’ Products. The Black Steel Underbody Trunk Box is made from… yep you guessed it … steel! This makes it extremely hardwearing. The 14 GA steel is also powder-coated, giving you that extra reassurance that the material won’t easily wear. 

The toolbox itself has a pull-down front to enable you to access your tools easily. The cables used in the pull-down mechanism are aircraft-grade, ensuring safety and long-lasting results. The gasket seal protects the toolbox from rain, hail, and snow - ensuring complete weather-proof protection. 

In terms of fitting it to the bed of your truck, you can choose to weld it or buy mounting brackets which are recommended by the seller. 

It also features a locking stainless steel compression latch to protect from potential thieves. 


  • Very strong and sturdy material made from 14 gauge stainless steel
  • Powder-coated to ensure it is protected from corrosion and weather 
  • The cables used in the pull-down door are aircraft grade making them the highest quality available 
  • Gasket-seal protection from the weather 
  • Stainless steel compression latch for locking ensuring security from theft


  • Opens at the front which may make it difficult to access if you have lots of tools and equipment in the bed of your truck


ARKSEN 30 Inch Aluminum Trailer Tool Box Chest box Pickup Truck Bed Storage Toolboxes Organizer Side Handle, Lock w/ 2 Keys, Silver

Arksen’s Aluminum Truck Toolbox is another worthy contender. Available in a range of sizes, you are sure to find the perfect toolbox to suit your needs. The aluminum material ensures durability and protection for all your tools. It is ideal for those of you who want to save as much space as possible as it can be easily mounted in your truck bed’s tailgate. 

The door to get into this toolbox is fold away, making it easily accessible.

The box also features an overhanging lip above the door to ensure that any rain, hail, and snow just drips right onto the ground, guaranteeing your tools will be kept safe and dry. 

It features a locking device built into it and two keys for maximum security from thieves as well the weather. 


  • Durable and protective aluminum material 
  • It can easily be mounted in the tailgate of your truck, making it perfect for those of you who want to save space 
  • An overhanging lip above the door stops any water getting inside
  • Features a secure locking device
  • Comes in a range of sizes to find the most suitable for your needs


  • The aluminum is of a thinner gauge than some others on the market which may not be suitable for those who want to put heavier or bulkier tools in the box.


Weather Guard - 127-5-02 127502 Black Aluminum Saddle Box

Last but certainly not least we have the Black Aluminium Saddlebox by Weather Guard. This toolbox is a different type to the others featured on the list. Also known as crossover toolboxes, the saddlebox fits the width of the truck bed, hovering over the top to give the illusion that it is floating above the bed. 

This option is ideal if you are really trying to save space. It latches onto each side of the truck to ensure security from theft. Speaking of security, this toolbox is also extremely well weatherproofed, boasting a weather seal that aims to keep out even the most extreme weather conditions. In terms of locking it has a strong locking system to keep it safe from thieves. As well as this, it has an automotive-style rotary latch that features a one-touch opening for ease of use. 

The dimensions for this toolbox are as follows: 72 x 21 x 19 inches and unlike other options, you do not get a choice over the size or material. That being said, the saddlebox toolbox has been designed as universally as possible with the ability to fit most pickup trucks. Please bear in mind though that you should still measure your particular truck to make doubly sure that it is suitable for your needs. 


  • Saddlebox style toolbox which makes it perfect for space saving 
  • Strong locking system
  • Fits easily onto the side of the truck
  • Weather-proof seal and durable material


  • No choice regarding size - just one universal size. Ensure you measure your truck bed to ensure it will fit

Best Truck Toolboxes Buying Guide


One of the main considerations to make when purchasing your truck toolbox is the type of toolbox you want. Toolboxes, like trucks, come in all shapes and sizes. 

There are the more traditional saddle boxes that attach to the truck bed securely, straddling each side and hovering above the floor of the truck bed. These are also known as crossover toolboxes because of the way they cross over the whole of the back of the truck.

A saddle toolbox allows plenty of space underneath it, freeing up your options to use your truck bed for other pieces of equipment that are simply too long or bulky for the toolbox. 

These types of toolboxes may be harder to reach if your truck is full of other equipment though, but this all depends on how you can access your tools and which way the toolbox opens. 

Another type of toolbox to be considered is the chest style. Imagine your typical toolboxes, like the ones you have in the shed or garage. Now imagine you pick that toolbox up and just place it in the back of your truck - voila - a chest toolbox. This does have its downsides though, as it may not be as secure as others due to not being actually secured to anything. Of course, this can be solved by welding it to your truck bed, or alternatively, you can secure it with a lock and chain device.

These chest toolboxes typically fit just under the rearview window, meaning they are out of sight and out of mind when you are driving. They also tend to fit really well under a tonneau cover, should your truck have one. Again, like the saddle or crossover toolboxes, a chest style may be harder to reach if your truck has masses of other equipment in it. Although this will of course depend on the placement of the chest toolbox in your truck bed. 

There is also the option to get a side toolbox that mounts right onto the side of your truck bed. Typically, when purchasing a side-mounted toolbox you get one for each side. They span the length of the whole truck bed to really free up space for you and enable you to put longer tools and equipment in it.

They tend to open on the outside of your truck which makes them really convenient, giving you easy access to your tools if you are in a hurry. 

These types of truck tool boxes are especially suitable for those people who often have really full truckbeds making it harder to access a toolbox that opens up inside the bed itself. Because you can access your tools from the side of your vehicle, the process is a little more convenient for you, especially if you are in a rush to complete a job. 


Another extremely important consideration to make before buying a truck toolbox is the size that you need. This will have course be completely dependent on your own personal needs and what you plan to store in your toolbox and your truck overall.

This will also depend on the size of your truck, too. Check out the size classification of your truck before buying anything to ensure that you buy the correct size toolbox for it. This is particularly important when buying a side-mounted truck toolbox or a saddle/crossover toolbox. 

In terms of size, you will have some freedom over the length and the all-important depth of your toolbox, so remember to take into account exactly what you need to store in it and whether it will all fit securely whilst still making it easy to remove tools as and when they are needed from there. 

If you plan on getting a saddle/crossover toolbox for your truck, you should ensure you know the measurements of your truck, as the last thing you want is a toolbox that hands right over the sides of your truck. An unsecured toolbox would be a truck-tastrophe!


Speaking of security, this is a big deal when thinking about buying a truck toolbox! The toolbox is the holder of some pretty pricey stuff. We all know tools are not cheap to buy. Therefore, we want to protect those handy things as much as we can. This is where a toolbox comes in. 

A really high-quality locking or security system is worth its weight in gold for your toolbox. Because of the nature of a truck with its open back, anything you leave in your truck is a theft risk. For this reason, ensure any toolbox you buy comes with a locking system, as well as making sure it is completely secured to the truck bed itself so a thief doesn’t just come along and take the whole box. 

Secure the whole toolbox itself to your truck, using your own padlock and key too for extra precaution. Make sure your toolbox comes with a locking lid and you will be secure as can be! 


Due to the materials that tools are made from and the fact that some of them can even be electric or battery-powered, it is extremely important that they aren’t exposed to extreme weather conditions. Even a slight rain shower can cause your tools to break.

For this reason, it is super important that your tools are kept secure in a weatherproof toolbox. It is also worth bearing in mind that the toolbox itself should offer some sort of weatherproof protection, the last thing we want are rusted toolboxes that we can’t open! 

You should ensure that the toolbox you choose has a weatherproof seal around the seams of it, particularly around the lid as that is what opens and closes the most. This will ensure rain, snow, and hail is kept out - no moisture should be allowed to enter the toolbox! 

As well as this, the outer material of the toolbox should be coated in a weather and erosion proof coating.


While we’re on the topic of material, what the toolbox is made from is a really important consideration. As we already discussed, it is important that the material is weatherproof and erosion proof. Some materials lend themselves better to these specifications than others. An ideal toolbox will be made from a hardwearing, durable material such as stainless steel or heavy-duty aluminum. 

Plastic is another option for your toolbox, giving you a lightweight way of transporting around your tools. This is great to ensure ease and convenience of use. However, plastic is not as hardwearing or secure as other options out there and is not likely to last as long either. 

As well as the base material of a toolbox, you should ideally look for a toolbox with a good quality powdered coating to ensure the weather-resistance that we discussed earlier. 

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