Checking Out RV Water Pressure Regulators

Recreational Vehicles have come a long way in recent years, so going away for an extended weekend in your mobile home no longer means having to cut back on the luxuries you’d find in your house. 

For example, taking a decent, hot shower is one of the daily pleasures in life that I personally wouldn’t be able to sacrifice, no matter how at one with nature the RV lifestyle aims to be. 

To keep your RV’s plumbing system in tip-top condition, you’ll need to invest in a water pressure regulator to ensure things don’t go down the… well, you catch my drift. 

It may appear to be a small device, but this is one piece of equipment that proves size doesn’t matter as it prevents big issues such as burst pipes, connection issues, and water (or worse) leaking into your mobile home.

Best RV Water Pressure Regulator

So if it’s such an important part that holds your entire plumbing system together to keep things running smoothly, how do you make sure you choose the right one? 

I’ve put together a buyer’s guide that will walk you through some of the key things you’ll want to look out for. There’s also a list of reviews featuring the 5 best water pressure regulators currently available so you can compare some of what’s on offer for your RV. 

If you’re eager to set off on your next trip but want to choose the most suitable option available to upgrade your plumbing system before you go, check out our top pick below!

Top 5 Best RV Water Pressure Regulator


Renator M11-0660R Water Pressure Regulator Valve. Brass Lead-free Adjustable Water Pressure Reducer with Gauge for RV Camper, and Inlet Screened Filter


Our top pick is the highly-rated M11-0660R water pressure regulator from Renator, a new and improved version that features an upgraded pressure gauge.

It now uses oil to minimize friction between the internal components for extra reliable performance.

If you’re looking for an adjustable regulator then look no further, as the easy-to-use Renator M11-0660R allows you to adjust your water pressure up to 160 PSI to suit your needs. 

Installation is just as simple thanks to an instructions guide that’s included and it’s compatible for use with all U.S. water sources. 

This durable regulator is manufactured using brass for enhanced rust-resistance and to extend its lifespan.

It also contains a minuscule 0.13% lead which is far less than the NSF requirement of below 0.25% for safe drinking water. 

Overall, the Renator M11-0660R is a well-performing water pressure regulator with the bonus addition of a useful gauge and the freedom to adjust your water pressure.

It does an excellent job of controlling your water pressure to protect your fixtures and appliances, therefore it would be a great addition to any RV plumbing system. 


  • Easy installation 
  • Improved oil-based gauge 
  • High water flow
  • Adjustable PSI 160 maximum
  • Compatible with all U.S. water sources


  • Slightly more expensive option


Camco (40055) RV Brass Inline Water Pressure Regulator- Helps Protect RV Plumbing and Hoses from High-Pressure City Water, Lead Free


Next up on our list is the Camco 40055 inline regulator, another regulator that is capable of protecting your RV plumbing fixtures against high-pressure surges.

The reputable brand is well-loved by RV enthusiasts, and it’s not hard to see why when they produce such high-quality.

This inline regulator effectively maintains a 40-50 PSI pressure level to avoid spikes or surges which could result in damage to your RV plumbing system.

It also aids in reducing water waste by limiting your water flow. 

It’s guaranteed to provide safe water thanks to the low-lead content which is CSA certified in compliance with the necessary laws and regulations, and the solid brass construction extends its lifespan. 

The Camco 40055 came in at a close second to the Renator model due to the lack of a display gauge and because it’s non-adjustable, although if you’re simply looking for successful pressure regulation it’s an excellent choice. 


  • Widely compatible 
  • Durable brass material 
  • Successfully regulates water pressure


  • Tricky to correctly attach to your water supply
  • No gauge


MEASUREMAN Adjustable Brass Lead-Free RV Pressure Regulator, Pressure Reducer with Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge 160psi and Inlet Screened Filter for RV Camper Travel Trailer


If you’re looking to reduce as well as regulate your RV’s water flow then this next regulator on our list is perfect for you.

It reaches up to 160 PSI but can be adjusted to use less water depending on your needs and to reduce water waste. 

The display gauge is 2-inches so it’s clear and easy to read so you can achieve the perfect water pressure level for your RV.

It’s also filled with glycerin to reduce the risk of damage caused by pulsing or vibrations. 

Included is a useful kit to ensure you have everything you need, such as Teflon tape and a screwdriver to adjust the pressure with, which is packaged in a canvas bag you can then use for storing your accessories. 


  • Compatible with all U.S. water sources 
  • Included accessories 
  • Adjustable up to 160 PSI


  • Cracks can develop over time


Camco Brass Water Pressure Regulator with Gauge- Helps Protect RV Plumbing and Hoses from High-Pressure City Water - Easy Read Gauge, Lead Free (40064)


Another great offering from Camco is the 40064 adjustable water pressure regulator, which unlike their inline regulator, has the addition of a gauge to display the current pressure level.

The gauge features an easy-to-read design with a yellow area to indicate low PSI, green to indicate the standard, safe 40-50 PSI, and red to indicate when your water pressure is too high. 

It’s set by default to 40-50 PSI and the maximum this regulator can handle is 125 PSI, which is a high level of pressure although not quite as good as our top pick.

Overall, it provides outstanding protection for your plumbing fixtures and appliances and it’s easy to adjust as well as attaching to a variety of water sources without issue, including ¾” garden hose threads. 


  • Clear gauge display 
  • Easy installation
  • Adjustable PSI for the desired level of water flow 
  • Effectively prevents damaging surges in water pressure


  • Frequent use can result in leaks 


Valterra RV Hi-Flow Water Regulator, Lead-Free Brass Hi-Flow Water Regulator for Camper, Trailer, RV Plumbing System, 50-55 psi


Last on our list we’ve included a high-flow inline regulator from Valterra which is incredibly easy to use and is compatible with all standard U.S. water sources. 

This Valterra regulator will effectively restrict the water flow to your RV by reducing the water pressure as it leaves the water source, which keeps your appliances safe from pressure surge damage. 

It maintains a water flow of 50-55 PSI which is 20% more than standard water pressure regulators yet still safe, although it’s not recommended for use with older RVs as they might struggle to handle this level of pressure. 

The durable brass material it’s manufactured with means it’s resistant to rusting or corrosion so you’ll get more use out of it for even longer, and it meets all low-lead regulation standards.


  • Easy to use 
  • Lead-free
  • Protects plumbing system against damage
  • Durable and rust-resistant


  • Not recommended for older RVs

Some Factors to Consider when Shopping for an RV Water Pressure Regulator

If our introduction didn’t go into enough detail, an RV water pressure regulator is an essential part of your plumbing system that takes care of all sorts of issues by ensuring there are no water pressure surges to overwhelm your plumbing system.  

They work exactly as their name suggests, by controlling the level of water pressure as it flows into your RV. You can adjust this to suit your preferred water pressure levels with a screwdriver by tightening or loosening it. 

As well as causing problems such as leaks or disrupting the water connection, a faulty RV water pressure regulator can result in explosions in the worst-case scenario, so it’s really important to make sure yours is fully functioning so it poses no safety issues. 

Some experts even advise staying below 50 PSI so that there’s a limited chance of any problems occurring. This is also because it’s an easy way to reduce water waste which will significantly lower the cost of your water bills. 

Beyond being in good working condition, what makes an RV water pressure regulator the right choice for you? Firstly, you should know there are different types for you to choose from, and this seems like a good place to start. 

Types of RV Water Pressure Regulators

Inline Barrel 

As the most affordable option available, inline barrel types of RV water pressure regulators are specifically designed to cap the water pressure at 40-45 PSI by restricting the water flow to your RV. 

They’re great for anyone who doesn’t need to adjust the water pressure as they won’t allow you to do this, but they do help to maintain regular water flow levels. 

If you’re someone who wants to be able to increase the pressure for a hot shower, you might be frustrated by the use of an inline barrel RV water pressure regulator, but you can rest easy knowing it remains at a consistently safe level. 

High Flow Inline Barrel

More expensive than the previous type of water regulator we looked at, the increased price of high flow inline barrel types is warranted for anyone who’s looking for an improved water flow coming out of your sink or shower. 

It’s another non-adjustable option, but the high-flow rate is less likely to have you wishing you could increase the water pressure, anyway. 


This type of RV water pressure regulator is probably one of the easiest to use, needing as little as a couple of turns with a screwdriver to adjust the water pressure and the flow to your RV. 

It’s the priciest option of all three due to the added ability to adjust your water pressure as and when you need it. Most adjustable regulators will also feature a useful gauge to display the current water pressure so you can see when you’ve achieved the desired level. 

What Makes RV Water Pressure Regulators So Essential?

There are so many different benefits to installing a quality water pressure regulator in your RV’s plumbing system that doing so is sure to guarantee a more enjoyable trip the next time you go away in your mobile home.

Some of the main ways you can benefit from having one include: 

  • Extends the lifespan of your plumbing fixtures: A water pressure regulator is great for ensuring you don’t put too much pressure on your plumbing fixtures and pipes - literally. Surges of pressure can put your fixtures under unnecessary strain which can then affect your water flow. 
  • Extends the lifespan of your RV appliances: Surges in your water pressure can damage more than just your plumbing. Your dishwasher, washing machine, and water heaters can all be affected without a regulator to limit your water pressure. 
  • Regulates water pressure: To ensure you’re never at risk of going above the recommended water pressure for your RV, water pressure regulators maintain a safe level at all times to keep you connected without any problems. If you opt for an adjustable regulator, you can even change the level of water flow as you need. 
  • Conserves water and reduces waste: By limiting the water pressure, water pressure regulators limit the amount of water you’re using at once. This helps to reduce your water consumption and in turn, how much water you waste.
  • Prevents leaks and water flooding: The biggest benefit of a water pressure regulator is that it drastically reduces the chance of problems leading to leaks or water flooding into your RV. 

How To Choose The Right Regulator For Your RV?

Now you understand how much a water pressure regulator can improve your RV plumbing system, you can probably see why choosing the right fit is so important. End up with one designed for a purpose that doesn’t suit your needs, and you may end up questioning why you bothered at all! 


Seeing as the main function of a water pressure regulator is to handle the water flow in your RV, the most important factor in deciding which one to purchase is it’s PSI. 

PSI is a measurement of pounds per square inch, which is used to determine the level of water pressure. You should check your RV water pressure regulator’s PSI before buying to make sure it’s capable of handling the desired level of water pressure in your mobile home.


The next thing you should consider when purchasing a new water pressure regulator is the material it’s made from. 

These small pieces of equipment play no small part in keeping your plumbing running smoothly, so it’s important that it’s durable enough to withstand constant use. 

Whichever material you choose, it should be able to hold up against rusting and corrosion over time or you’ll end up having to replace it much sooner than you’d otherwise need. 

Brass is one of the most commonly used materials in the manufacture of water pressure regulators due to its sturdy, chemical resistant capabilities, which ensure a longer lifespan. 


Water pressure regulators with a gauge allow you to easily and clearly read the current water pressure levels. This is incredibly useful for anyone who will be adjusting their water pressure to increase or decrease the level of water flow. 

You won’t find a gauge on every water pressure regulator available, and the ones that include this feature are typically found at the higher end of the price range. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my RV water pressure regulator needs replacing?

If there are problems with your RV water pressure regulator, there’s a pretty obvious way of knowing. You’ll find out the next time you go to use your taps, as any issues will result in low-no water pressure. 

However, the following things could also affect the water pressure in your RV, so check these first before going to the trouble and the expense of replacing your regulator: 

  • If the hose is clogged or cracked 
  • If the water filter is dirty 
  • If the mesh inlet is clogged 
  • If the regulator is clogged

Most of these issues can be fixed by giving them a quick clean, but if this doesn’t resolve the problem you’ll likely need to replace your water pressure regulator.

How do you install an RV water pressure regulator?

The best way to guarantee you’ve installed your RV water pressure regulator correctly is to hire a professional plumber who can do it for you. If that’s not an option for whatever reason, you can install it yourself as long as you adhere to the following steps. 

Once you’ve chosen the best water pressure regulator for your RV, which I’m hoping you’ll be able to do with ease after reading this article, you’ll need to identify the pipe which supplies your RV with clean water. 

Next, locate where your water pressure regulator needs to be installed. This should be somewhere between the water source and the freshwater hose. All you need to do now is tighten the regulator until it’s securely in place by twisting it onto the spigot until it’s connected to the water hose. 


When it comes to purchasing a new RV water pressure regulator, there is no one thing you should base your decision on. Instead, consider your budget, the purpose of buying a regulator, and whether or not it will work with your RV. 

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