Premium RV Flooring Guide 2021-Tips & Advice for RV Covering Options

Changing the flooring of your RV is not something most people do, but it is probably one of the best ideas to change the appearance and overall convenience of a trailer. With the right flooring, you can improve the overall experience of traveling in your RV, so learning more about them would be a great choice.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best RV flooring options out there. This way you can pick the ideal one for your trailer and probably improve your traveling experience exponentially.

There are many options for trailer flooring you can pick, but only a few will indeed offer the quality you are looking for. Here we will talk about the five options that will impress you.

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Our 6 Picks of The Top RV Flooring of 2021


RecPro RV Trailer Diamond Plate Pattern Flooring | Black | 8' 6' Wide | Rubber Flooring | Garage Flooring | Gym Flooring | Toy Hauler Flooring | Car Show Trailer Flooring (Black, 10')


There’s just no competition when it comes to durability and resistance than a rubber flooring tile. Any trailer will end up with the best possible option when you don’t care much about looks, and instead want something useful and reliable.

Boasting a diamond pattern not only makes it decent looking, but it also adds an extra layer of grip so you can walk safely in your RV even while it’s moving.

With the non-skid ability, you won’t have to worry about falling or slipping, even when the floor is wet.

The rubber construction is one of the strongest in the market, with a 0.105-inches thickness that makes it last for years. It is also resistant to heat, cold, several chemicals and even sunlight.

You will get an utterly easy-to-clean surface too. And when you add the 8-feet size – you get one of the better options out there that fit on any RV with proper cuts.

Highlighted Features

  • Well-made design at 8-feet wide that fits all trailers easily
  • Superb non-skid diamond surface which is great for safety
  • Excellent strength and durability with thick rubber construction
  • The black color design makes it useful for a wide array of trailer interiors


RecPro Trailer Coin Flooring | Gray | 8' 6' Wide | Nickel Pattern RV Flooring | Gym Flooring | Garage Flooring (10ft)


Made of the highest-quality industrial rubber in the market, the RecPro trailer coin flooring is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a long-lasting and reliable product.

It is entirely resistant to any kind of heat or cold damage, as well as resistant to UV rays and most chemicals. You could use it on any trailer without problems, and it will never tear or break if you use it correctly.

The rubberized design also offers anti-scratch and anti-puncture capacity, which makes it one of the strongest in the market.

And when you add the nickel-coin pattern, you have a grip-oriented and anti-slip product that keeps you safe.

This rubber build is also completely waterproof, so you get flooring that will never let you down. Add its gray color, and you’ll be able to fit this flooring with any trailer easily.

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality nickel/coin surface for added grip & non-slip capacity
  • Exceptional rubber quality for a long-lasting & resistant floor
  • Resistant to scratches, punctures, and tears
  • Straightforward installation and cleaning



If you are looking for a more tasteful touch for your trailer, then you can pick the RestorePontoon Marideck Marine vinyl. Specially designed for marine vehicles, it still works really well for an RV.

You will have an excellent alternative for more serious flooring. It offers the chance to make your trailer attractive, and pair it up with wooden objects and furniture inside.

But it is not only the aspect that makes it so fantastic but the excellent textured surface that adds not only great grip to prevent slippage but also for its ease of maintenance. Keeping it clean will be a piece of cake.

You can install this flooring anywhere too, being 6-feet wide and offering great resistance, you can enjoy this flooring for years with only a few minutes of installation. It prevents moisture and mildew problems while also being scratch & tear resistant.

Highlighted Features

  • Incredibly good-looking design and texture
  • Superb installation with glue in a matter of minutes
  • Safe surface offers slip resistance & great cleaning capacity
  • Comes in different colors so you can fit it easily with your RV


Nautolex Marine Vinyl Flooring - 74' Wide


When it comes to getting a durable and good-looking product, there won’t be a better choice than the Nautolex Marine vinyl flooring. Being 74-inches wide, it provides the perfect construction to fit any trailer without problems.

The real advantage comes in overall durability & resistance, made of high-quality PVC material, it will help you get everything you need from it.

From its non-skid texture that prevents slippage to excellent anti-microbial and UV coating for reliability & safety.

The construction also prevents the creation of mildew and other contaminants. It helps to get a cleaner surface as well, with a pebbly or sandpaper texture, easy to clean and easy to get rid of dirt & dust. The interior is a non-woven mix of poly/cotton, perfect for cleaning, and making it easy to manage and cut when installing.

This flooring also comes in nine different colors and designs so you can pick the ideal one for your trailer.

Highlighted Features

  • Top-notch design for a lovely finish in nine different colors
  • Very resistant & durable build with PVC and non-woven cotton/poly
  • The textured finish adds exceptional non-skid function & ease of cleaning
  • Excellent UV rays and anti-microbe coatings that prevents mildew and wear


RecPro Extreme Duty Indoor/Outdoor RV TPO | RV Flooring | Boat Flooring | Marine Flooring RV Flooring


Maybe the most suitable option you’ll find for your RV, the RecPro Extreme Duty is an excellent choice for either interior or outdoor flooring. But this is because it provides one of the most robust and most reliable constructions in the market.

Offering a 102-inches wide capacity with marine grade build, this flooring won’t disappoint you. It will fit everywhere without problems and deliver a great experience for safety and durability. 

You can enjoy its slip-resistance surface with waterproof protection and exceptional texture for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

The flooring is also easy to install as it comes with a polypropylene woven backing, which you can glue on any floor or deck effortlessly. But it is the resistance this build offers, with UV stabilization and excellent moisture-reduction that make it a high-quality product.

Highlighted Features

  • Completely reliable TPO build with UV stabilized surface for fading resistance
  • High-quality marine grade construction for water resistance & durability
  • Superb woven polypropylene backing for easy installation & durability
  • Exceptional design and texture for anti-slip capacity & stylish looks


IncStores Nitro Commercial Grade Garage Flooring Rolls Coin & Diamond Roll Out Utiliy Floor Mats


Everything you need in a flooring tile for your RV, the IncStores Nitro Rolls with Commercial Grade construction offers it.

It comes with either a diamond or coin design according to your needs, but also comes in different colors from black to sand and stainless steel.

You can easily make it work with your RV by choosing the right one. But it’s not only how it looks, but how well it performs thanks to a superb premium-grade polyvinyl construction.

Each roll of this flooring is 2.5mm thick, which is slightly more than others in the list, yet enough to be sure you’re getting a durable product. You can make it work practically anywhere as well, as they provide an excellent installation process with great cleaning ease.

Highlighted Features

  • Superb installation process with easy-to-clean surface
  • Outstanding grip-oriented design with unbeatable looks
  • Exceptional polyvinyl construction for durability & reliability
  • Thick design with textures including coin & diamond of different colors

What You Should Know About Flooring Materials...


You don’t have to worry about a fragile or ugly trailer floor when you can pick the most suitable RV flooring replacement. Here we will explain how to choose the ideal one according to critical factors.


There are many materials you can select when it comes to vinyl flooring. You have PVC, TPO, rubber, ceramic, and more. These three works well, but there are many other options you can pick.

We recommend going for something that’s both resistant and durable such as PVC or rubber, but you can also go for hardwood or tiles, if you want something that looks great.


The thickness of the flooring will tell you how durable and resistant the product is, but it will also show you how much it will change your RV. It is essential to go for something that’s thick enough but not too much.

It’s an excellent choice to go for something that is between 1 and 2.5mm thick. Anything lower or higher than that may feel too little or too much, but could still be a good choice.

Coating or Finish

Remember to pick something with a great coating or finish protection. From UV coatings to mildew-resistant protections and more – it is always important to choose flooring that will keep your RV safe, clean, and looking good for years.

Pattern or Texture

Most of the best RV flooring options come with specific patterns or textures. This pattern can be a marine pattern such as woven plastic, it could be rubberized coins or diamond, and it could also be a tile-like texture for ease of cleaning and water protection.

All of them are really good, but it’s always your choice. This will change not only how your RV eventually looks but also how easy it is to clean.

Great Adhesion & Backing   

Most RV flooring options also come with a unique adhesion system or backing design. You can find different materials from cotton to polyester, mixes, polypropylene, and more.

For adhesion, it is crucial to find flooring that comes with their respective bottle of glue or demands you from buying it separately. Flooring options that come with built-in adhesion systems are often not as reliable as those which don’t.

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