Best RV Door Locks Reviews 2020 {Key & Keyless Locks}

RV Camper Sitting Outside with Locked Doors

An RV is a big investment and needs to be protected at all times. Adding security to your RV is not that difficult or expensive and the peace of mind it offers is priceless. Most RV owners are shocked to find the security of their RV is in danger. Thieves know there are only a limited few keys that open the majority of RV locks. No one wants to put their family and property at risk of theft. Choosing the Best RV Door Lock is a must for ensuring thieves will be kept out at all times.

Because there are many RV locks on the market, owners sometimes find it difficult to make the right choice for their needs. As RV owners ourselves, we understand the frustration of researching and reading an RV door lock review, only to be left with more questions than answers.

We are here to provide you with all of the information you need, so you will be able to choose the best keyless door lock for RV. A good lock should offer multiple ways for access, including codes and keys so you have options.

What It Takes to Be the Best RV Lock

If you are going to go to the trouble of replacing your RV lock, you want to make sure you are purchasing the very best you can afford. Although price alone should not be the determining factor, it is true you get what you pay for.

The following are essential for the best door locks for RV.

  • The lock must be strong and durable. Though it would be difficult to find a lock that is indestructible, it is important the lock will be strong enough to give a thief trouble if they try to break in. Plastic components are not ideal when it comes to RV locks.
  • A good RV lock offers everything you need to keep your RV secure. It should come with all the hardware, extra keys, and instructions for installation.
  • The best RV locks are user-friendly, allowing you to easily get inside your RV without so much stress, especially when you are in a hurry.
  • RV locks should come with a universal or direct exchange fit. If the lock does not fit correctly, it will be useless.

Types of RV Door Locks

There are a handful of types of locks that are available for you to purchase for your RV. Purchasing the right one involves researching the types, considering your needs, and learning as much as possible about the best manufacturers.

  • Keyless Locks

These locks are becoming increasingly popular because of the ease of access. You simply program the lock with the code of your choice and it is ready to go. When you need to enter your RV, simply put in the code on the keypad or enter it on a key fob.

This type of lock is perfect for those who may need quick access or have their hands full with groceries and other items that make opening the lock with a key difficult. All keyless locks also have key options in case owners forget the code they chose or the batteries are not providing power to the lock.

  • Paddle Locks

A paddle lock is a traditional RV lock and opens just like the manufacturer’s original edition. This type of lock only opens with a key and there is no keypad or codes to remember. Once the key has been turned in the cylinders, you will be able to pull on the large paddle handle and open the door. For some, this is the perfect straightforward approach to RV locks.

  • Handle Locks

This type of lock is manufactured in different ways and allows individuals to use a key just like with the paddle lock. There are no keypads and no numbers to remember. The lock is a simple lock that opens on demand and the handle is the main thing that changes among manufacturers. The handle on this type of lock may lift up or outward, depending on the design.

Which One Is Right for You?

Many people find it difficult to choose the right type of lock for their RV. As stated above, more and more people are choosing keyless entry locks because they are so much more convenient.

Others believe keyless locks are more annoying because you have to remember the code to put in. Both offer their benefits and it is important for you to consider which one will be most helpful for your needs. If you always seem to be juggling an arm full of items or children, keyless entry may be best. If you want to keep things simple, stick to a paddle or handle lock. 

Choosing the best RV lock is essential for protecting your loved ones and property. When you add one of these locks to your RV, you can rest assured no thief will be able to break in. We have done all of the research for you, so you can simply choose from our top 8 picks of the best keyless RV door locks on the market.

Our Top 8 Picks of the Best RV Door Locks


RVLock V4 Keyless Entry Handle w/Integrated Keypad & Fob


RVLock is a name RV owners have come to rely on for increasing the security of their home on wheels. This lock allows you to easily upgrade your RV lock to a keyless entry handle.

This lock allows you to have easier and faster access to your RV while keeping would-be thieves out. This lock fits most RVs without any modifications and installs within minutes.

The RVLock V4 Keyless Entry Handle is one of the most popular RV locks and has earned that reputation with the confidence of many RV owners.

This lock adds security and peace of mind while allowing easy access for owners. We love how easy this lock is to install and how it is made of tough materials that stand up to abuse without being damaged.


  • This keyless entry handle replaces most standard handles (approx. 3.75" x 2.75" x 1.5"). It can be used for 5th Wheel, Bumper pulls, Travel trailers, and campers.
  • The ergonomic comfort grip allows you to hold on to the key fob with comfort and security, even when your hands are full.
  • It is crafted with a heavy-duty steel core and weather-resistant powder coating for durability.
  • This lock offers an easy-to-use integrated 8-button keypad that is simple to set up.
  • The 4-button fob allows for quick entry when it is needed most.
  • RVLock offers a full one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


RVLock Key Fob and RH Compact Keyless Entry Keypad, RV/5th Wheel Lock Accessories


If you love the RVLock V4, you are going to enjoy this model that offers all of the benefits of the V4 with a smaller, compact size.

With this handle, you will be able to secure your RV at all times and have peace of mind in knowing your family and possessions are safe.

This lock offers you all of the key benefits without the bulk and is one of the best door locks replacement options available. You would be hard-pressed to find a better or more secure lock than this RVLock model.

We love the compact design that offers all of the features of the larger model. This fits nicely with most standard RV handles, but it is important to check your RV model to ensure it will offer the best fit. This handle installs within minutes and comes pre-loaded with batteries for your convenience.


  • This compact model offers all of the key features of the RVLock in a slimmed-down version that is easier to handle.
  • It includes a compact RV handle with eight keys for easy coding and access.
  • This handle includes a four-button fob for quick and easy access, even when your hands are full.
  • This model replaces most standard RV handles (approx. 3.75" x 2.75" x 1.5") This handle can also be used on 5th Wheels, Travel trailers, campers, and Bumper pulls.
  • It is made of a heavy-duty steel core with powdered coating for extreme durability against all types of weather.
  • The ergonomic grip helps you hold on to the key fob when your hands are full, for effortless entry.
  • This RV handle installs within ten minutes, even for those who have no experience.


RVLock CLASS C/A Keyless Entry Keypad and Handle w/Fob, RV Door Lock


When recreational vehicle owners are searching for a keyless entry keypad, the name that stands out is the RV Door lock brand. The RVLock Class C/A Keyless Entry Keypad and Handle w/Fob is a classic lock system that is consistent with a brand that is known for being the original keyless locks for RV’s and trailers.

This keyless entry pad and door handle can be purchased either for left-handed individuals or right-handed individuals. The remote fob that comes with this purchase has more than one million secure rolling codes.

With over a million secure codes, customers can be assured of setting a password for this system that will be difficult to break. Customers also have the advantage of being able to choose the keyless entry keypad or the actual keys to lock or unlock the doors to the RV. The Class C/A Keyless Entry Keypad and Handle w/Fob will fit most Class C/A motorhomes that has the entry door behind the front axle. Here are a few more advantages to consider.

  • The customer can add up to 10 fobs per keyless handle.
  • The customer can add up to 10 keyless handles per fob.
  • The system also comes with two keys and the installation hardware.

The RVLock Class C/A Keyless Entry Keypad and Handle w/Fob comes with a full one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


RV Remote 4-Button Key Fob for RVLock Keyless Handles, Wireless Fob Transmitter


RVLock is truly one of the most trusted names in the industry which is why it makes up our top three choices for best RV lock designs.

RVLock is the first and original company to manufacture keyless entry options for RVs and they have stood the test of time.

We feel they have created some of the very good RV door lock replacement options.

This is a name we trust for our own RVs and we feel this is a brand that means superior quality.

This keyless entry fob works with all of the RVLock handles. It never hurts to have an extra fob, just in case one gets lost in your journeys.


  • The ergonomic design makes it extremely comfortable to use and is perfect for when your hands are full and you are trying to gain entry to your RV quickly.
  • RVLock offers a one-year manufacturer warranty.
  • This universal electric RV door lock is easy to program and simple to use. It can be set up within minutes.
  • This four-button key fob integrates perfectly with any of the RVLock handles you may own.
  • It comes equipped with 1 CR123A battery which is long-lasting and replaceable.
  • The small, compact design allows you to take this key fob wherever you go and it can discreetly fit in your pocket.


RV Travel Trailer Entry Door Lock Polar White Paddle Deadbolt


This RV lock replaces many locks, including those made by Trimark, Bargman, Global, Fastec, and other manufacturers. This RV lock features a deadbolt that adds extra security to an RV, making the occupants inside feel much more safe and secure.

While this lock is marketed as an RV replacement lock, it also works with horse trailers and custom trailers. To determine if this will fit an RV, it is important to understand the hole measurements which are:

From 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" up to 3" x 4" It will also fit door thicknesses from 1 1/4" up to 1 1/2"

In addition to the lock, this kit comes with an inside and outside handle and four keys. Two are for the outside handle and two are for the deadbolt. This kit comes complete with the lock handle, strike plates, screws, and all necessary hardware. Although it fits most RV doors, make sure to heed the measurements above to ensure the best fit will be achieved.

With this door lock, RV owners will feel more confident securing their family and RV when parked during travel or in storage. This lock offers improved door security without the high price of some manufactured RV locks.


  • This RV entry door lock comes with a strong deadbolt that helps to add uncompromised security and protection.
  • The lock is easy to install and comes with all the hardware that is needed for the installation, including the screws and strike plates.
  • This RV replacement lock fits most RVs because many manufacturers use the same hole measurements. (Always measure before buying, for the best fit.)
  • The lock comes with two sets of keys to open the front handle and the interior deadbolt.
  • This RV lock is easy to operate and can be secured in seconds with the included keys.


AP Products 013-572 Chrome Global Travel Trailer Entrance Lock Set


This RV door lock is considered a direct replacement for most RV doors. The lock has been manufactured using  Bauer's SCI technology which helps to prevent would-be thieves from gaining entrance by manipulating the cylinders.

As with all RV lock replacements, it is imperative owners know their measurements for the best fit. This lock fits cutouts of 2.75" x 3.75".

If an RV door has a screen door, this is the perfect lock. Its low profile helps to ensure there is no obstruction for the screen door to operate normally.

This lock is attractive and is colored black. It comes sealed with UV protection so it will not begin to degrade due to weather exposure. This lock has been tested against saltwater exposure and fog and has been found to offer superior protection. Although it is lightweight and easy to use, it is strong and durable. This lock features a double-sided key and a unique key jacket so RV owners will be able to distinguish it from their other keys to reduce confusion.

If you prefer to keep the same key, it is fairly easy to change out the tumblers so they fit your existing key. The lock can also be customized by the manufacturer for an additional charge.


  • This lock replaces most standard RV locks, but pay attention to the measurements to ensure the right fit.
  • The lock is easy to install and the kit comes with all the hardware that is needed for the replacement.
  • The unique key design with the offset head makes it extremely easy to find the right key without a struggle.
  • The metal exterior cover offers protection against UV exposure so it will stand up to all types of weather, including salty air and dense fog.
  • It offers Bauer's SCI technology so the cylinders cannot be tampered with by thieves.


RVLock Keyless Compartment/Baggage Handle w/ Integrated Keypad & Fob


Just as you secure your entry door, you also need to make sure your baggage compartment is locked up safe and tight. This keyless baggage compartment lock from RV Lock makes it easy to open your compartments.

This lock includes everything that is needed for installation, including the hardware, two mechanical keys, and the lock itself. The installation process is straightforward and simple and the lock can be installed within minutes.

The remote key fob makes it simple to gain entrance into your baggage compartments.

Most RV owners do not want to have to deal with key entry when their hands are full or they are in a hurry. This lock makes things so much less stressful for RV owners.

This lock directly replaces most baggage compartment locks and can be used for bumper pulls, campers, and 5th wheels. RV Lock offers a full one-year warranty on this lock so RV owners can purchase with confidence.

The lock is made of durable materials and will be able to stand up to the harshness of different weather cycles without beginning to break down or becoming corroded. This will fit most RV compartment doors that are under ½ inch.


  • This RV Lock baggage compartment lock is a direct replacement for most standard baggage doors, but it is important to accurately measure before purchasing.
  • The durable material will stand up to all types of weather and is strong and protective.
  • This lock allows RV owners to gain quick access to their baggage doors by simply putting in their chosen code. The codes can be changed at any time.
  • Installing this baggage compartment lock is a breeze and all the hardware is included.
  • The lock can be opened by inputting the code or using the manual key.


Kohree RV Travel Trailer Entry Door Lock with Paddle Deadbolt, Polar Black Trailer Door Latch Counter Security Lock with Longer Screws Fits Camper, Travel, Horse Trailer, Cargo Hauler


The Kohree door lock is Amazon’s choice for RV door locks. It offers sturdy and reliable protection for your RV at an affordable price.

The multiple casting processes used on the metal components make this lock durable to force, rust, and UV corrosion. This lock will keep your RV safe and secure for years to come. 

A built-in deadlock provides extra security, while the interior lock feature allows you to travel and sleep, secure in the knowledge that no one is getting in without your permission. 

Fitting into standard size cutouts and door thicknesses of 1.25” to 1.5”, this lock is compatible with more RVs and trailers. 

The installation process is as simple as placing the lock in your cutout and screwing the two parts together and then screwing the strick plate in place. All the necessary hardware is provided, including multiple size screws so you can get the best fit. 


  • Built-in deadbolt provides extra security. 
  • Simple installation.
  • Resistant to weather-related damage and physical abuse. 
  • Delivered with four keys, 2 exterior locking keys, and 2 deadbolt keys. 
  • Does not require batteries.


RV Designer T5077 Motorhome Entrance Door Lock with Deadbolt (TriMark 060-1650)


This keyless RV lock is sold by TFCFL and offers added security with the ability to enter your RV with a code.

Because most RV door locks can be opened with one of a few sets of keys, security is often compromised.

This lock is listed in our top picks of best door lock for RV options because of the added security and tough composition it offers.

This keyless RV lock installs in minutes and is easy to program. This lock is the perfect replacement for most standard RV handles and it comes with all of the necessary hardware, including the screws and the strike plate.

  • This lock includes two keys and one key fob for easy entry at all times.
  • This lock fits both Class A and Class C. It works on 5th Wheels, campers, and travel trailers.
  • The key fob features an ergonomic design which makes it easier to grip and more comfortable.
  • This keyless entry lock is super easy to program and the password can be changed at any time, for added security.
  • The durable black finish is able to stand up to all types of weather and abuse without becoming damaged.
  • The handle’s dimensions are: Around 3.5" wide x 4.25" tall. Hole Dimensions: Approximately 3.75" x 2.75" x 1.5". Size: approx. 4.25" x 5. 5.”


Tri-Mark 17217-02 Exterior Door Latch


The Trimark name is a name that owners of RVs have become familiar with when looking for an entry door lock that is reliable. The Trimark Entrance Door Lock Black 060-1650 replaces the former 60-650 and can be keyed to match other door products by Trimark.

The RV Door lock is known for being a universal lock, designed for persons of either hand. This particular door lock has easy installation, which features through sandwich mounting and a plunger style latch that is low-profile.

Another thing that is good about this lock is that it has a built-in deadbolt for added security and it is power lockable. What makes it such a popular sell is that the weight of the lock helps to secure against the average thief looking to break in.

It is ideal for both recreational vehicles and fifth-wheel trailers. Here is a list of a few of the additional benefits.

  • The paddle can be locked before the door is even shut.
  • The paddle in the locked mode is rigid.
  • The lock has finger access that is comfortable.
  • Load pins are available pre-assembled at two different lengths.

All RVLock products have a full one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Carmtek - RV Keyless Entry Door Lock Latch Handle | RV Door Lock with Deadbolt, Keypad and Fob | Keyless RV Door Handle for Travel Trailer Camper, Made of Zinc Alloy (Back/Front)


The Carmtek is one of the best RV locks on the market. The front and back handles are made from zinc alloy and flame-retardant nylon which offers superior protection and durability. 

The locking mechanism is made from heavy-duty steel so you can rest easy knowing that this lock will protect you and your RV.

Included with the lock are two keys, a fob all the mounting hardware, and batteries. This lock is easily installed using the manual and a screwdriver. It fits most standard opening and is compatible with A-class, C-class, 5th Wheel, travel trailer, bumper pull, and campers 

The numerical keypad is also simple to program and gives you a third locking option to choose from. The keys are illuminated at night so that you can easily type in your passcode.


  • Simple installation.
  • Three locking options including keyless entry.
  • Smooth operation. 
  • You get all the hardware, two keys, a fob and 4 x AA batteries.
  • Standard size and fit.
  • Compatible with A-class, C-class, 5th wheel, travel trailer, bumper pull, and campers. 
  • Numerical keys light up for easy nighttime use.


AP Products 013-531 Bauer Motor Home Door Lock


Those who know about Bauer’s SCI technology, know RV locks containing this technology are going to be superior to others because they prevent thieves from tampering with the lock cylinders and gaining entry to the RV.

This lock can be retrofitted into most two-pin RV lock systems and it runs on 4 AA batteries. Users can input their code or use the key, in cases where they forgot the code or the batteries have gone dead.

With the large, easy-to-see buttons, users will be able to easily input their code and gain quick access to their home which is especially helpful when a person’s arms are filled with groceries or other items.

This lock makes the RV secure and gives owners peace of mind in knowing their belongings will be locked up tightly. In addition to being able to easily be seen because of the size, this lock also illuminates the buttons for easy access in the dark.

When RV owners purchase this lock, they will have access to all the hardware they need for the installation. This lock installs easily on most RV doors. The lock is Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard certified and meets all the demands of the government for safety and durability for motorized homes.


  • The large buttons and illumination help to ensure this RV door lock offers quick and easy access.
  • This lock operates on 4 AA batteries, but key entry is always available.
  • This lock will directly replace most two-pin locks, but it is important to always measure.
  • With Bauer technology included, this door lock will not be easily manipulated by thieves.
  • This RV lock will fit most doors with a 2.75" x 3.75 cut out.


AP Products 013-572 Chrome Global Travel Trailer Entrance Lock Set


This AP Products lock is available in chrome, black, and white, to match the style of your RV or travel trailer. This lock replaces most standard locks, but it is important to measure and contact the manufacturer to determine if the lock will offer a perfect fit.

The lock comes with all the installation materials needed, including the strike plates and screws. It can easily be installed within a few minutes and will hold up to all types of abuse with durability and strength.

The lock also comes with two keys so RV owners will always have a spare.

With this lock replacement in place, RV owners can rest assured their RV is safe and secure for their loved ones and pets. Security is something most every RV owner worries about and this lock takes away much of those worries.

This metal lock looks stylish and will hold up in all types of weather, including during the rainy season or at the beach. Because the lock does not feature flimsy plastic parts, it will last much longer and continue to provide protection for many years to come. The handle is very sturdy so opening and closing do not cause problems.


  • The lock is available in three finishes, including chrome, black and white.
  • Installation is easy because the lock comes with all the necessary hardware.
  • This lock replaces most makes and models, but it is always important to carefully measure before purchase.
  • AP Products offers a full manufacturer’s warranty against defects with the lock.
  • The lock is made from steel and is durable and strong.
  • This lock offers a top and bottom lock so RV owners can rest assured their RV is completely secure. The set comes with two keys so owners always have a spare.


Rupse Zinc Alloy RV Keyless Entry Door Lock Latch Handle Knob Deadbolt for Trailer Caravan Camper with Keypad & Fob 20m Wireless Remote Control


This lock gives you three entry options. You can use keys like normal, or you can use the wireless fob or the numerical keypad to enter a code. For many people, the hands-free wireless entry is a real bonus as it means you can get in and out without fuss even if you have your hands full. 

This lock is made entirely of metal but has a plastic outer casing that keeps the metal components from rusting or sustaining weather-related damage. The metal construction makes it durable and secure. The feel of the lock will definitely reassure you that your RV and possessions are safe from thieves. 

Simple to install and reprogram, you can replace an older existing lock to give your RV more security. The instructions provided can be a bit confusing due to poor translation but there is an easy to follow instruction video to help you set up your lock. 


  • Standard size fits 3.75" x 2.75" x 1.5" openings. 
  • High-quality metal construction provides security. 
  • Outer cover prevents corrosion and other weather-related damage. 
  • Easy installation. 
  • Three unlocking options. 
  • Spare key provided.

Best RV Door Locks - Buying Guide

Why Do You Need a Best Door Lock for Your RV?

As we have mentioned, universal keys can be used to open most any RV. Unfortunately, this saddles RV owners with security issues that must be taken care of right away. With the best modern RV door locks, RV owners can increase the security of their RV and protect their loved ones and their investment at all times.

No matter the age or model of your RV, you will be able to find a suitable lock replacement. These locks keep thieves out and protect your family as you are traveling. We recommend the above five locks for RV door lock keyless options because they truly add maximum security at an affordable price.

Traveling across the country in your RV is an experience that is never forgotten, but it can be devastating to return to camp only to find your RV has been ransacked and all of your valuables stolen. Do not become a victim! Make sure you protect your loved ones and your property by installing a secure RV lock that keeps the criminals out and makes entry for you much easier.


There is a big debate going on in the RV world and it fully revolves around lock styles. This debate is likely to remain unsettled for quite some time because there is just no way to name one lock as being superior over the other.

Benefits of Keyless

  • You never have to worry about forgetting or losing your keys while RVing.
  • You are in full control of the passcodes you set and they can be changed at any time.
  • You will not have to worry about fiddling with annoying keys when you have your hands full.

Benefits of Traditional Locks

  • Some people feel these locks are more secure because a key is necessary and there is no code that can be discovered.
  • While not always the case, the durability of these locks is sometimes better than keyless options, depending on the manufacturer.

Both sides of the debate swear by their choice, so it really boils down to comparing apples and oranges. No matter which lock type you choose, make sure to carefully research and understand how each works before making a purchase. The more you know, the better equipped you will be to choose a lock that will fully meet the needs of your RV.


There are a few different reasons RV owners should consider replacing their lock. For most RVers, security is the number one priority when traveling by RV. If your rig is not secure, you and your family could be in danger.

One of the most common reasons people replace their old lock is because it is just that- old. Over time, the lock materials can begin to break down due to weather exposure. When the materials begin to break down, the lock is in greater danger of breaking. A broken lock cannot protect an RV at all.

Another reason people choose to change their lock is that their RV has been broken into. This can be devastating for RV owners because it makes them feel violated and unsafe. One of the first steps an owner should take after a break-in is to call the authorities. After the police have been called, all the locks in the RV should be changed right away.

Many people replace their locks just after purchasing their RV, especially if it is a used one. Most people do not realize there are master keys that can open any RV and traditional lock cylinders are sometimes easy to manipulate and open by thieves.

The benefits of replacing an RV door lock include the following.

  • A new lock means increased security and peace of mind.
  • Replacing the lock will keep thieves out by preventing them from using a master key.
  • Newer locks are tougher to tamper with because of SCI technology.
  • Over time, a lock can begin to wear down and replacing them from time to time is important for improved security.
  • A newer lock is harder to break into because it is stronger and more durable.

How to Replace Your RV Door Lock_

We found all of the above RV door locks to be super-easy to install. The only tool you should need is a Phillips Head Screwdriver. Each of the above locks comes with full step-by-step instructions on installation and programming.

You will simply need to remove the four screws holding in your old lock and then remove the strike plate. The new lock is easy to install and does not require installation knowledge. These locks come with all of the hardware replacements you need and they can be installed within minutes, so you can have peace of mind.

What Should You Look for When Buying the Best RV Door Lock?_

One of the first things you need to consider when buying an RV screen door lock is to make sure the lock will replace your existing lock. Most of the locks we reviewed are fairly universal, though you may need to make some adjustments for a perfect fit.

The lock should be crafted from heavy-duty steel and should offer a coating that makes it weather-proof, so no corrosion occurs. The lock should offer heavy-duty screws and installation components for a secure installation. Once installed, we recommend changing the passkey number on a regular basis, for increased security.

Shopping for a new RV lock does not have to be stressful if you know the criteria to look for in your purchase. Taking time to research your options and learning as much as possible will help to ensure you are able to make the right purchase to meet your needs. Consider the following before purchasing any RV lock.

  • You need a lock that is made of durable and weather-proof material. This lock is going to be exposed to the elements and it needs to be able to stand up to abuse.
  • Be sure to choose a lock that is universal or offers the same measurements as your current lock so the switch out will be simple.
  • Carefully read reviews before purchasing any replacement lock for RV. This is not the time to hurry the process. You need to ensure your lock is going to protect your family and belongings.
  • Know what kind of RV lock you want to purchase. There are both manual key entry locks and keyless. Both offer their own pros and cons so it boils down to what fits your needs best.


Keeping your family and belongings safe from harm is vital when RVing. Because RVs are mobile, many owners feel less secure than they would in their brick and mortar home. Thankfully, there are some ways you can increase the security of your RV with ease. These tips are in addition to purchasing the best RV lock.

  • Always lock your doors, even if you feel you are in a safe area.
  • Keep the windows and window coverings shut when you are away from your RV.
  • Park in visible, well-lit areas.
  • Leave valuables at home or keep them in a secure safe.
  • Keep your interior lights on when leaving after dark.
  • Invest in a security system and/or security camera.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do these locks work with my RV?

This is typically one of the most common questions we hear from our readers. The above locks are typically universal in nature, but you should always check with the manufacturer by entering your RV model information before making a purchase.

How are keyless entry locks powered?

Most of the above keyless RV locks are powered using two AA batteries. The locks come with batteries already installed, but it is wise to keep extras on hand at all times, so they can be replaced when needed.

Should I replace my storage bin locks?

Just like your RV entry door, storage bin locks are somewhat universal too and can be easily broken into. Choose a storage bin lock that is weather-resistant and offers keypad entry.


We have provided you with the information you need, so you are armed with knowledge on the subject of the best RV door locks. We have taken the guesswork out of making a choice, so you will be able to protect your family and your RV. With your new lock in place, you can rest assured your travels will be happier and safer.

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